The 10 Best Delhi Rappers Of All Time

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The nation’s capital, Delhi, is one of the first places where mainstream legends like Raftaar, Badshah, and Ikka began their careers. The city where current rap superstars like KR$NA, Raga, Prabh Deep, and Seedhe Maut were born. After the success of these well-known artists, another wave of best Delhi rappers and trappers emerged, led by rappers like Rebel 7, DRV, and the ongoing G16 movement, which is paving the way for up-and-coming stars. One of the main epicentres of Desi hip hop, Delhi, has had a significant impact on the culture over the past two decades. Delhi has always had a significant influence in the rap game, from Raftaar establishing Kalamkaar, to Sez On The Beat revolutionising the music landscape, to KR$NA emerging as the finest Hindi lyrical rapper. Not to mention the various hip hop milestones that Delhi is responsible for — whether it’s the Spit Dope initiative which popularised the battle rap movement, or Mafia Mundeer being the greatest Indian hip hop crew in history, DHH culture owes a lot to the city.

Here is a list of the top 10 Delhi rappers of all time, including veteran battle-hardened performers like Seedhe Maut and Full Power, as well as genre-defining artists like Raftaar and lyrical gurus like KR$NA.

The 10 Best Delhi Rappers Of All Time

1. Raftaar

Best Delhi Rappers

In a popular YouTube video, Raftaar can be seen recording a song in a small space with just a microphone in the early days of their career. The determination, confidence, and talent that helped that young Delhi MC become one of the most well-known rappers in DHH history are all visible in that short footage.

After quitting Mafia Mundeer, Raftaar began focusing on his solo career and released the album “WTF – See The Future,” which made him the hottest name in these Delhi streets. Raftaar later got signed by Zee Music Company and became a household hip-hop sensation of the 2010s period. Raftaar has maintained consistency and relevance over the past ten years by releasing high-caliber music and solidifying his position as one of the best Indian rappers of all time, despite several disputes and an unjustifiable war of words with a certain Mumbai rapper.

Catalog: Zero to Infinity (2018), Mr. Nair (2020), HARD DRIVE Vol. 1 (2022), PRAA (with Prabh Deep) (2023)

2. KR$NA


KR$NA, a Gurgaon native who is regarded as one of the most significant figures in Indian hip-hop, first rose to prominence with an anti-corruption rap anthem that went viral on YouTube back in 2010 and the release of his debut album in 2014 before hooking up with Kalamkaar which helped put his music on a national platform.

KR$NA’s music career has since had highs and lows, but he has continued to release great songs at a consistent rate. He established himself as a hardcore rapper with a cool, laser-focused mindset with some of his most popular tracks, including No Cap, Maakasam, and Quarantine. In between his sophomore album, “Still Here” became a chart-topper, while KR$NA regularly stole the spotlight with his diss tracks, most notably with “Machayenge 4” aimed at Emiway Bantai and Bantai Records. In addition to advancing the technical facets of hip-hop, he has spent more than a decade building a successful solo career in lyrical hip-hop underpinned by dynamic production. KR$NA, who was often recognized as one of the most underappreciated rappers ever, has now made a name for himself as one of the most significant and accomplished rappers from Delhi.

Catalog: Sellout (2014), Still Here (2021), Time Will Tell (2023)

3. Seedhe Maut

Seedhe Maut

India’s best rap duo, Seedhe Maut, teamed with Sez On The Beat and dropped two albums of incredible tracks, including the masterpiece “Nayaab” in 2022. With songs like “101,” “Namastute,” and the collaborative effort with MC Stan, “Nanchaku,” Seedhe Maut cranked out some of the best Delhi rap anthems of all time while riding bouncy and futuristic beats and dropping instantly recognisable lingo that might stay stuck in your brain for weeks. Seedhe Maut also released an incredible project titled “न” in 2021.

On Seedhe Maut’s debut album, “Bayaan”, Both Encore ABJ and Calm dropped a deeply personal report from the society. Their organic flows and authentic autobiographical tales of neighborhood and life earned them underground hero status. Seedhe Maut had a noteworthy debut with a fiercely independent, experimental, and poetic sound that featured excellent cut-throat flows, chopping rhymes, and socially conscious lyrics. Since the release of the album, Seedhe Maut’s fearless rhymes over Sez’s powerful beats have inspired many others.

Catalog: Bayaan (2018), न (2021), Nayaab (2022)

4. Prabh Deep

Delhi rappers

One of the most important Delhi rappers ever, Prabh Deep, is a certified desi hip-hop legend and one of the greatest to ever do it. Prabh Deep has developed one of the most iconic and wonderful indian hip-hop sounds that is influencing the nation as well as the world. Prabh Deep is just true to his art, and he has used his pen to ignite a revolution with the record label, Azaadi Records, that has influenced not only the city but the entire country.

When Prabh released his groundbreaking album “Tabia,” he brought deeper lyrics, heart-wrenching melodies, and a more layered aesthetic experience to Indian hip-hop. He is actively working as a rapper and music producer and has released dozens of solo tracks and collaborations throughout the years. His latest studio album, “Bhram,” has stood the test of time well, and his vast discography has influenced innumerable musicians over the years, whether they are from Delhi or not.

Catalog: Class – Sikh (2017), KING (2019) Tabia (2021), Bhram (2022), PRAA (2023)

5. Raga


One of the greatest voices in desi hip hop music, Raga constantly gained notoriety with his hard-hitting rap style, nearly rhyming each bar with an intensity that is seldom equaled by his devotion to music. With his songs like JAMNAPAAR, Naayak, Samasya, Mudda, and Rap Ka Mausam, Raga, who was the face of Artisttaan (one of the leading hip-hop record businesses at that point) served to cement the label’s name. In his early days, Raga, along with Artisttaan peers like Yawar, Muhfaad, and Harjas, showed future hip-hop generations just how far the Hindi rap form could go.

Before quitting the label and going totally independent in the music industry, Raga ascended to the top of the underground food chain after a long-standing face-off with his friend-turned-enemy, Muhfaad. Now, when he has sorted everything with his fellow Delhi artist and is taking the scene by storm with back-to-back explosive drops, Raga has cemented the fact that he is always going to be remembered as one of the greatest Delhi rappers in history.

Catalog: Rap Ka Mausam (2019)

6. Muhfaad


A certified Delhi legend in these alleys, Muhfaad can turn around some soothing R&B-infused melodies in the next verse after dropping the harshest bars of chopping flex rap. I doubt there is a Hindi rapper on the earth who can beat Muhfaad when he is completely dialed in and playing in his Maharaj zone. He has the pen game, the flow, the voice, and the baddest attitude in the game. It’s almost as if the authentic Hindi rapper was created in a lab by scientists attempting to create the perfect superstar emcee of Hindi hip-hop.

Why Muhfaad didn’t become the biggest rapper of the Delhi underground scene is beyond me. Yet, it does not mean he has stopped working hard. Whether it’s a party anthem like “Tempo”, a melancholic tune like “Backflip” or a bar-heavy track like “Bhoot Banega,” Muhfaad is one of the nicest and realest rappers to ever grace a mic.

Catalog: AELAAN EP (2020), GULAB EP (2021), SEASON OF SELAB EP (2021), LOVE BITES EP (2021), Satte Pe Satta EP (2021)

7. Fotty Seven

Fotty Seven

Fotty Seven was born to do this rap shit. He is a braggadocio poet at heart, a great rapper, and a talented music producer with a genuine dedication for his craft. Fotty, one of the most popular rappers in Delhi, is most notable for his versatility. The Delhi-Gurgaon MC could approach it from all angles, whether it be creating heart-melting soulful tracks with a poetic approach and soothing vocals or going all-in with his hardcore blazing cuts with witty punchlines and accelerated flow.

Fotty Seven epitomizes what a Delhi rapper should really be. The fierce rap star has been strutting Delhi streets for the past few years with his AK47 flow, which justifies his artist name, unforgettable catch phrases, confrontational bars, and the Galat-Launda swagger, always remaining faithful to his original style while collaborating with DHH legends like Raftaar, Badshah, and KR$NA. Fotty’s most recent project, Emojis Vol. 1 EP, illustrated the personal reflection of his thoughts and cemented him as one of the bravest rappers in Delhi.

Catalog: Asli Independent (2020), Emojis Vol. 1 (2023)

8. Rebel 7

Rebel 7

Rebel 7 shares real-life stories of life on the streets. His lyrics’ sharp edges are smoothed by a distinctive syncopated and poetic flow that is lyrically inclined. Since making his debut, the rapper’s style has evolved to include features more than just the typical flow-heavy rap. Rebel 7 is emerging as a remarkably versatile artist that delivers lethal punchlines, combines them with a variety of flows, and even creates fantastic tracks to keep you nodding your head to the bars. These are the kinds of musicians that Indian Hip-Hop truly needs right now more than anything else.

After being signed by Azaadi Records, appearing on Kalamkaar with Fotty Seven, and releasing his debut EP “Kaale,” Rebel established himself in the underground scene and gained popularity for his style among up-and-coming artists. His experiences both as a street-smart gangsta rapper and an art-savvy, multi-talented MC can be heard in his work. In 2022, the wordsmith released his highly anticipated debut studio album, “Endavishesham,” which established him as one of the most prolific producer-turned-rapper phenomena. Rebel 7 is unquestionably one of the best Delhi rappers in the game right now, even if he may not have the same sort of resume as other rappers on the list. Rebel 7 is a proven hustler who works really hard.

Catalog: Kaale (2020), Endavishesham (2022)


Hindi hip-hop

The significance of IKKA in the Indian hip-hop industry cannot be understated. IKKA, a legendary figure in the Hindi hip-hop, made his debut alongside Lil Golu and Raftaar before joining the legendary crew Mafia Mundeer. IKKA, a talented lyricist with a youthful voice, has the ability to enter any rap genre and produce a standout song. He has strong opinions and uses his platform, whether it is music or other media, to encourage deserving artists and speak out against immoral behaviour. IKKA is unquestionably among the finest Delhi rappers of all time with two albums, several critically praised singles, and collaborative projects in his catalog.

No other hip-hop artist of his generation — aside from Raftaar — has been able to transcend different rap eras, regions, and styles as consistently as IKKA. Even if one disregards his outstanding work for Bollywood or the Punjabi business, the rapper released “I,” one of the finest rap albums of 2020, displaying his tenacity and innovative rapping style. IKKA is without a doubt one of the geniuses and a legend across many genres.

Catalog: I (2020), Nishu (2022)

10. Yungsta


Delhi native, Yungsta is a pioneering voice in Hindi rap as one-half of the renowned Indian rap duo, Full Power. He has studied and helped define every facet of hip-hop throughout the course of his career. To be really honest, I’m sick and tired of Yungsta’s name not being on such lists. What needs to be done for the man to receive the flowers he deserves? One of the founding members of the well-known Delhi duo, the super-talented MC, influenced the style of Delhi underground hip hop as one of the genre’s most accomplished poets.

When Frappe Ash and Yungsta initially started dropping songs, Yungsta added a deeper voice to the duo. Throughout the years, he has released several both solo and collaborative pieces and is still a hardworking, devoted musician. He would be listed among the finest Indian underground rappers just based on his solo discography. With his much-awaited 2023 album “MEEN,” Yungsta is going to take his rapid-fire flow and impactful lyricism to a whole new level. Not only has he solidified himself as one of Delhi’s rap legends, but he’s also one of the GOATs of his generation, period.

Catalog: Showtime (with Frappe Ash) (2018), Mehfil (2021), Hot Sauce (with Frappe Ash, Darcy, and DRV) (2022)

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