The 12 Best Bihari Rappers Of All Time

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In a state renowned for its legendary musical legacy of Maithili and Bihari music, the rise of Bihari rappers takes on profound significance. It is only fitting that these exceptionally talented rappers from Bihar take the responsibility of carrying forward this treasured heritage. Transitioning from an era dominated by Bhojpuri melodies, the surge of rap and hip-hop music in Bihar has not only taken over the capital, Patna, but has also firmly established its roots in smaller towns across the region. Consequently, we are currently witnessing an extraordinary influx of talent from every corner of the state. In the contemporary music landscape, Bihari rappers are playing a pivotal role in shaping the Indian hip-hop scene, imprinting their unique artistic expressions on the cultural tapestry. While the hip-hop movement in Bihar has undergone a remarkable evolution, transitioning from distinctive sounds to innovative styles, the core essence of the artists’ identities and personas remains unparalleled. A multitude of Bihari rappers have surpassed their initial niches, captivating a wider spectrum of hip-hop enthusiasts. Beyond being mere creators of music, these rappers are architects of a cultural renaissance, bridging generational gaps and leaving an indelible impact on their listeners. As they continue to redefine the conventions of hip-hop, their influence extends far beyond the confines of Bihar, reverberating in the hearts and minds of hip-hop listeners worldwide.

Featuring a lineup that includes trailblazers like Shloka, Shikriwal, Lit Trust, Harass, and Raaj Music, as well as emerging stars like Little Bhatia, and Arj Aman, let’s delve into the cream of the crop. Here, we present a compilation of the best Bihari rappers to discover at this moment (in no specific order!).

The 12 Best Bihari Rappers Of All Time

1. Shloka

Rahul Karn, known by his stage name Shloka, stands as the OG rapper who has become the face of Bihari hip-hop. Emerging from the heart of Darbhanga’s modest origins, Shloka was both born and raised in his hometown, commencing his educational journey along those familiar streets. Rapidly, Rahul refined his skills, mastering the art of rap in a distinctively Indian style. With the rhythms of Bihari hip-hop coursing through his veins, Shloka united with the ‘5tricks’ Hip Hop crew, an alliance deeply rooted in the soil of Bihar. A rhythmic alchemist, he conjured rap compositions that gracefully traversed soundwaves, finding their home on the crew’s official YouTube channel. Over time, the name ‘Shloka’ reverberated through the airwaves, a moniker synonymous with his lyrical finesse.

In the year 2019, Shloka’s ascent to the grand stage materialized as he auditioned for the groundbreaking rap reality TV show ‘Hustle,’ presented by MTV India. Armed with audacious verses and a magnetic stage presence, Shloka secured a coveted spot among the top 15 contestants of ‘MTV Hustle.’ Each episode bore witness to his electrifying performances, etching his name among the brightest stars. Within the constellation of talents that adorned the show, including superstars like Bella, King, and EPR, Shloka’s radiance remained steadfast, positioning him as one of the formidable pillars of the show. His journey carved a path that echoed the pioneering spirit of the Bihar hip-hop scene, leaving an indelible mark on the pages of the history.

Must Listen: Garda Urega (2019), O Re Pita (2020), Maya (2021), Amrit (2022)

2. Lit Trust

The sheer impact Lit Trust has made in the underground scene is enough to earn him a spot on this list. With one of the most impressive resumes in Bihar hip-hop, Lit Trust is a young artist who is making waves with his penmanship. Hailing from the lively city of Patna, he has a deep love for words, rhythm, and storytelling, which he combines to create mesmerizing music. His songs are not only catchy but also powerful, drawing listeners in with their infectious beats. Growing up right in the heart of Bihar, Lit Trust finds inspiration all around him. He takes the essence of Patna’s bustling streets and the rich blend of cultures from his hometown and weaves them into his music. His music gives you a genuine and unfiltered look into the life of a young Bihari artist.

Lit Trust made a significant impact on the scene with his EP ‘Jhal Muri’ in 2021. The compositions from this release echoed through the ears of the DHH audience, leaving an impression that was hard to forget. Building on this success, he continued to shine in 2022 with his album ‘RERERE.’ Lit Trust is not just an artist; he embodies the voice of his generation, and his journey is one to watch.

Must Listen: Jhal Muri (2021), RERERE (2022), Killers In Your Basti (2023)

3. Shikriwal

Shikriwal stands as the bedrock of Bhojpuri rap music, an unwavering foundation upon which the genre flourishes. His profound influence on numerous aspiring MCs throughout Bihar has elevated him to the status of a rap luminary in the state. Shikriwal boasts a multifaceted skill set: a proficient wordsmith with a pen that weaves magic and a commanding presence that radiates when he takes the microphone.

Starting from his very first album ‘Cactus’ to the timeless classic ‘VIRUS (X),’ Shikriwal has crafted an impeccable collection of songs that no other artist could replicate. While many rappers might share similar styles or have voices that blend together, Shikriwal’s identity stands unequivocally distinct. His style is utterly unique — from his captivating compositions to his poetic lyrics, Shikriwal operates in a league of his own. With the passing of time, he has only gotten better at rapping. He’s mastered the art of infusing his own distinctive aesthetics into the vast expanse of creativity, exploring various sounds along the way. While he has a signature style, Shikriwal’s versatility and creativity are nearly unmatched. He’s a true artist who continually pushes boundaries and stands out in a crowd.

Must Listen: Cactus (2020), VIRUS (X) (2022), 2-D (2022)

4. Harass

When discussing hip-hop artists who have defied the boundaries to produce innovative work, Harass emerges as a brilliant rapper from Bihar, honing his musical craft over a substantial span. His recent EP ‘AAPAH’ has garnered significant acclaim within the community, cementing his position as a noteworthy artist. As a trailblazer in the state’s hip-hop scene, Harass has elevated the vibrant genre of Grime music to the forefront. His journey started in Khagaul — a town steeped in history as the birthplace of Aryabhatt. Harass pursued education in his hometown until the 10th grade before making the audacious decision to diverge from a B.Tech (Computer Science) degree. In 2015, he embarked on his musical odyssey, subsequently unveiling multiple projects and collaborations that collectively underline his unique contribution to the landscape of Bihar’s hip-hop.

With an ability to weave versatility and innovation into his musical narrative, Harass has truly etched his mark on the scene, embodying the spirit of an artist who is redefining the soundscape of the Bihar hip-hop scene.

Must Listen: 1/100 (2019), Badshah Ki Tidel (2019), AAPAH (2023)

5. Raajmusic

Hailing from Bihar and currently residing in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Raajmusic stands as a remarkable talent. He truly embodies the essence of Maithili and Bhojpuri rap. He might be fifth on this list, but there’s no doubt that Raajmusic is currently one of the top Bhojpuri rappers in the music scene. With an engaging yet laid-back style and an impeccable flow, Raajmusic exudes skill and dedication as an artist who never seems to stop. From 2019 to 2023, he released multiple projects, not to mention the singles and collaborations. In 2023, his sophomore album ‘Kaal Ke Pukaar’ exemplifies his unyielding hunger and unfiltered ardor to excel, all in the pursuit of elevating Bhojpuri hip-hop to a source of global pride.

Raaj operates as a musical chameleon, effortlessly adapting to diverse styles. His composed and confident delivery, combined with clever lyricism has firmly established him as one of the most prominent MCs in the game. To describe his level of dedication as extraordinary would be an understatement; Raajmusic’s commitment is simply unparalleled. There’s no other Bihari rapper who can can match the level of quality and quantity achieved by Bihar’s very own – Raajmusic.

Must Listen: The Prologue (2022), Mara Peeti Raps (2022), Kaal Ke Pukaar (2023)

6. Kat Jr.

A natural-born hitmaker, Kat Jr. is a remarkably gifted rapper hailing from Bihar, known for his incredible versatility. His musical palette spans across genres, ranging from trap to synth-wave, as he expertly experiments with various sounds. Prashant Kumar Jha, recognized widely by the moniker, Kat Jr. proudly wears his bilingual badge, representing both Darbhanga and his current home in Kolkata. Kat Jr. carries the spirit of both states within him, seeking to weave their distinct cultures into his lyrical tapestry. His voice possesses a raw, funky essence, establishing him as one of the most exceptional Bihari rappers. In the early days, he used to rap in English, attempting to capture the essence of Lil Wayne, a musical icon he was influenced by. However, his journey to find his unique voice led him to an artistic breakthrough. 

Must Listen: Vacancy (2021), Sawal Pe Sawal (2022), Break the Low (2023)

7. Arj Aman

Proudly representing the pioneering rap crew ‘5tricks,’ Aman Raj, known as Arj Aman is a standout rap artist from Bihar. Notably, he is credited with sparking the cypher culture in Bihar, a transformative movement that inspired numerous artists from the community to pick up the pen and express their thoughts through rap. Arj Aman shines as a true master of his craft, appreciated for his dynamic flow, captivating delivery, and energetic tone. As a Bihari rapper, his versatility stands out prominently, effortlessly transitioning between various musical styles. He excels on gritty beats, delivering explosive performances that consistently leave a lasting impact. However, what truly distinguishes him is his intricate rapping technique, earning him accolades as one of Bihar’s most adept and genuine lyricists. Through his thought-provoking and conscious classics, coupled with his unparalleled ability to resonate with listeners’ energy, Arj Aman has firmly established his position among the upper echelons of artists in the scene.

Must Listen: COVID 64 (2020), BARS BHOJ 2 (2021)

8. Little Bhatia 

Little Bhatia 

At the forefront of the emerging wave of musicians, Little Bhatia stands as a dynamic powerhouse renowned for his incisive verses and versatile style. Making his presence felt in the Bihar hip-hop arena in recent years, Little Bhatia has swiftly carved a niche for himself, injecting the soundscape with invigorating vibes that serve as a breath of fresh air. Undeterred by challenges, his magnetic persona and enthralling verses remain steadfast, establishing him as an unwavering force within the underground scene. With an unyielding dedication to his craft, Little Bhatia consistently delivers exceptional performances that command respect from fellow artists. Throughout his journey, he has cultivated a dedicated fan base that’s drawn to his impactful releases, which have solidified his name as a prominent figure within the community. Little Bhatia’s unrelenting flows and enthralling melodies have firmly positioned him as one of Bihar’s most promising up-and-coming rappers.

Like a burgeoning star on the horizon, this young artist continues to shatter boundaries, exuding immense potential that holds the power to captivate the scene in the years to come.

Must Listen: PANAAH DO (2022), Mombatti (2022)

9. Sujant


Within Bihar’s diverse scene, Sujant emerges as a genuine embodiment of Bhojpuri rap, etching his place as one of the prominent figures within the genre. His artistic approach seamlessly melds street-smart lyrics with personal narratives, resulting in a unique fusion that distinguishes him in the native hip-hop community. Originating from the heart of the state, Sujant initially captured attention through his rap covers. His unmistakably raspy voice, coupled with his commanding delivery, breathes life into lyrics that not only mirror his culture and heritage but also reverberate with his unswerving faith in them. This distinctive quality has solidified his standing as a distinctive presence in the Bhojpuri rap scene.

Sujant’s raw and unfiltered style resonates with the resilience and determination of Bihar, further cementing his position among the most influential rappers in the industry.

Must Listen: Warground – Bhojpuri Hip Hop (2022), Forbesganj Rap (2022)

10. Shu-Kla

Shu-Kla, an incredibly fierce emcee hailing from Bihar, is on an unwavering ascent with each successive release, establishing a formidable presence in the music landscape. This budding artist can be likened to a shooting star, rapidly evolving and making a name for himself. With a notable tenure in the scene, Shu-Kla’s journey commenced as an integral member of ‘5tricks.’ In the year 2022, he unveiled an exceptional project titled ‘REBIRTH EP,’ a true testament to his artistic revival, signaling a fresh chapter in his artistic odyssey. With this revival, Shu-Kla is now poised to conquer the music scene.

What truly sets him apart is his remarkable versatility. Whether delivering high-energy, rapid-fire flows or crafting Lo-Fi trap anthems, he exudes an exceptional range that positions him as an imposing presence among the emerging artist cohort. His adeptness at seamlessly navigating through diverse styles underscores his musical prowess, rendering him an eminent force to be acknowledged in the scene.

Must Listen: REBIRTH EP (2023), Taura (2021), Gaanv Se (2020)

11. Anshu The Rapsoul

Anshu The Rapsoul

From the streets of Patna emerges a lyrically equipped bilingual rapper, Anshu Kumar, better recognized as Anshu The Rapsoul. His introduction to the world of rap music dates back to 2010 when friends first exposed him to its rhythm and flow. Since then, Anshu’s path as a rap artist has been a blossoming journey. He made his mark by sharing his first song on YouTube in 2018, solidifying his presence in the industry. Fueled by a deep passion for storytelling through music, the artist’s creations vividly capture the struggles and challenges that arise from hailing from a middle-class family in a small town. These responsibilities often pose obstacles in pursuing one’s dreams, a theme he intricately weaves into his art. His most recent album, titled ‘THIS (Tale of His Incarnated Soul),’ was released in 2022.

During his college days, Anshu The Rapsoul co-founded a crew that would eventually transform into a record label, the acclaimed ‘5tricks.’ His integral role within the team helped shape its identity and vision. Through his artistic prowess and dedication, Anshu The Rapsoul continues to leave an indelible mark on the map, serving as an inspiration to aspiring artists and proving that dreams can thrive even against the odds.

Must Listen: THIS (Tale of His Incarnated Soul) (2022), GOD BLESS YOU (2021)

12. Dbrave


Danish Iqbal Khan aka Dbrave is one of Bihar’s most gifted artists. Hailing from Darbhanga city, Dbrave is more than just a rapper — he’s a skilled vocalist and author, making his mark as a versatile Indian Musical Artist. His creative journey began in his hometown, where he was born. Dbrave’s musical catalog extends beyond rap, encompassing a diverse range of styles that span from melodic songs to hardcore rap anthems. His artistic prowess shines through, and one of his notable achievements is the popular track, ‘Zila Darbhanga Anthem.’ This particular creation has gained significant recognition, solidifying Dbrave’s position as one of the best Bihari rappers. Through his creative expressions, Dbrave has cemented his name in the annals of Bihar’s musical landscape, leaving an enduring legacy with his remarkable contributions.

Must Listen: ZILA DARBHANGA (2021), Be The Brave (2021), Bihar Drill (2021)

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