Bella Chemical Reaction EP Review

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In the last 2-3 years, Bella has been the YB of the scene with a torrent of prolific offerings, maintaining incredible quantity while not losing the quality at all. He first rose to prominence with his 2021 debut album, ‘Home The Album,’ and after that, he has been unstoppable with his releases. With his most recent body of work, “Chemical Reaction,” the ferocious MC further solidifies his position as one of the genre’s most consistent musicians.

This EP is his first collaboration with Def Jam India and it serves the purpose precisely. It’s a 5-track project that features splendid sound production by UZI and Rohit Gaira. Here, there are two different types of music. You have your aggressive, rage, and upbeat sound and your heartfelt, mellow sound. The EP majorly focuses on the hyper trap and gives you a nostalgia of Bella’s earlier sound. There are some extremely fantastic beats on this, quite different from his past works, thanks to the music producers. Although the EP doesn’t explicitly touch on any major themes, it mainly encourages freedom and unrestrained expression while momentarily uncovering certain sensitive aspects of Bella’s existence.

Bella Chemical Reaction EP Review

Kicking off with the opening cut ‘Bombay Circle’, Bella takes on a bunch of things at once. He prides himself as the best and flexes his pen game over a bouncy NY drill instrumental. The melodious vocal sample adds to the vibes and has an extremely enticing tone. From the hard-hitting drum pattern to all the other components, the beat helps the artist develop a more dependable sound. The pairing of Bella with a solid drill beat is more organic than expected. And it’s less trend-hopping and more to prove that Bella can make better drill music as well. The track demonstrates excellent sonic choices by Bella and UZI – not to mention Bella’s effortless, tight delivery.  

Next comes ‘Raakh Zamana Kar’, which expands the dynamic range of the project and possesses numerous captivating elements, including the trippy hook with multiple vocal layers. The song is nothing but a raw depiction of Bella’s thought process, in which he tries to inspire his listeners to face the grim realities of life and push themselves harder to achieve greater things. The producer, Rohit Gaira, produced a power-packed, cohesive instrumental blend that complements the music’s originality. The result is a riveting experience where every other line hits you hard and fires your spirit with a lot of inspiration.

He keeps flexing his artistry with bragging rights on ‘Kendrick Wala Gana’ where he talks about the legendary Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar’s massive impact on his music. Kendrick’s vocal sample gives the song a strong opening, then Bella follows with the hook to ratchet up the energy before the first verse kicks off. When Bella enters, he asserts that not even the most accomplished rappers in the business are capable of creating the kind of music he is. The stellar production on ‘Kendrick Wala Gana’, gives Bella’s music an unexpected distinctiveness with those mosh pit-inducing percussions, the Avant-Garde humming sample, and an almost whimsical beat switch. Also, the rage, aggression, and growling texture in Bella’s tone elevates the song and makes it one of his most explosive deliveries so far.  

With ‘Bellopia’, Bella once again proves that no one can mix his songs better than him. It’s one of the best works out of his catalog, demonstrating both how equipped he is as an artist and how difficult he can be to beat and break. The hook of the track sounds so polished and Bella’s cotton-candy sweet cadence helps to temper the volatility. In spite of the fact that some of the lines at this point sound very monotonous, the melodic element and the upbeat tempo manage to keep you captivated throughout the duration. In order to establish his own universe, I believe Bella should emphasize the word “Bellopia” more in his forthcoming efforts or perhaps even design anything around it.

Bella concludes the EP with the title track ‘Chemical Reaction’. Here, he decides to go underneath his aggressive, tough, and protective external layer and swerve into his vulnerable lane with an open heart. After a lot of rage and fast-paced delivery, this song gives the project a smooth, impactful closing and reveals how Bella is on a deeper level.  With a minimalistic instrumental, ‘Chemical Reaction’ adds a great deal of depth to the project as a whole. 

For those who’ve missed Bella’s old music, his rage, his flex, and his rapid-fire flows, it’s worth returning to with ‘Chemical Reaction’. This is his most emotionally intense production in a while, and it is a perfect illustration of the maxim “less is more.” Thanks to the producers’ excellent work, the project was well-produced. And speaking of Bella’s music would be incomplete without discussing his captivating and varied vocal range. While listening to this EP, there are certain segments that leave you gasping for breath and others that offer comforting moments.

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