Bagi Munda And Jaskaran ‘Sanju And Sallu’ Album Review

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Originality is achieved when you blend numerous influences so masterfully that they become unrecognizable, and indeed, two rising versatile artists have done just that. Jaskaran and Bagi Munda, with their enthralling music, possess your brain and soul, compelling you to put their records on an endless loop. In their collaborative masterpiece, ‘Sanju & Sallu,’ they ingeniously redefine heartthrob phonk-inspired soundscapes by infusing them with the vibrant essence of Punjabi folk.

Released on April 25, 2023, ‘Sanju & Sallu’ is a breathtaking spectrum of sounds — just like a rainbow — the 7-track album, where Jaskaran and Bagi Munda have become the artists behind the canvas, painting their favorite narratives with the boldest, most vibrant colors imaginable. But it doesn’t end there – they’ve embarked on an electrifying experiment, pushing the boundaries of collaboration to reveal the true essence of artistic synergy. And as you listen, you’ll feel their energies intertwining in a mesmerizing dance, effortlessly complementing each other’s brilliance. The result? A seamless, harmonious fusion of their talents, where every note is a testament to their creative camaraderie. The project has your sonic cravings fulfilled and offers stellar production brought to you by the gifted Sickboi, Abhinsane, and Dox, adding to the energy with their fingers that work magic on the keyboard. Unlike contrived efforts, this collaboration is organic, a natural outpouring of their shared passion, creating an experience that leaves you spellbound.

Bagi Munda And Jaskaran ‘Sanju And Sallu’ Album Review

If you’re one of those who love living in a metaverse, get ready for the most meta intro of the year — ‘Buckshot’ by new age’s Sanju & Sallu, a heartfelt homage to their dear ones. No, it’s not a love song. Instead, a bar feast where both artists go back and forth, showcasing their creative prowess in a jaw-dropping display. As the song starts, Jaskaran effortlessly weaves complex rhymes, elevating them with his unmatched control in delivery. Both artists have mastered the art of a charismatic mic presence, evident in the sheer confidence that oozes from their voices. The strings sample adds an enchanting retro Bollywood touch, perfectly complementing the song’s vibe. It’s a carefree, fun, and exciting experience that marks a fresh start to the project.

With ‘Memphis Munde,’ the duo skillfully transports you to the enchanting landscapes of Southern soul, while the beat seamlessly embraces the essence of Memphis rap. The pounding 808s and infectious piano keys in the backdrop set the stage, providing the perfect ground for both emcees to flaunt their lyrical powers. Bagi Munda makes his entrance with an incredibly catchy flow and casual slick talk that instantly grabs your attention. His verses stand out, leaving a lasting impression. One of the best things about urban Punjabi flex rap is its versatility — ‘Memphis Munde’ exemplifies this perfectly. Whether it’s in cars, clubs, gyms, or house parties, this track becomes the ultimate anthem.

Building on the same production formula of the previous track, ‘Sadak’ takes street talks to a whole new level of brilliance. Bagi Munda fearlessly peels back his layers, revealing the true rebel inside him, and unleashes a flurry of captivating rhymes and flows that leave you in awe. His ability to ride the beat with such finesse is commendable, with a teasing delivery and quotable lines that make the listening experience truly gripping. As the track progresses, Jaskaran takes the spotlight, initially donning the pre-set style. However, he swiftly shifts gears and infuses the song with his essence, delivering clever bars that add a unique twist.

Next up is ‘KGT,’ a standout track that showcases the genius of the producer, Abhinsane. With an earworm Banjo sample that weaves through the song and blazing percussions, the talent of the duo shines through brilliantly. Bagi Munda continues his streak of sheer brilliance, contributing a catchy hook that lingers in your head long after the song ends. As Bagi Munda gracefully hands over the mic to Jaskaran, you’re treated to the true essence of his talent. Jaskaran spreads his wings and takes flight at a furious pace, delivering lines that are nothing short of noteworthy. It’s a remarkable song that leaves an indelible mark on your musical senses. With an incredible instrumental and unforgettable verse, this song is sure to be on repeat, earning a spot among your all-time favorites.

On ‘Skinny Model,’ the essence of Punjab folk music is beautifully embraced, infusing the track with a distinct and commercially inclined shade of the spectrum. The duo has managed to maintain raw lyrics, adding an authentic touch to the song. Sickboi masterfully blends the sounds of both worlds, creating a seamless fusion that captivates the senses. However, it is Jaskaran’s part that truly steals the show. For those familiar with his music, Jaskaran’s artistry holds delightful surprises. Even in his rap, you can catch glimpses of his exceptional singing abilities, as showcased in the previous track. On ‘Skinny Model,’ he effortlessly showcases his mastery as a singer. His incorporation of catchy parts resembles hit Punjabi commercial anthems, reflecting his musical prowess. As you listen, you’ll be entranced by the seamless transitions and the harmonious blend of genres.

The penultimate song, ‘Nazariya,’ stands out as another remarkable entry on the album, adding an extra layer of brilliance to the second half. The song features a mellow and soul-soothing backdrop, providing the perfect canvas for both artists to weave their impressive narratives. Bagi Munda’s verses reflect a genuine portrayal of an artist’s mindset, fearlessly shedding light on aspects that many prefer to hide from the public eye. His impactful lyrics have the potential to change listeners’ perspectives, especially those who are quick to criticize and desperately seek attention, longing to feel special within the community. The well-written hook, combined with a captivating melody, has the power to send shivers down your spine. Jaskaran once again unleashes his creative beast, showcasing the full extent of his talent in this much-needed musical experience amidst the fun-filled vibe of other songs on the album. With its introspective and thought-provoking nature, ‘Nazariya’ adds depth to the album’s diverse soundscape.

The tag team of Sanju & Sallu delivers a grand finale with ‘Tadpan,’ masterfully produced by Dox and Abhinsane. This song offers a homelike vibe for Bollywood lovers, capturing the essence of the genre. From an infectious hook to brilliant lyrics and razor-sharp flows, ‘Tadpan’ encapsulates everything that makes the duo shine, especially their signature styles. Jaskaran takes center stage and steals the show with his iconic rapid-fire flows, intertwined with a melodic thread that leaves listeners captivated. This track was released as a single prior to the album, strategically building up the hype, and it did so gracefully. This concluding masterpiece showcases the seamless fusion of talent, production, and creativity. ‘Tadpan’ is the perfect ending to an album that has taken listeners on an extraordinary journey, leaving them yearning for more. 

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