The 25 Best Divine Verses 

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There’s no doubting the impact Vivian Divine has on Desi Hip-hop. Aside from his intense charisma, Divine is a lyrical powerhouse and one of the most influential Indian rappers.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Divine escaped a life of hardships to become not just the face of Indian rap but also a brand, business, and more. Over the past few years, Divine has cemented his presence amongst the greatest desi artists. Also, he is responsible for some of the biggest collaborations in DHH history. 

Divine has dropped 3 solo albums and a plethora of massive songs. He never thought of himself as the most skilled lyricist, but he is dedicated to his craft and has used music to mirror the world around him.

The 25 Best Divine Verses 

As an admirer who has occupied a front-row seat on the Divine bandwagon since the start of his career, it wasn’t easy to come across the best Divine verses list

While it is nearly impossible to pick what Divine’s best lyrics are, we did our best. Here is a list of the 25 best Divine verses (so far).

1. Divine “Jungli Sher” (Verse 1)

This verse illustrates Divine’s exceptional storytelling talent over an exquisite beat produced by Sez On The Beat. Divine handles the first verse on “Jungli Sher,” employing a tight flow, weaving in and out of the classic instrumental. The song highlights the daily hustle of keeping your eyes on the prize. 

Producer: Sez On The Beat 

Best Lyric: “Tairna sikha khaai mein, Isiliye shabdon mein gehraai hai/Zindagi toh ek ladaai hai, Jo paiso mein samaayi hai.”

2. Divine “One Side” (Verse 1)

One of the hardest lyrics by Divine captures impactful lines and an impressive play on metaphors. What’s even more impressive than his lyricism on this song is Divine’s energetic delivery that keeps you engrossed throughout.

Producer: Byg Byrd

Best Lyric: “Bhool gaya tu dhool yaha jo mitt jaega jaldi se, Khade jaha tu kalti le pale jaha tu palti le/Kya hoga teri marzi se shaitaan yaha hai vardi mein, Chalaange beta maarenge jab rail hai teri chalti mein.”

3. Divine F/ Shah Rule “Wallah” (Verse 1)

It’s not just the Divine lyrics that make him great, his music is more than the rhyming and flow. On this song, Divine’s rhythmic choices wrap your head around his verse, while Shah Rule further enhances the vibe with his part. 

Producer: Xplicit & Phenom

Best Lyric: “Kaun likhta lakheer kiskaa hai haath, Kaun kitna garib kaun karegaa raaj/Kaun kitna wazir kaun pehnegaa taj, Haan kitne sawaal nahin milte jawaab.”

4. Nas F/ Divine, Naezy & Ranveer Singh “NY Se Mumbai”

Without question, Divine’s storytelling and distinctive flows are inspired by Nas. When Nas finally connected with Divine and Naezy to collaborate for a track for Gully Boy movie, the results were historic. Divine does an incredible job in this verse with displaying complex rhyming skills in the last few lines. 

Producer: XD Pro & iLL Wayno 

Best Lyric: “Mera maal mere gaane laale dono ekdam super hain, Saat figure hard jigar bhag jidhar vahaan shooter hain/Chal chakli tu khabri ye dalle sab kabootar hain, Aitihaasik hits flow ye Tendulkar hai.”

5. Divine “Mera Bhai” (Verse 1)

On “Mera Bhai,” Divine gracefully sets the bar an inch above the ceiling. While people were criticizing Divine for repetitive topics, this track from his sophomore album, “Punya Paap,” left nothing to be said. “Mera Bhai” is a declaration of his greatness over an irrepressible instrumental that amplifies his message even more. 

Producer: Karan Kanchan 

Best Lyric: “Bhai mera fansa to automatic hum hain, Sticky hua seen to automatic gum hai/Ride karte sath cake kiska kate, Hum slice karte half time bohat hai hard.”

6. Divine “Kaam 25” (Verse 2)

Another standout track from Divine’s discography that got featured in Netflix’s popular show “Sacred Games.” With this composition, Divine takes you on a walk to show what’s really happening in the streets of Mumbai. 

Producer: Phenom

Best Lyric: “Khilane wale hath ko nahi kaatne ka, Milane wale hath ko nahi chaatne ka/Teri hai thaali to apne mein khaane ka, Apni harkaton ko doosron mein baantne ka.”

7. Divine “Kohinoor” (Verse 1)

This verse from “Kohinoor” is something that every artist should flow to. The song gains extra traction because of the incredible songwriting, consistent flow, and classic production by one and only, iLL Wayno. 

Producer: iLL Wayno

Best Lyric: “Saathvi se saath dost, ab bhi mere saath hai/Abhi bhi karte punya, abhi bhi karte paap hai.”

8. Divine “Gunehgar” (Verse 2)

Apart from being the title track of Divine’s latest album “Gunehgar,” this song is a classic. It sees Divine’s invincible delivery laced with quality lyricism and Grammy-nominated American record producer Hit-Boy’s show-stealing beat. 

Producer: Hit-Boy

Best Lyric: “Relishing hai beat delicious mera flow, Wo pao waala bole ‘cause I’m good at flippin’ dough/Saare online famous main kyun busy karta shows, Bina belan rakhe haath mein kaise haasil karta goal.”

9. Divine F/ Sid Sriram “Too Hype” (Verse 1)

On Divine’s classic “Kohinoor” album, he teamed up with Sid Sriram on “Too Hype.” The collaboration sounds incredible with Divine’s brilliant rap and Sid Sriram’s soulful signing on the chorus.

Producer: Sanjoy

Best Lyric: “Dardon Ko Roll Karke, Udaa Diye Badalon Mein/Barish Banke Phir Dard, Girne Laga Aangano Mein.”

10. Divine “Akela” (Verse 1)

“Akela” is one of the best songs on Divine’s “Gunehgar,” and it works like a balm in the middle of the album. The entire composition is an incredible display of his stunning laid-back style and lyrical depth. 

Producer: Phenom

Best Lyric: “Meri zindagi ek sapna aur mai sapne mai nikalu, Yeh dard mera apna aur mai apne main nikalu/Ek dost se hai baat band doosra banta chaalu, Ye zindagi na malum.”

11. Divine F/ Nas & Cocoa Sarai “Walking Miracle” (Verse 2)

Nas’s influence can be heard throughout Divine’s discography, so it was a dream for him that had finally become a reality. Divine structures his part with the same thoughtfulness as Nas, but you can’t compete with your idol, especially when he’s Nas.

Producer: iLL Wayno, Nas & Divine 

Best Lyric: “Kalam se mein kalaam sa, Tu manzil tak na pohche/Tu bhagta Inzamam sa, Bacchon pe Willy Wonka mein.”

12. Divine “Farak” (Verse 1) 

Divine’s innate ability to illustrate his life’s intricate depictions is one of his greatest strengths. His writing on “Farak” both represents society as a whole and demonstrates that he does not need to be preachy in order to convey insightful thoughts.

Producer: Phenom

Best Lyric: “Jo tere sabse khaas hai, Wohi zehreele sap hai/Aaj dhoondne nikle pyar, Jab teri Maa hai tere pass mein.”

13. Divine “Gandhi Money” (Verse 1)

With “Gandhi Money,” Divine proved himself as one of the most versatile rappers in Desi Hip-hop. It’s a solid body of work by Divine featuring a groovy chorus, fierce rap, and a heavy beat produced by Phenom. 

Producer: Phenom

Best Lyric: “Kyunki picture abhi baaki hai jalne waale ruk ja  beta, Sabko dena party hai/Ladkiyon ke sath abhi peechhe pada Gandhi Hai, Suraj mera dost ab to saath de raha chaand bhi hai.”

14. Ikka F/ Divine & Kaater “Level Up”

Divine guested on Ikka’s “Level Up” and contributed an incredible verse packed with strong rhymes and metaphors. His confident style merged extremely well on the track and amplified the vibe. 

Producer: DJ MissyK Official

Best Lyric: “Gabbar bante keyboard pe, shakkar milne pe, Jaise Wu laate Ruckus 36 Chamber neeche/36 chamber peeche do chaar us mein gir gaye, Vishwaas toota dil nahi haan dushman mere dikh gaye.”

15. Divine “Teesri Manzil” (Verse 1)

One of Divine’s signature tracks, “Teesri Manzil” is a classic composition on which he shows how flexible his style is. It sees Divine rapping about the life around him with some best Divine quotes. 

Producer: Phenom

Best Lyric: “O bole Dharavi se Karachi rickshaw se Ferrari, Nusrat-E-kawali har jaan deta salami/Har beat karta gulaami ye flow kaatil sunaami, Kisi ka bhi suna nahi aur kisi ka bhi sunna nahi.”

16. Divine “3:59 AM” (Verse 1)

Another hardcore classic that shows why Divine is a wordsmith. Throughout his verse, Divine rides the beat effortlessly while spitting clever wordplays. This is one of those songs that shows Divine’s talent to spin narratives poetically and make them even more relatable. 

Producer: Stunnah Beatz

Best Lyric: “Bas bas ho gaya abhi sirf parivaar mеra, Pehle shani tha ab har din shanivaar mera/Dentist se zyaada game mujhe daant de raha, Vaccine yeh bars aur main sabko shot dera.”

17. Divine “Satya” (Verse 1)

You would probably think after giving so many classics, Divine would have run out of ideas by now. Fortunately, he has been dynamic enough to deliver innovative music like “Satya.” The track features an energetic drill beat sampled from a popular Bollywood song and Divine’s powerful pen game. 

Producer: Karan Kanchan

Best Lyric: “Gully Gang chhati thok ke, Tu Suraj Pancholi main Chandra Bose hai/Shanti failana hum mantra bolde, Tu ro dega, apan agar santra kholte.”

18. Divine F/ Aavrutti, D’Evil & Shah Rule “Vibe Hai” 

Gully Gang founder Divine got prolific top-tier talent signed under his label. To introduce their craft to a wider audience, he featured them on his album with this song. It is a rollercoaster, on which every artist gives you a different flavor. 

Producer: NDS

Best Lyric: “Khauf hai na chhote, Sirf kaate hum bhauke na chhote/Teeli lagade tu rockel hai, Chamkake raaste pe seedha hum walking le chhote.”

19. Divine F/ Jadakiss “Traffic Jam” (Verse 1)

When Divine announced his third studio album, many were surprised: how did he get the hip-hop polymath Jadakiss on a record? Fortunately, the two did not only create a masterpiece, but also opened doors for more opportunities.

Producer: iLL Wayno

Best Lyric: “Sab boss yaha baithe tu kisi ka toh naukar hai, Laya kali truck, saath feet wala chauffeur hai/90’s wale launde 42 mere bottle pe, 1000 cc engine do pahiye full throttle hai.”

20. Divine F/ Wazir Patar “Street Lori” 

Never preachy, it’s a street-savvy anthem from “Gunehgar.” Divine represents the streets (or gully culture) and, in this verse, at the head of the charge, he spits about the street life he has been a part of. “Street Lori” captures the old-school vibe that Wazir Patar and Divine have incorporated into their music.

Producer: Stunnah Beatz & Hrithik Beats

Best Lyric: “Ye hai road waali zindagi karte nahi bolna, Waise code waali zindagi har mod par hai gandagi/Pyaar nasha company chheen lete recipe, Bhookh lagi mentally tab paisa deta therapy.”

21. Sidhu Moose Wala F/ Divine “Moosedrilla” 

A match made in desi hip-hop heaven, Divine got featured on Sidhu Moose Wala’s “Moosedrilla,” a powerful gem from his album “Moosetape.” The duo sounds incredible together over a solid, grimy drill track produced by The Kidd. The grand combination of Divine and Sidhu Moose Wala sees one of the best DHH collaborations of all time. 

Producer: The Kidd

Best Lyric: “Slumdogs ab hum Millionares, RD 350 Chhathi(6) Gear/Ab Cuban Links sab Bhaari Taste, Mamla Garam Number Change.”

22. Divine “Punya Paap” (Verse 1)

On his second album’s title track, Divine causes a wildfire with his rapid-fire flow and poetic approach. “Punya Paap” simply reflects the reality of society and solidifies Divine as an amazing lyricist. 

Producer: iLL Wayno

Best Lyric: “Ganda Ya Saaf Mangta Anaaj, Jab Doodh Nahi Ghar Pe/Tab Kuch Nahi Aata Hai Yaad, Kya Hai Punya Aur Kya Hai Paap.”

23. Raja Kumari F/ Divine “City Slums” 

Throughout his career, Divine blessed us with endless hits, “City Slums” is one of them. Featuring the brain-melting harmonies of Raja Kumari, Divine steals the show with his guest appearance over a dope boom-bap instrumental.

Producer: Beat Busta

Best Lyric: “Sadak zabani chaye mein paani hath mein kaarigari, Naka ab khaali bhaari thaali sar pe zimmedari/Ek hi to maalik baaki kuchh din wale karamchari, Kaahe ka beef tu is rap khel mein shakahari.”

24. Divine F/ Dutchavelli “Drill Karte” 

On this joint, Divine collaborates with the star of the UK drill scene. Both artists’ rapping styles complemented each other. Divine’s nonchalant attitude and Dutch’s vicious flow made “Drill Karte” an absolute head bopper. 

Producer: Stunnah Beatz

Best Lyric: “Ha mantar hai gaane thode antaryami, Raat 10 ke baad chalu road wale gaane/Road ko chod hum mor ko nachadein floor ko nachadein, Police kare hands up aur chor ko nachadein.”

25. Divine & Dub Sharma “Azaadi” (Verse 2)

Hip-hop is all about revolution and independence. And “Azaadi” perceives the same message in a more potent way. Whether or not you enjoy hip-hop, this verse details Divine’s thought process vividly, making it worthy of a listen.

Producer: Dub Sharma 

Best Lyric: “Aa Nahi banna mujhe Slumdog Millionaire, Ye slumdog hai mission pe/System ke keede jo rengte apne kafan pe, Bachpan se choora rakha hai inhone apne gardan pe.”

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