Emiway Bantai 8 Saal (Side A) Album Review

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Emiway Bantai is no stranger to attention. He released his debut album “Malum Hai Na” in 2021 and the project turned heads with its versatility. Audiences reacted positively to the record, however there were varied reactions.

Emiway Bantai worked nonstop and released back-to-back tracks from mid-2019 to 2021. During this time, he was one of the most consistent artists in desi hip hop. Nevertheless, consistency comes with consequences, and the same thing happened here. The songwriting began to suffer at the hands of the effort to maintain consistency. As a result, he disappointed a large number of listeners.

However, Emiway realized the burnout and and took a few months off. And the artist’s music impacted many perceptions the minute he made a reappearance.

Emiway Bantai’s content has progressively improved over the last year. Following that up, on May 9, 2022, he released his second effort, “8 Saal (Side A)“. Although, Emiway Bantai had no plans to release the sophomore album until certain tracks were leaked, so he made the wise decision to release Side A. Side B is yet to be released, and the anticipation is quite heavy. 

“8 Saal (Side A)” is an eight-track album excluding the intro. The theme of the album is based on Emiway Bantai’s 8-year-long journey as a rapper. I noticed a significant improvement in his writing and composition on the first listen. The production was excellent, thanks to producers like Pendo46, Refix, and Memax. Emiway’s self-produced music was also a hit with me.

Emiway Bantai is known for his versatility. We’ve witnessed his remarkable skills in almost every sub-genre of hip-hop. Emiway Bantai has created a wide range of music, including R&B, drill, trap-metal, party anthems, and hardcore music. However, his new school approach apeared well in this project, and I found some loop music. So, it was the first impression of “8 Saal (Side A).” Now, let’s take a closer look at the album.

Emiway Bantai 8 Saal (Side A) Album Review

The project opens up with Emiway Bantai claiming the crown of desi hip hop and addressing how, despite all of life’s challenges, he is still on top. The music kicks off with the Pendo46-produced “Mera” and Emiway Bantai takes the opportunity to get a boatload of encouragement off of his chest. He illustrates a path to follow in life by using instances from his own experience.

The problem with “8 Saal (Side A)” is that in the beginning, it sets a vibe that the album will have a storyline or that Emiway would take us on a journey over his last eight years in the industry. But unfortunately, there is no storyline in this album, at least not in the Side A. However, because the project is so versatile, the second part of the project may include more interesting flavours.

Refix did catchy music for the track “8 Saal” and Emiway sounds just as sharp on this one as he used to sound in his 2018 releases. His improved pen game is evident, and his rhyme scheme says it all. With excellent metaphors and intensity, “8 Saal” is one of the best tracks of the project. Emiway Bantai’s vocals were especially great on “Kaha Par Hun.” The song was decent, with ad-libs and production playing a crucial part. The song, however, was well-placed and served as a good transition track.

On the closer “Pain,” Emiway comes off genuine and bold while embarking on a journey of self-discovery, accepting his life’s mistakes. The hook is fantastic, and Emiway’s vocal tone further adds to it. Emiway dominates the stage with his humble and confessional moments, as he raps:

Haan, jaisi karni waisi bharni
Bade sapne na ho toh phir smooth hai journey
Jeeta tha main pehle aise ke jaise upar waale ke tha darr nahi
Kar raha tha galtiyan chupke
Kitno ke dil bhi toh dukh gaye
Lekin main pagal tha khoya tha ab hosh aaya
Jaake zindagi ne jawaab diya hai ruk ke
Khud se hi puchu sawaal... Hua hai kya 
Apna tha maana jinhe
Wahi mujhe abhi de rhe daga 
Galtiyan jo kiya tha maine shayad se usi ka hai ye saza 
Dusro ke dil ko dukha ke, zindagi se le raha tha main maza
They really don't know what I'm going through
Badal gaye mere point of view
Jumping from promise like kangaroo
Khud se hi puchu ab kya karun? 
Ab hua yun, samjhane laga hun zindagi hoti hai kya 
Ye seekha dil todna gunah hai sabse bada

Apart from all the pluses and minuses, Emiway’s production in this album drew my attention the most. The music for “Pain,” “Focus,” and “Haq Hai” was composed by Emiway Bantai. All three tracks are quite well-produced.

“Focus” has a lovely vibe to it with one of the finest hooks on the album. Emiway Bantai has performed significantly better in new-school style, as I aforementioned. Throughout the song, his melodic vocals and cadence created a sense of happiness. The lyrics, on the other hand, were not as compelling. However, it was a pleasant piece altogether.

Emiway Bantai has experimented a number of things with his music, and he has had mixed results. In terms of sound, though, “Haq Hai” is a major triumph for Emiway. The song has a positive feel to it, and the hook is very catchy. In this track, Emiway uses vocal tuning and layering to create a whole distinct sound. The ad-libs added a lot of impact, and the music complemented the song well. Emiway Bantai played with his cadence and mumbled a little, which was a genius move. Overall, “Haq Hai” was one of the best and most catchy songs in “8 Saal (Side A).”

With “8 Saal (Side A)”, Emiway shows his versatility and new-school appeal. “Life Is Good” is a track that could easily be rotating in radio stations. People are loving the song. Memax has handled the production of the song and he has done incredible work making it one of the most liked tracks on the collection. It begins off with a wonderful melodic element, then as the kicks come in, it creates a good setting for Emiway Bantai to take the vibe to new heights with his rap-singing skills.

As said before, the album was never intended to be released in two parts, but Emiway felt compelled to do so when several tracks were leaked. But we can’t just ignore the fact that “Choco” is a square peg in a round hole. Despite the fact that the track was not bad at all.

Emiway Bantai fired some shots at his opponents, went crazy with his choppy flow, and penned some outstanding lines on the track, which was a response to his haters. Emiway’s chopper-flow style was the song’s standout feature, when he truly showed off his skills. But, to be honest, the track was a misfit for this album.

Versatility in hip hop is a prominent feature that deserves its flowers. As the project concludes, I’m left with a positive impression of Emiway Bantai. In a landscape strewn with so many who have come and gone without as much as a goodbye., the artist manages to defy the odds and remain relevant. Emiway Bantai has reasserted his dominance in the game with “8 Saal (Side A).” He’s made huge improvements, and we should all be appreciative about Emiway’s music, which is as experimental and fantastic as this project.

So, what are your thoughts on this album? Leave a comment below with your favourite three songs and your opinions.

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