The 20 Best Indian Female Rappers Of All Time

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In the heart of India’s rich musical tapestry, a remarkable revolution has unfurled — a powerful movement driven by fierce female rappers in India who break free from the chains of the past to unleash their artistic expression. In a society once bound by countless restrictions on women, these audacious rap queens wield their words like weapons, showcasing the untamed force of art. Venturing into the male-dominated rap world was no easy feat, but in recent years, a fiery breed of best Indian female rappers has emerged, boasting flawless vocal delivery, intricate rhyme schemes, and an unapologetic embrace of street vernacular.

With every verse they spit, they echo the silenced voices of countless women, proving that music transcends societal barriers. Drawing from a mosaic of genres, they skillfully blend modern sounds with old-school influences, weaving lyrical tapestries that resonate with a generation hungry for new rap dynamics.

The 20 Best Indian Female Rappers Of All Time

1. Raja Kumari

Best Indian Female Rappers

The Grammy-nominated powerhouse, Raja Kumari is one of the best Indian female rappers. She blazed a trail as the first woman to headline NH7, India’s grandest music festival, and her talent knows no bounds as she co-wrote songs alongside industry giants like Gwen Stefani and Iggy Azalea. Raja’s contributions to Iggy Azalea’s album ‘The New Classic’ garnered four Grammy nominations, including Best Rap Album, showcasing her prowess as both a songwriter and vocalist. Her excellence didn’t go unnoticed, and she proudly took home the BMI Pop Award for her exceptional work on the hit ‘Centuries’ by Fall Out Boy the following year. Her artistry is ever-evolving, painting musical masterpieces that captivate the hearts of listeners around the globe. She is the epitome of a natural-born storyteller, weaving tales through her lyrics that resonate deeply with audiences from all walks of life.

Discography: Curry Sauce Vol. 1 (2016), The Come Up (2018), BLOODLINE (2019), HBIC (2022), THE BRIDGE (2023)

2. MC Manmeet Kaur

MC Manmeet Kaur

In the Oxel village, Goa, Manmeet Kaur, a renaissance emcee emerged ahead of her time, leaving an indelible mark as one of the best Indian female rappers. Fearlessly challenging misogyny and inequality, she embraced the mic as one of the first Indian women, venturing into uncharted territory with thought-provoking topics. In the early 2000s, Kaur’s passion ignited when her brother introduced her to a collection of beats. Unfazed by her parents’ concerns, she began penning songs and spitting verses, using her rhymes to confront society’s judgmental views and unleash her frustrations. In 2011, Mumbai beckoned Kaur, offering a larger and more diverse hip-hop space. Countless live gigs echoed her name across the city, solidifying her influence in the scene. Her music transcends the superficial, creating an epic and theatrical atmosphere. MC Manmeet Kaur’s presence in the Indian hip-hop landscape stands as a testament to the resilience of female artists, defying expectations and paving the way for future generations.

Discography: NEOPHILIA (2018), Hip Hop Bahu (2014)



Siri Narayan aka SIRI is the rap queen of Bengaluru, with mesmerizing verses that effortlessly flow in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, and English. Her rap journey commenced at a young age when she hopped on the stage and did B.o.B’s ‘Out of My Mind’ featuring Nicki Minaj at a college function. With sass and an unapologetic sense of belonging, Siri has graced the Indie rap scene with her unique style. Her creative prowess shines brilliantly in TVF’s Girlyapa’s Power Anthem ‘Tu Bas Naach,’ a massive hit. From humble beginnings participating in college fests to now collaborating with seasoned musicians like Sez On The Beat, Siri’s journey has been a remarkable one.

Discography: MY JAM (2020), Yaaru (2020), Hands Up (2022)

4. Irfana


Irfana Hameed, the talented, carefree and fearless Indian female rapper from Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. With skills as an emcee, singer, and trumpet player, she brings a fresh and commanding voice to the music scene. Irfana’s musical journey began early on with Indian classical training. In college, her passion for poetry and hip-hop ignited, paving the way for her extraordinary future in music. Recently, she garnered recognition by becoming the first female artist signed to Def Jam Recordings India. Her striking debut release under Universal Music India firmly establishes her as a promising female emcee representing Tamil Nadu. Fascinated by hip-hop since elementary school, she draws inspiration from artists like Eminem. Irfana’s discography delves into thought-provoking themes, challenging societal norms, and celebrating Tamil and Muslim culture.

Discography: Ko-Lab (2021), Sheila Silk (2023)

5. Meba Ofilia

Meba Ofilia

Meba Ofilia is an immensely skilled rapper from Shillong, Meghalaya, who is making waves in Indian hip-hop. Overcoming stage fright with determination, she embarked on a remarkable musical journey. In 2016, her debut single ‘Done Talking,’ a powerful collaboration with Khasi Bloodz co-founder Big Ri, left an indelible mark, earning them the Best Indian Act award at the 2018 MTV European Music Awards. Meba Ofilia’s verses leave a lasting impression, showcasing her skill, passion, and unwavering dedication to her craft. As she carves a distinctive niche in the ever-evolving world of hip-hop, she stands as a shining example of talent and determination, inspiring aspiring artists everywhere.

Discography: Done Talking (2018), Untitled.shg (2022), Feelings (2022)

6. Dee MC

Dee MC

One of India’s most well-known and beloved female rappers, Dee MC, is from Mumbai. Her captivating journey in hip-hop began in 2012 when she fearlessly transitioned from being a B-Girl to an emcee. Dee MC’s has represented India on global stages like the UK’s Alchemy Festival and Canada’s DesiFest. Her self-penned verses in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Gully Boy’ showcased her extraordinary skills. Her music reflects her personal journey and resonates with societal issues. Beyond music, she has shone on television shows like Rising Star and Antisocial. As a discerning judge and leader on Hustle 2.0, she leaves her mark in the rap scene. Her debut album ‘Dee=MC²,’ released in October 2019, continues to inspire with poignant storytelling and unapologetic rhymes. Dee MC stands as a true trailblazer in Indian hip-hop, showcasing the strength of raw talent and unwavering artistry.

Discography: Dee=MC² (2019), Naseeb (2021), MMM (2022)

7. Agsy


The multifaceted artist, Agsy is skilled in songwriting, composing, and singing, blending English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi effortlessly in her music. Agsy secured a direct entry into MTV Hustle S1’s ‘TOP 15’ as the only female rapper. She pioneers diverse genres like Hip-Hop, Indie pop, and R&B, and explores sub-genres like reggae, horrorcore, and trap. A household name and commanding force in the DHH, Agsy’s vision extends globally, representing India on the world stage.

Discography: Gold Digger (2021), Mother O.G. (2022), RAP GODDESS (2023)

8. Reble


Reble, a young emcee defying music industry norms in the bustling heart of the city. Reble’s music reflects her unapologetic identity, celebrating her North Eastern heritage. Genre-hopping, she weaves a unique tapestry of melodies that bear her signature. Influenced by legends like Eminem and Notorious B.I.G., her journey started at age 10 in 2012. Her music inspires authenticity, urging others to embrace their true selves amidst fleeting trends. Guided by her heart’s rhythm and unwavering dedication, Reble’s journey has just begun.

Discography: Gasoline (2022), Entropy (2022)

9. Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur

The trailblazing Indian-British rapper, singer, and actress, Hard Kaur, whose inspiring journey from Kanpur to the U.K. has been extraordinary. Facing hardships after losing her father at a young age, she moved to the U.K. with her mother’s remarriage. In Birmingham during the ‘90s, she discovered her passion for rap and fearlessly left school at 16 to pursue her music dreams. Despite challenges as an Indian woman in the male-dominated hip-hop scene, her determination and talent propelled her. Her breakthrough came with the hit single ‘Glassy’ in 2007, leading to stardom in India and a successful debut LP, Supawoman. With solo albums like P.L.A.Y. (Party Loud All Year) and The Rising Mixtape, Vol. 1, she remained in demand, working on various projects, including Coke commercials and composing for the FIFI World Cup.

Discography: The Rising Mixtape, Vol. 1 (2017), The Private Album (2019)

10. Krantinaari


A talented artist and activist from Mumbai, Krantinaari is known for her passion in female-centric art, graphic design, illustration, and hip-hop. She is part of the collective Won Tribe, alongside Pratika (MC PEP). Krantinaari is also associated with WWW — Wild Wild Women — the revolutionary all woman’s hip-hop collective. Her music delves into themes like feminism, sustainability, and technology, leaving a profound impact. Her journey into hip-hop began serendipitously, sparked by watching pro basketball videos in 8th grade. Embracing her talkative and outgoing nature, Krantinaari chose hip-hop to communicate her ideas and expand her artistic reach. Drawing inspiration from her experiences, Krantinaari’s music reflects the realities faced by Indian women, sharing their powerful stories through her lyrics.

Discography: Krantinaari (2020), WILDSTYLE (2023)

11. Mrunal Shankar

Mrunal Shankar

Starting in bars, Mrunal Shankar discovered her true essence in rap, embracing her distinct voice. With undeniable sincerity and resilience, her music creates ripples that captivate audiences. A self-taught singer-performer for nearly a decade, she’s known for her versatile talent in hip-hop. Melodies spark her creative process, crafting powerful lyrics and flows. Signed with Kalamkaar, she’s grateful for the opportunities and believes in genuine talent and effort for success. Inspired by Beyoncé, she envisions a future of financial stability and global recognition, leaving an indelible mark on the world through her extraordinary artistry.

Discography: Kattey (2021), Drunk Writing (2021), Yedechali (2021), GAME OF FAME (2022)

12. Pratika


Pratika Prabhune, also known as MC PEP, is an exceptional talent from Mumbai. As a vocalist, composer, and producer, her musical abilities are truly diverse, ranging from melodic singing to skillful rap and powerful growl vocals. She embarked on her solo journey in April 2020, captivating audiences with her debut single and later forming India’s pioneering female rap duo, Won Tribe. Now a prominent member of hip-hop collective Wild Wild Women, Pratika’s unapologetic passion for hip hop has left an indelible mark on the music scene.

Discography: Burn (2020), Tyranny of Power (2021), Khoyi Si (2023)

13. Trichia Grace-Ann

Trichia Grace-Ann

Recently featured on Reb Bull 64 Bars, Trichia Grace-Ann, is a remarkable artist from Mumbai and Goa. Her musical journey began at a young age, surrounded by music in her family. She embraced rap as a means of self-expression and now stands out as a multi-talented, classically trained vocalist and emcee. Within two years of her debut single, she has earned global recognition, captivating audiences worldwide through collaborations with artists from different genres. Fearlessly experimenting and exploring new possibilities, Trichia is making waves in the music industry with her unique sound and versatile talents.

Discography: Show Stoppa (2021), Duchess (2022)

14. JQueen


The queen of multi-lingual rhymes, Jacqulin Lucas aka JQueen is supremely skilled rapper from Mumbai. Proudly representing Wild Wild Women, Jacqulin and her talented peers are on a mission to change how women are perceived in India. Inspired by her admiration for Nicki Minaj, Jacqulin took matters into her own hands to become a female rapper, despite lacking formal musical qualifications. In 2020, destiny brought together five young ladies with a common passion for music in Mumbai, giving birth to the vibrant hip-hop group, WWW. With JQueen at the forefront, this diverse and talented group of women is determined to make a bold and empowering impact through their music.

Discography: I Do It For Hip Hop (2021), Doing Okay (2022), Living Waves (2023)

15. HashtagPreeti


Preeti Sutar, the rising star in the Indian hip-hop scene, known as HashtagPreeti. With a unique style and impactful verses, HashtagPreeti commands rhymes with ease, captivating audiences with her performances. Her journey into hip-hop began early, finding solace and expression in rap on the vibrant streets of Mumbai. Fearlessly delving into themes of empowerment and identity, she breaks societal norms through her music. As a vital member of Wild Wild Women, Preeti challenges gender stereotypes, envisioning a future where women’s voices are celebrated and respected. Her dedication and passion for conscious storytelling set her apart as a trailblazer in the rap scene.

Discography: Out On A Mission (2021), Unlearning (2022), AFTER PARTY (2023)

16. Demyth


Driti Panchmatia, aka Demyth, is mumbai-based fierce emcee. With a passion for conscious music, she has been making waves in the music scene. As a member of Wild Wild Women, Demyth collaborates on impactful releases, highlighting women’s struggles and empowering them through her lyrical storytelling. Her journey in music began at 16 when she discovered hip-hop in a Juhu cypher, immersing herself in street artistry and learning valuable lessons about her strength. With her energy, passion, and dedication, she is one of the best Indian female rappers to watch in the music industry.

Discography: Kudrat (2020), Devi (2021), Mujhme Hai Taaqat (2023)

17. Sofia Ashraf

Sofia Ashraf

A prominent Indian female rapper breaking barriers and using her powerful voice to raise awareness about important social issues. With fearless passion and undeniable talent, Sofia Ashraf fearlessly rapped her own lyrics on stage during college, shedding light on critical issues like the Bhopal gas tragedy, mercury pollution, September 11 attacks, and gender-based discrimination. Beyond rapping, Sofia has over 10 years of experience in advertising, communication, and content creation. Her commitment to empowering girls and fighting for their rights remains unwavering, despite her upbringing in an orthodox Muslim household. Sofia Ashraf is a force for revolution and change, helping families receive rightful compensation for corporate negligence in industrial disasters. Though not as active currently, she remains among the top Underground Indian rappers, making a lasting impact on the hip-hop scene with her fearless approach to sensitive issues.

Discography: DOW Vs. Bhopal (2016), Kodaikanal Won’t (2015)

18. Shia


Since high school, Shia has immersed herself in music, participating in band competitions and open mics, fostering her growth. She embraced hip-hop through concerts, cyphers, and joining the Straight Up Dharavi hip-hop crew. Signing with Purple Wav label, her introduction to the music world came with the song ‘Jah Blessings.’ As a rapper, Shia expresses herself freely and deeply, drawing inspiration from artists like Wynne, Little Simz, and Doja Cat. Despite facing gender bias and criticism, Shia supports women’s empowerment, breaking boundaries to inspire young women to fearlessly pursue their dreams. As a true artist of the new age, Shia embraces her femininity with confidence, inspiring others to do the same.

Discography: Jah Blessings (2020), Boon (2022), Shia Bia (2023)

19. Srushti Tawade

Srushti Tawade

An emerging artist from Mumbai, Srushti Tawade, who became a sensation after her viral performances on MTV Hustle 2.0. With her carefree and fun vibes, she captivates audiences with her comedic flair and powerful storytelling abilities. Starting her journey on the music reality show, Srushti gained massive recognition and a following across India. Her impact on the show was undeniable, making her one of the most successful stories to emerge from Indian hip-hop culture. Srushti’s strength lies in weaving engaging narratives through her lyrics and vocals. Incorporating multiple languages, she embraces her unique style and explores various creative avenues, like poetry and screenplay writing. With her passion for writing and boundless creativity, she is undoubtedly one of the top Indian female rappers in Indian hip-hop and beyond.

Discography: Makeover (2023), Rasiya (2023), Chhota Don (2022)

20. Kauratan


Kauratan, the OG rapper, standing tall as one of the earliest and most talented emcees in Desi Hip-Hop. Fearlessly carving her path in a male-dominated industry, she proves that female rappers in India are a force to be reckoned with on the mic. Based in Delhi’s thriving rap culture, Kauratan shines among the boldest voices in the scene. With an impressive catalog and collaborations with rap stars, she rocks the mic like a seasoned pro. Despite facing challenges in the industry, from unfair production costs to societal expectations, she fights for her rightful place as an artist. Running her own fashion label and investing in her music, Kauratan remains determined to demand recognition.

Discography: Kaurageous (2018)

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