The 20 Best KR$NA Feature Verses

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KR$NA’s meteoric rise began in 2019. Starting out as an English rapper, Krishna Kaul aka KR$NA emerged as a bona-fide rap star of Indian Hip-Hop.

You can call it a habit or hustle of years, KR$NA always manages to obliterate his fellow rappers and opposition. In a journey from Young Prozepekt to KR$NA, the Kashmir-native developed impeccable rapping skills. His pen game has reached great heights, and that’s what makes him one of the most defining Indian rap artists. 

The 20 Best KR$NA Feature Verses

Apart from KR$NA’s beef-rapper persona, his music contains a lot of dynamism, technicalities, and many other powerful aspects of rap. The way KR$NA opened doors for lyrical hip-hop in India via his pen shows how devoted he is to the art. 

KR$NA has been rapping for ages now, and he has some great collaborations in his catalog. So let’s go through the 20 best KR$NA guest verses and appreciate his unprecedented rapping abilities. 

1. KR$NA & Raftaar “Saath Ya Khilaaf” 

When one of the most favorite duos of DHH comes together blazing their lyrical guns on a track, it’s a certified banger. On “Saath Ya Khilaaf”, both the artists came with their A-game. Talking about KR$NA’s part, there were some crazy wordplays, metaphors, and references, but his delivery grabbed my attention the most.

Producer: Tay On The Track 

Best Lyric: “Rap ke registan mein main woh insan/Jiska haq se naam jaise Inzamam bin Sahara kaun.”

2. Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus F/ KR$NA “Quarantine”

“Quarantine” is one of the most epic collaborations that ever happened in DHH. All three artists delivered solid verses. KR$NA went last and murdered the beat with his impeccable writing. With this track, he captured a lot of limelight in both countries.

Producer: Jokhay

Best Lyric: “Yeah I got the 9, I’m ready for the retake, janamdin ho roz coz I just wanaa see cake/Mere liye ek hi calvin, wo hai brodus, No CK.”

3. Hi-Rez F/ Tech N9ne, KR$NA, Joell Ortiz, Twista, Bizzy Bone & A-F-R-O “Overdrive” 

“Overdrive” by Hi-Rez is a legendary collaboration between some of the fastest mouths of rap. The track collaborates with rappers Twista, A-F-R-O, Joell Ortiz, Bizzy Bone, Hi-Rez, and KR$NA, with Aaron Dontez Yates aka Tech N9ne. On this song, KR$NA went multi-lingual and successfully grabbed the attention of international audiences.  

Producer: Ryan Summer

Best Lyric: “I’m a savage in both languages, kinda tight with the rap but it’s no bandages/Brandishing flows that are so damaging, throw hands with it, when the beat bang, my fangs come out and I strangle it.”

4. Fotty Seven F/ KR$NA “Baap Se” 

This KR$NA feature on Fotty Seven’s “Asli Independent” creates a very local Delhi-Gurgaon vibe. On this track, both Fotty Seven and KR$NA meld their complimentary styles in order to create a fun song with some shots here and there. The hook was perfectly composed, Frisk’s production uplifted the song and KR$NA’s punchlines further enhanced it. 

Producer: Frisk

Best Lyric: “Copy karein par ban na paaye same yeh/Fotty Seven sath, kami nahi mere aim mein.”

5. J Trix & SubSpace F/ KR$NA “Bohot Sahi”

KR$NA enters “Bohot Sahi” with his rapid-fire delivery and never looks back. The track is a flawless model of collaboration with KR$NA, hopping with his bar-spitting roots alongside upcoming star J Trix. 

Producer: SubSpace 

Best Lyric: “Main to yahan already tha, umar jab sola T(h)i, Do Re Mi Fa/Kolkata sheher mein J Trix hai dost, baaki to mera wahan Koe-na-Mitra.”

6. Hi-Rez F/ KR$NA & KXNG Crooked “Playground” 

This joint is one of KR$NA’s best lyrical showings. Hi-Rez and KR$NA’s friendship led us to a slew of bangers — including “Playground” where they both went crazy, but finally KXNG Crooked stole the show with his tongue-twisting rhymes over a classic Ryan Summer beat.

Producer: Ryan Summer

Best Lyric: “I could just kill them with silence but I’m in the booth and I’m finna get violent/Bout to say Phuket (fuck it) like I’m chilling in Thailand, with 3 white girls, Giligans Island.”

7. Karan Aujla F/ KR$NA “YKWIM” 

KR$NA surprised his fans when he collaborated with the hit machine of the urban Punjabi music industry, Karan Aujla. “YKWIM” gave KR$NA a massive exposure, and he received a lot of support. KR$NA kept his verse tight and crisp, which was a standout. 

Producer: Yeah Proof

Best Lyric: “Let it rip, Donald Duck kar ye uzi clip/Kiya tune diss-ni, you can miss me with that Goofy shit.”

8. Karma F/ KR$NA “Zaruri Nahi” 

After Raftaar, Karma’s duo with KR$NA is the most liked by DHH listeners. “Zaruri Nahi” sees another stellar collaboration between KR$NA and Karma. This song is remembered for KR$NA’s cadence and the closing of his verse is arguably the highlight of this track. 

Producer: Deep Kalsi

Best Lyric: “Slowly bol KR$NA bhi Don, jaise Corleone/Top is lonely, baithu main only upon that holy throne.”

9. Raftaar & KR$NA “I’m Ready” (Verse 1)

In 2017, KR$NA got featured on Zee Music Company with Raftaar when they dropped “I’m Ready”. On this song, KR$NA’s opening verse still sounds so fresh because he did something that was ahead of its time. Raftaar stayed in his element and gave a hard-hitting verse. 

Producer: Breathtaking & LAD

Best Lyric: “In the booth karoon murder main kill/Aur itne saal baad bhi they know Odomos kill.”

10. Brodha V F/ KR$NA “Forever” (Verse 2)

One of the most awaited collaborations between the two lyrical gems, Brodha V and KR$NA, finally happened in 2022. The song follows a back-and-forth theme where both artists delivered heavy bars. KR$NA’s part was really good in terms of the technicalities of rap and he maintained decent dynamism throughout the track. 

Producer: Tone Jonez 

Best Lyric: “Is mehnat ki kabhi milee na taliyan jaise romanoff, But I kept this fire bottled up just like molotovs/Game mein rookies want beef no stroganoff, These pu**ies only talk I call it va**na monologues.”

11. Aghor F/ KR$NA “Batman” 

Aghor and KR$NA collide with an interesting track of high-flex and powerful performance. It sees KR$NA’s signature multisyllabic rhymes and a catchy chorus by Aghor.

Producer: A-Shock

Best Lyric: “Karun ride through the (k)night jaise batman, gulshan grover in a rover, I’m a bad man/X – ray vision, hain precision in my back hand, andar se ye p*ssy, inka karke dekho cat scan.”

12. Kidshot F/ KR$NA “Meri Baari” 

Kidshot is one of the best in the game. He teamed up with KR$NA in 2017 to spit fire on a record. It’s powerful, fast, and sees a mind twist when both KR$NA and Kidshot kill with their rapid-fire deliveries and crazy bars. 

Producer: Rekoil 

Best Lyric: “Rap behta mere nas nas mein, Cap pehne bina pehne chasme, Iss trap pe dikhu kyu dete chakme?/Track chale speaker ke bheeter, ye gidhar ke beech hum jeete hi to haste.”

13. Raja Kumari F/ KR$NA “On” 

The song “On” is a collaborative effort between Raja Kumari and KR$NA, which is written for Raja’s “HBIC” EP. Talking about the structure and musical arrangement, the song holds the Raja Kumari vibe while KR$NA shows his wicked talent with his part that sounds just flawless. 

Producer: Nacho Larraza 

Best Lyric: “Body main karun har verse, yeh baat ab hai, Rehta main chup to yeh meri sharafat hai/Aake online yeh karte hai whine, Par kar raha nahi daaru ki baat ab main.”

14. Deep Kalsi, Karma, Harjas, Kidshot & KR$NA “Warm Up” 

In 2019, AK Projects brought out its Kalamkaar signees – Karma, Deep Kalsi, Harjas, Kidshot & KR$NA. On “Warm Up”, Deep kills it with the hook while Karma, Harjas, and Kidshot take turns dropping heavy lines before KR$NA enters and effortlessly bodies it with his crazy flows and rhymes. 

Producer: Deep Kalsi

Best Lyric: “Mere liye sar dard na kharcha, Team mere sath Harjas aur Karma/Ek minute karu adjust mai chashma, Aur dekho agle track pe kisko hai marna.”

15. Deep Kalsi F/ KR$NA, Karma & Harjas “Sher” 

Deep Kalsi does this song with his team mates. And it came around the same time when KR$NA and Muhfaad’s beef was at its prime. The song explores a mix-up of gangster and flex rap featuring a heavy beat, a powerful chorus, and crazy verses. KR$NA fires shots in his verse and gives an open warning to his opps. 

Producer: XPLICIT 

Best Lyric: “Dhang Ke, Gaane Banalo, Aur Knowledge Bhar Daalo, Inn Saale Gawaron Ko Samajh Ni Aate/Jitna Bhi Aakhir Kamalo, Aur Hasil Kar Daalo, Ye Pablo Picasso, Buss Shakal Banate.”

16. Deep Kalsi F/ KR$NA “Woofer 2” (Verse 1)

The 2020 single, off Deep’s Ep “No Days Off”, sees KR$NA spitting on a Punjabi track. It’s a sequel to Deep Kalsi and KR$NA’s 2017 hit record “Woofer”. The track is quite catchy, light-hearted and fun. And KR$NA brings more life to it with his part.

Producer: Deep Kalsi

Best Lyric: “Pichhle saal se ban’ne lage hain bade fan, DM pe kar rhi woh flash woh bhi bina cam/Jaake apni girl se poochh kya hai truth, Sirf mera woofer hi nahi woh, Jo raat bhar kare bang.”

17. Deep Kalsi, Fateh, KR$NA, Harjas & Karma “Gallan” 

On “Gallan”, Deep Kalsi teams with a list team of rappers in Fateh, KR$NA, Harjas & Karma. Fateh jumps first on the track and delivers good punchlines. Deep gives a sexy hook, Harjas drops some unpredictable lines and Karma shows his talent with his distinct multisyllabic rhymes. KR$NA’s verse sees incredible lyricism and consistent flow. 

Producer: Deep Kalsi

Best Lyric: “Skill mera will power se chalta hai dil mera, Still mera soona par suna na real tera/Try kar cypher hyper mic par, Like a sniper rifle yaani one shot kill mera.”

18. Hi-Rez F/ Royce Da 5’9″ & KR$NA “Crossroads” 

Royce Da 5’9″ is unarguably one of the greatest emcees to ever breathe into the microphone. On “Crossroads”, Hi-Rez linked with KR$NA and Royce to create a collaborative record. And it came as no surprise that Royce’s verse was very short but it standout. KR$NA gave a decently good verse and showcased his ability to play with languages. 

Producer: Ryan Summer

Best Lyric: “Itna kiya par zindagi ne hai chheena boht, Been a boss, par shakal se you can tell I’ve seen a lot/Mushkil lage jeena, par kari nahi seema cross, The only thing Suicidal about me will be my Doors.”

19. Karma F/ KR$NA “Tony Montana” 

Although this track features the same lyrical denseness as typical KR$NA songs, the reason it gets a spot on this list is that it sees a vivid transition. Dollar sign delivered a powerful verse. Overall, “Tony Montana” came out as one of the best collaborations between the double K duo of Kalamkaar. 

Producer: Deep Kalsi

Best Lyric: “Flow dope lage primo, Har beat pe karta excel (XL), no Chino/Accept defeat when I let the heat go, Sickest on each list, Expect no chemo.”

20. Raftaar F/ KR$NA “No China” 

The new brag-rap anthem off of Raftaar’s “Hard Drive Vol. 1” finds the legendary duo spitting about their lifestyles and the level of success their conscious has achieved. KR$NA does his thing on the track and delivers the message nicely that his hustle is his biggest flex. 

Producer: Raftaar & Frisk

Best Lyric: “Ye Hustle Hai Asli No Cheeni, Pehne Nai Chain Hum Peeli/Pehnate Nahi Fake Ameeri, Dikhane Ko Fake Ameeri/Inhe Laga Meri Hustle Hori Dheemi, I Be Dripping Like Your Girlfriend When She See Me.”

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