The 10 Best Indian Trap Rappers Of All Time

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Without a doubt, one of Hip-hop’s well-liked, influential subgenres is trap, which has its roots in South American regional settings, and has developed from a localised trend to a universal phenomenon. In Indian hip-hop, at the forefront of this movement, are the rappers who have made their mark in the industry. There are tonnes of brilliant musicians that have contributed to the popularity and influence of trap music, from the early pioneers who helped establish the sound to the current generation of trap rappers pushing the genre to new heights.

In this piece, we discover some of the best Indian trap rappers — we will explore their background, how they have impacted the genre, and what they have done most to push the sound and culture. Each rapper on this list has irrevocably shaped the Indian trap scene, whether it is via the unfiltered tales of MC Stan, the captivating rhymes of Qaab, the vocal prowess of Tsumyoki, or the unconventional flows of D0perman.

The 10 Best Indian Trap Rappers Of All Time

1. Qaab

best Indian trap rappers

If you’re looking for an Indian trap artist with unforgettable delivery, look no further than Qaab. With his soothing vocals and heart-melting melodies, the Delhi native approaches each track like a blank slate in an effort to create perfection. Versatile, talented, and grievously underrated, Qaab is one of the best Indian trap rappers in the scene right now. I bet if you play his music to an average Hindi rap listener, they would think it is a different genre — his sound is just that rich and different from the ordinary. Packed with pounding 808s and his ability to provide appealing flows, Qaab’s music will make you feel as though you’re in the midst of the ocean. Every music enthusiast will get hooked and eager to move.

Qaab propelled himself into the top tier of the trap movement with his debut album, Violette, while maintaining the zeal that gives his music such a special charm. Qaab never compromises the quality of his words for the head-bopping sound of his music, which is something a lot of current trap musicians do. He has a pop appeal and an ear for infectious sounds, but when he’s on the mic, he’s irresistible, making him one of India’s top trap rappers. Despite only having one album, Qaab is already performing to his true potential, rising to prominence in the scene and getting better with each new release.

Discography: Violette (2022)

2. MC Stan

MC Stan trap song

MC Stan is more than just a rapper — he’s a cultural icon who has captured the hearts and minds of a generation with his distinct style and undeniable talent. Hailing from Pune, Stan is known as the Prince of the Indian trap scene and is regarded as one of the best DHH trap rappers. His excellence is attested to by his prodigious production, dominance on the charts, and influence on the genre. With two superhit albums under his belt, MC Stan has solidified his position as one of the most in-demand rappers in the business.

MC Stan has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, like Ikka and Raftaar, and his production skills have only served to strengthen his position as a rap superstar. But what really sets MC Stan apart is his rawness and authenticity. He doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing his opinions, and by tackling touchy subjects like politics, addiction, and poverty, he has amassed a sizable fan base who looks to him as a representative for their own issues. After dropping his second studio album, Insaan, and winning Big Boss 16, he’s continuing his chart-topping success, there’s no prediction what MC Stan will do next. But one thing is for sure — he has a long and successful career ahead of him and has already cemented his spot in the galaxy of Indian trap greats.

Discography: Tadipaar (2020), Insaan (2022)

3. DRV

Hindi trap

DRV or D₹V made his debut as one of the major faces of the Hindi trap movement in 2019–20, and he is now much more impressive. The fact that DRV is not only making music, but actually thriving both commercially and critically, is a testament to his staying fresh and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. DRV has evolved his sound to be the ideal fusion of low-key, melodic performances and turn-up trap anthems by combining a relentless dedication for the subgenre, which saw him release two albums over two years with strategic collaborations with established rappers like Full Power, MC Altaf, and Sikandar Kahlon. DRV is unquestionably one of the best Indian trap rappers currently active. It’s been a long path filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, but as the sub-genre has started to gain prominence in desi hip hop, things are looking brighter.

Discography: Dhruv Rajpal (2020), NAKSHATRA (2022)

4. Vasudev


From his early days dropping mixtapes like Ghaziabad Mixtape and Delhi Mixtape, this superstar trapper quickly proved he has the talent and work ethic of a rapper with immense staying power. His mixtapes have intriguing covers and a thematic structure that runs in the identity of different colours. With his unique blend of stellar bangers and catchy melodies, Vasudev blurred the lines between trap and R&B, becoming one of the most talented underground artists of DHH. His position at the forefront of Indian trap rappers was cemented with his highly praised tracks from his 2020 album, Ghaziabad Mixtape, such as Adidas Papi and Ghaziabad. Vasudev’s vision is evident with the meticulous planning and thought that goes into everything he does, and his reputation as one of the best Indian trappers of all time is already assured. Vasudev has a catalog chock-full of gems, and his style is still evolving. He doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Discography: Ghaziabad Mixtape (2020), Red Line Extended Play (2021), Blue Line Extended Play (2021), Delhi Mixtape (2021), Yellow Line Extended Play (2022)

5. D0perman

Indian hip-hop scene

Is there any other MC in the Indian hip-hop scene as bold as D0perman? Each project he releases moves you ten years into the future of the Indian trap scene. D0perman has amazed listeners of typical hip-hop with tracks like Anything, Made Up, and Gospers because his style is so unique. D0perman utilises his voice like it’s part of the rhythm, creating mosh pit-inducing banger after bangers with a style you can’t confuse for anybody else. His delivery is high-pitched and the lyrics aren’t always understandable, but that’s the intent. Throughout the years, D0perman’s unorthodox rapping style has influenced a significant number of creative minds in the underground trap scene.

Think of the weirdest thing you can, and D0perman has probably said something even weirder on his Instagram. The fun and furious rap star clearly draws inspiration from the punk culture in terms of his aesthetic, rapping style, and online persona. Because of his unmatched mic presence, his discography features a diverse range of sounds that allow him to spit the wildest bars while still making them sound incredible. D0perman is a rising talent who seems unafraid to maintain his reputation as one of the strangest MCs of India.

Discography: ISOTOPE (2018), Deus Ex Machina Strip THE EP (2022), Crystallization THE EP (2022)

6. Rakht

best Indian trap artists

Even if you don’t know who Rakht is, there are chances you’ve heard his music. He rose to prominence in the underground Delhi scene by producing songs for artists like Raga, DG, and Satyum. Rakht entered the game with the force of a tidal wave, saturating the trap scene with several major features that rapidly made him a household name in the subgenre. Hopping on tracks with Raga, Panther, Vasudev and Harjas, the young prodigy made clever use of the spotlight to flex his ability to create hypnotically catchy melodies and brutal bars. His rage-rapping style is revolutionary, and he is a master of his craft, balancing percussions and instrumentals in such a way that new listeners and diehard rap fans alike love his work. With each project, Rakht climbs higher and higher up the success ladder.

Discography: THE GREEN MIXXTAPE (2021), AHAM (2021), GODDSTYLE: MIXTAPE (2022)

7. Darcy

Indian trap

If you’ve been following the Delhi-Mumbai trap movement from the beginning, seeing Darcy’s name on this list should make you happy. Even though he may not have achieved the same commercial success or critical acclaim as the rappers he came up with — DRV, Full Power, and Gravity — the authentic trapper has done more than enough over the past few years to cement his position as one of the best Indian trap artists of all time.

After featuring with multiple well-known artists, Darcy has officially entered the game with his 2022 debut album, HYP3R, for the most part, he has created exactly the type of music he wanted. The master of infectious hooks, Darcy has been quietly doing his thing for years without a care in the world for anything that seems trendy.

Discography: HYP3R (2022)

8. Tsumyoki

Goan hip-hop

Tsumyoki, one of the finest Indian rappers, is a legendary figure in Goan hip-hop. Tsumyoki has carved himself a special niche in the rap game and brought something fresh with a sound that fuses trap, pop, and R&B. His contribution in Indian trap music cannot be overstated, and he is one of the most versatile performers in the country. Yoki has coupled his exceptional lyricism and signature rap style to rise to the top of the ATL rap scene in desi hip hop since his debut in 2021 with songs like Sunshine and Jackets. Now signed with Gully Gang Entertainment, Tsumyoki’s impact on Indian trap music is undeniable; his influence can be heard in the work of up-and-coming Goan rappers. He has become known as a budding phenomenon in the Indian trap and pop industry because of his prodigious output and distinctive style. The bottom line is that Tsumyoki’s influence on the trap culture is undeniable, and it will be there for many generations to come. 

Discography: RIP (2019), The Mixtape Is Garbage (2020), Daboij (with Goa Trap Culture) (2021), Way Too Messy (2021)

9. Ab 17

ab 17

Ab 17 may not have the same flows as MC Stan, the rhymes like Qaab, or the melodies of DRV, but what he has is a one-of-a-kind voice, a captivating delivery, and an absolute belief in his every word. These qualities, combined with true-to-life trapping tales and production from the Dr. Dre of Indian hip hop, Sez On The Beat, helped make Ab 17 one of the fastest-growing Indian trap rappers right now. Satrah marked his entrance into the Hindi trap wave in 2022 by appearing in Seedhe Maut’s “Nayaab.” Ab 17 released TEZ FILAM, a joint project with Sez, as his debut EP in November 2022. Indeed, this album was among the top Indian trap albums of 2022. Ab 17 might not be the most flashy or technically adept rapper, but his captivating rhyming style, uplifting messages, and steady delivery have made him one of the most popular trappers among Indian hip-hop listeners.

Discography: TEZ FILAM (with Sez On The Beat) (2022)

10. Lit Happu

Punjabi trap music

Lit Happu is a name that demands respect in the world of Indian trap music. With a collaborative EP produced by Sez On The Beat and collaborations with Prabh Deep, Yungsta, and Enkore, the very gifted rapper Lit Happu has secured his status as the pioneer of the Indian trap genre. Despite having relatively few projects to his name, Happu’s modest discography alone solidifies him as a hip-hop genius. While some people might forget Lit Happu for his inactive rap career and very few tracks, his lyrical skill and amazing melodies will never be forgotten. He has also contributed to shaping and elevating the genre as the boss of Punjabi trap music. Lit Happu is without a doubt the best in the business when it comes to making classic trap anthems.

Discography: ISSA VIBE (2020)

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