The 15 Best Haryanvi Rappers Of All Time

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The Haryanvi hip-hop scene has consistently grown more vibrant over the years. Presently, Haryanvi rappers are not only making a significant impact within their homeland but also gaining recognition worldwide. Notable Haryanvi artists like Dhanda Nyoliwala, DG Immortals, Irshad Khan, MC Square, and others have taken the lead in this modern Haryanvi movement. They craft lyrics ranging from raw street narratives to thought-provoking verses and swag-filled anthems, authentically mirroring their realities. In shaping the landscape of Indian hip-hop, these Haryanvi rappers are not only dismantling stereotypes but also pushing boundaries. Their remarkable versatility allows them to seamlessly blend their cultural experiences with a diverse range of musical influences, resonating with audiences from various corners of the globe. The Haryanvi rap scene is in a continuous state of evolution, constantly paving the way for broader recognition of the best Haryanavi rappers beyond their local origins. Strategic collaborations with popular social media influencers and the widespread availability of music streaming platforms have played pivotal roles in bridging the gap between the local Haryanvi scene and international listeners. This has facilitated the expansion of their reach and amplified their impact on a global scale.

So, without any more delay, let’s dive right in. Whether you’ve been a dedicated fan of this genre for a long time or are just beginning to explore the Haryanvi rap scene, these are the artists you should definitely be aware of. Here, we present to you the top Haryanvi rappers of all time (in no specific order).

The 15 Best Haryanvi Rappers Of All Time

1. Dhanda Nyoliwala

Best Haryanvi Rappers

Dhanda Nyoliwala really shines as one of the quickly rising rap stars from Haryana, setting Haryanvi trap music on the rise in the music world. What’s interesting is that even though he hasn’t released a full-length project yet, he’s already captured the scene and collaborated with distinct international artists. Right now, he lives in Australia and has brought the sub-genres of trap music into Haryanvi hip-hop. A great example of how clever he is at making music is his song from 2021 called ‘First Haryanvi Drill.’ On this awesome music piece, he raps in Haryanvi over a drill beat with a Sitar sample. People really liked the hardcore fusion of drill and Haryanvi lyrics and now it’s a trend. Dhanda Nyoliwala’s prowess in experimenting while preserving his cultural and musical heritage resonates profoundly with his audience.

Dhanda Nyoliwala’s music keeps getting better with every new song, and people love how he blends different styles together in his music. People all around the world are loving Dhanda Nyoliwala’s music, with songs like ‘Up To U’ and ‘No Mercy’ being played millions of times. This firmly establishes him as one of the finest Haryanvi rappers of the scene.

Must Listen: Up To U (2023), No Mercy (2023), Unstoppable (2023)


Kulbir Danoda, better known as KD or KD DESIROCK, stands as the emblematic figure of Haryanvi hip-hop, embodying the essence of this genre in all its brilliance. Beginning his journey as a singer, KD’s evolution has served as a wellspring of inspiration for upcoming rappers in Haryana. His influence extends beyond the borders, with a global stage showcasing his representation of Haryanvi rap. KD’s songs that have soared to the top of the charts have cast a spell on listeners, establishing him as one of the most esteemed and beloved Haryanvi rappers to date. His artistic versatility illuminates his comprehensive discography, spanning a diverse spectrum — from socially conscious compositions and spiritual melodies to vibrant party anthems. Throughout his career, KD has explored and addressed a wide array of societal themes, leaving almost no topic unexplored. In essence, KD’s artistic journey embodies the very spirit of Haryanvi hip-hop, encapsulating its brilliance, diversity, and universal appeal.

Must Listen: Yaar Haryane Te (2021), HHH – Hip Hop Haryana (2022), Get Up Bro (2023)

3. RP Singh

RP Singh

Rudra Pratap Singh, known by his artist name RP Singh, shines as one of the guiding stars who propelled Haryanvi hip-hop into the mainstream spotlight. Remaining steadfast to the genre, he has journeyed alongside its evolution, demonstrating a remarkable dedication. RP Singh stands as a lyrically endowed rapper, consistently delivering exceptional music since his debut. His rapping style exudes a fierce energy, coupled with a clever and sharp lyricism that beautifully balances the intensity of his delivery. The impact of his song ‘Rapgod’ was nothing short of explosive, sparking a fervor within Haryanvi rap scene that not only elevated the genre’s popularity within the state but also acted as a source of inspiration for countless budding artists. This powerful track set the stage for a wave of new talents embracing the genuine essence of the culture and music, a testament to RP Singh’s profound influence on the Haryanvi hip-hop landscape.

Must Listen: Remember The Name (2023), Rapgod (2023), Power (2023)

4. MC Square

MC Square

MC Square stands out as an exceptionally talented and versatile rapper, embodying the essence of Haryanvi hip-hop with grace. He catapulted into the spotlight through his captivating appearance on India’s pioneering rap reality TV show, Hustle 2.0. With his mastery of lyrical and musical finesse, this young rapper emerged victorious, leaving an indelible mark on the competition. Each of his performances quickly spread like wildfire across the internet, amassing unprecedented numbers of streams on various platforms. Notably, his track ‘Ram Ram’ transcended boundaries, transforming into a cross-cultural anthem that resonated not only within Indian hip-hop but reverberated worldwide. MC Square’s discography is a vibrant tapestry, woven with a myriad of skills — from the poetic allure of lo-fi compositions to the infectious appeal of commercial hits, and even delving into the intricate depths of hardcore technical rap. Amidst this diverse spectrum, he wholeheartedly embraces his Haryanvi heritage.

Today, MC Square has etched his name as a prominent figure within the industry, forging collaborations with luminaries like Amrit Maan. As he continues to evolve and progress, he cements his stature as one of the best Haryanvi rappers to keep a close eye on. 

Must Listen: Ram Ram (2022), Chhore NCR Aale (2022), Double Black (2023)

5. Aman Mangali Aala

Aman Mangali Aala or A.M.A. emerges as a fiercely talented emcee hailing from Haryana. Within the vibrant underground scene of Haryanvi hip-hop, he shines as a remarkably consistent and exceptionally skilled rapper. Throughout his journey, this artist has unveiled two full-fledged studio albums, complemented by two EPs and a plethora of singles, showcasing his dedication and creativity. Despite his considerable accomplishments, Aman remains elusive, continually honing his craft with each new release. The release of his sophomore album ‘Honsla’ in July 2023 stands as a testament to his extraordinary versatility. Through this project, the young artist adeptly demonstrates a range of flavours that hold the promise of representing the genre on a grander stage.

With an unwavering passion and insatiable hunger, Aman Mangali Aala possesses immense potential akin to a shooting star. As he continues to drop music with fervor and zeal, he emerges as a rising luminary from Haryana, destined to make a profound impact within the musical cosmos.

Must Listen: Honsla (2023), Death Row Haryana (2022), Albadi Chore (2022)

6. Pardhaan


No Haryanvi rappers list could be considered complete without Pardhaan. The OG, Pardhaan is an Haryanvi rap pioneer. He has not only represented the Haryanvi rap movement but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Hindi rap in a time when such voices were scarce in India. Pardhaan’s lyrical finesse and distinctive style have served as a guiding light for numerous artists, encouraging them to embrace rap as a means of expressing their thoughts and emotions. Even at the outset of his career, Pardhaan demonstrated his charisma by collaborating with renowned figures like Bohemia, and securing a place under his record label. His influence has extended far and wide, inspiring a multitude of individuals. Pardhaan, without a doubt, stands as an irrefutable icon, a shining beacon of the Haryanvi hip-hop scene, leaving an indelible mark on the very fabric of the genre.

Must Listen: Gaadi (2018), Shivadasa (2022), Husann (2023)

7. Irshad Khan

Irshad Khan rose to prominence as an emerging star in the Haryanvi rap scene, gaining swift recognition through his breakout 2022 track ‘Haryana Hood.’ This song spread like wildfire across the internet, capturing attention and notably making its presence felt on Instagram reels. It’s highly likely that you’ve come across this track if you’ve been exploring the internet. ‘Haryana Hood’ boasts a drill-style beat infused with Irshad’s distinctive and laid-back signature style. The song has already amassed over 40 million views on YouTube and garnered millions of streams across various music platforms. However, this track is just a glimpse of Irshad Khan’s versatile discography. His musical portfolio is a testament to his dynamic range, offering a diverse platter of sounds and styles. With his boundless potential, he is poised to carve a significant place for himself among the top-tier Haryanvi rappers in the future. Watch out for this promising artist as he continues to make his mark on the scene.

Must Listen: Haryana Hood (2022), Blood Street (2023), Haryanvi Bateu (2023)

8. Mani Rana

Mani Rana

Known as one of the most skillful and technically adept MCs of his generation, Mani Rana comes from Barara, Haryana, and possesses a remarkable source of creativity. Leading the way for Haryana’s innovative musical trends, Mani Rana has broken norms, pushing Haryanvi hip-hop to new heights. His tight flow, along with his unmatched writing skill, goes beyond typical lyrical patterns. This is evident in songs like ‘Asal’ and ‘Wassup Fojji,’ where his introspective verses highlight his growth as a lyricist, revealing an impressive ability to convey deep insights while following rap’s rhythmic style and rhyme patterns. As 2022 came to an end, Mani Rana’s lyrical agility took a significant leap, adding intricate metaphors, vivid imagery, and heightened social awareness to his verses. Although his releases have been a bit infrequent lately, whenever Mani Rana presents a verse, the entire Indian hip-hop scene pauses to listen — a testament to the lasting influence of this Haryanvi maestro.

Must Listen: Wassup Fojji (2023), BOWDOWN TO 54 (2021), Chhel Chabillo (2023)

9. RC Magnum

Shifting gears to a new face, let’s talk about RC Magnum. Emerging as a strong presence in 2023, this young artist entered the Haryanvi music scene with a fresh energy and genuine honesty that demanded attention. But let’s not mistake this — he isn’t just another aspiring hardcore rapper. RC Magnum’s flow moves through beats with a skill that goes beyond his young age. His lyrics go beyond the usual trap clichés or rapid-fire delivery, exploring the ups and downs of street life. Tracks like ‘Bike ek’ and ‘Kaali Scorpio’ aren’t just catchy songs; they perfectly showcase Magnum’s ability to blend melody with meaningful stories, creating compositions that resonate with listeners from Rewari to Mumbai and beyond. In the meantime, ‘Magnum Flow’ displays his rapping skills. Whether he’s giving intense performances in the studio or openly sharing personal experiences, RC Magnum brings a raw honesty to the Haryana hip-hop scene that’s both refreshing and captivating.

Must Listen: Magnum Flow (2023), Kaali Scorpio (2023), Dafan (2023)

10. Aarpy


Aarpy’s artistry shines as a remarkable fusion of hardcore rap and commercial Haryanvi music — a combination that few Haryanvi rappers have mastered to the extent he has. As an emerging force in the Haryanvi rap scene, Aarpy’s artistic growth has been as swift as a streak of light. His lyrics and rapping style boast a striking versatility, enabling him to seamlessly navigate through diverse sonic realms without diminishing his unique allure. Aarpy’s captivating catalog with a range of flavors underline his dynamic nature, effortlessly adapting to a variety of musical styles. This ability to blend harmoniously with different sounds underscores his artistry, setting him on a trajectory that promises to reshape the Haryanvi music landscape with innovation and creativity.

Must Listen: Haryanvi Drill (2022), Na Main Khush (2023)

11. Summy

Hailing from Karnal, Summy is a poetic visionary, poised to make an indelible mark on Haryanvi rap industry. His exceptional gift for lyrical prowess positions him as one of the region’s most gifted talents, ready to command the scene with his artistry. Summy’s remarkable lyricism and razor-sharp delivery serve as a resounding testament to his craft, heralding an imminent revolution within the scene. As the harbinger of change, Summy stands resolute at the forefront of this upcoming transformation, destined to etch his name as a true legend. The vast reservoir of potential he possesses becomes abundantly clear through his discography, a glimpse into the extraordinary journey that lies ahead. Keep a keen watch on this rising talent, as Summy readies himself to ascend as a radiant shooting star, destined to illuminate the musical skies.

Must Listen: Billie Eilish(Haryanvi) (2022), 2023 Flow (2022), K TOWN (2023)

12. Kaize


Kaize is an artist who fearlessly shares his heart and soul through his music. His songs offer glimpses into his thoughts, covering topics that deeply resonate with him and the world around him. His music goes beyond just beats and rhythms; it mirrors his beliefs and observations. Born in Hisar, Kaize’s journey has taken him to Chandigarh. He’s gained recognition for fearlessly expressing his views on significant subjects like racism, the challenges artists encounter, and the importance of a strong mindset. Notably, he’s played a crucial role in bringing attention to Hisar’s growing Hip-Hop scene. His track ‘No Games’ and his groundbreaking ‘Haryanvi Drill’ exemplify his commitment to creating exceptional works of art. Beyond his thought-provoking lyrics, Kaize has a remarkable talent for weaving words together with an undeniable flow and captivating delivery. His mastery of language and rhythm positions him as one of the most skilled rappers to emerge from Haryana.

Must Listen: The Keys (2022), No Games (2021), Pahaadon Mein (2022)

13. Candy Sheoran

In your quest for a charismatic artist from Haryana, your exploration leads you to none other than Candy Sheoran. With his diverse rapping skills, he seamlessly transitions from rapid-fire flows to crafting laidback swagger anthems — epitomizing the very essence you expect from an artist who has left an indelible mark in the industry. Candy Sheoran’s musical catalog is a testament to his versatility, showcasing his potential to emerge as one of the foremost commercial rappers in Haryana. Notably, his collaborations with accomplished peers like RP Singh and Kabira exemplify his commitment to producing quality music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Must Listen: gangsta life (2022), Chore Haryana Aale (2022), No Competition (2023)

14. Malik Sahab

Malik Sahab

Hailing from Sonipat, Haryana, Malik Sahab stands as a skilled Indian rapper and accomplished lyricist. His creative journey primarily revolves around Haryanvi rap, and he has gained recognition for his distinctive and unorthodox lyrical style. Revered as one of the most acclaimed underground hip-hop artists emerging from the state, Malik Sahab’s musical repertoire also extends to tracks in Hindi, showcasing his versatile linguistic prowess. Notably, Malik Sahab’s talent transcended musical boundaries and landed him a role in the acclaimed movie ‘Gully Boy,’ where he engaged in an electrifying lyrical battle against the renowned Mumbai rapper, DEE MC. Malik Sahab’s lyrical offerings are characterized by their impactful punchlines, delivering thought-provoking references that resonate deeply with listeners. This unique blend of creativity and linguistic artistry firmly positions him as one of the best rappers from Haryana.

Must Listen: KHAPEETAR (2020), Offender (2022), Desi Gang (2022)

15. DG Immortals 

DG Immortals

Born in Delhi yet making seismic waves in the Haryanvi hip-hop arena, DG Immortals is reshaping the landscape with his unfiltered, authentic style. With a rich decade-long journey and an impressive discography of hits, DG stands as a superstar who has carved his path through unwavering dedication and relentless commitment to his craft. DG’s meteoric rise includes the explosive chart-topper ‘Kaleshi Chori,’ which not only dominated India’s Billboard rankings but also secured a place within the global Spotify top 10, solidifying his position as a sought-after artist on the national and international stage. His dynamic collaborations with Elvish Yadav on ‘Bad Guy’ and Parmish Verma on ‘Punja Daab’ have further amplified his impact, sweeping the nation and sparking viral discussions.

DG’s music resonates with the masses, encapsulating the raw vigor and non-chalant ethos of hip-hop culture. He emerges as the resonating voice of the youth, an ever-rising star that continues to shine as the sun ascends, steadfastly holding the torch for good music. His ability to wield his voice is nothing short of exceptional, transcending boundaries and leaving an indelible impact on the ever-evolving soundscape.

Must Listen: KALESHI CHORI (2023), Pablo escobar (2023), Systumm (2023)

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