The 12 Best MC Stan Hairstyles 2023

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In addition to his music and persona, MC Stan is well recognised for his stylish hairdos, which he changes from time to time. Thanks to his popular rap hits and style, the rapper, record producer, and hip-hop icon has become widely known across the nation. We all admire MC Stan’s hairstyles as much as his addictive music. He is famous for his incredibly creative music, eccentric fashion, and hairstyles. MC Stan loves flaunting and experimenting with his hair. He comes up with a new MC Stan Hairstyle with almost every new release and then that MC Stan haircut becomes a trend among his listeners. 

Best MC Stan Hairstyles

That said, the hip-hop star has continued his journey to be a male-style icon. Well, we love MC Stan’s hairstyles. And, for sure, we are not alone. If you also want to admire the best MC Stan hairstyles with us, head over here. 

The Best MC Stan Hairstyles 2023

From long hairstyles (e.g., the braids) to short hairstyles (e.g., the crew cut), we have covered all the best MC Stan hairstyles. Here is a brief overview of 12 MC Stan haircuts one must not miss:

1. Textured French Crop

MC Stan Nanchaku Hairstyle

Not so long ago, this fresh MC Stan hair cut was introduced to us in Nanchaku (a collaboration track with Seedhe Maut). MC Stan appeared with a textured French crop. He managed to make a bold statement, even with such a common haircut. 

He opted to dye his hair with bright blue color and made a contrasty look. Eventually, we loved it and this new MC Stan blue hair style became a trend. 

2. Rose Red Medium Dreadlocks

MC Stan Dreadlocks
© _hemant_jain

At the beginning of 2021, MC Stan released a rap song called Snake that shook the industry and became a big thing. It was not only because of the music but also because of the new MC Stan look. 

The artist pulled off medium dreadlocks and made a sensation with his phenomenal transformation. MC Stan dreadlocks hairstyle stands out because he dyed the hair in Rose Red color (quite tricky to pull off).

And he took his colored dreads to a whole new level with the impeccable MC Stan dressing style.

3. Bantu Knots

MC Stan Bantu Knots

MC Stan is incredible at pulling off extraordinary hairstyles. In the image above, he showed off his boldness and versatility. 

This MC Stan Bantu Knots hairstyle embraced his entire look. It is a simple yet adventurous hairstyle to rock. Yes, we have often seen MC Stan blonde hair, but here; he made a great hairstyle statement with Bantu Knots. And we love it!

4. Short Crew Cut 

MC Stan Short Hairstyle

When we look back at MC Stan hairstyle 2020, it seems he was tired of long hair. He wanted to take a soft break, so he did and snipped off his colored locks. And surprised us with a clean and low-maintenance Crew Cut.

But he is MC Stan and he can’t play it like others. So, he added the contrast factor and got dyed his hair in Red. But MC Stan’s hair is naturally black, so the result came out as Blood Red. But his great dressing sense and trademark MC Stan accessories embraced this hair color amazingly. 

5. Small Box Braids 

MC Stan Braids

Braids are pretty common among rappers, but when MC Stan rocked his Small Box Braids, it made the whole Desi hip-hop industry gasp. 

This MC Stan braids hairstyle started a fresh wave of style in the scene. MC Stan has pulled off box braids in both colors — natural black and blonde.

MC Stan Amin Hairstyle

That said, he can nail any hairstyle in any hair color. 

6. Double Braids

MC Stan Tadipaar Hairstyle

This MC Stan long hairstyle features two big cornrows with a clear separation. The superstar decided to embrace his hairstyle by wearing these fantastic glasses, or better call them MC Stan glasses. He opted for blonde hair that suits his skin tone amazingly. 

Cornrows are a bit hard to pull off and not everyone can rock them, as Stan did. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain this hairstyle. Therefore, we respect MC Stan for his all big efforts. 

7. Four Box Braids

Four Box Braids

One of MC Stan’s best-loved hairstyles has to be braids but his creativity never allows him to stick with one thing. So, he switched his small box braids to four jumbo braids. MC Stan’s braids feature four blonde box braids with buzzed sides and back. 

To emphasize his braids, he didn’t opt for complete blonde hair but kept the natural black base. This combination highlighted MC Stan’s box braids and uplifted his look. 

8. Curly Double Ponytail 

MC Stan Tadipaar Hairstyle

Beyond the fact that ponytails are quite hard to pull off, MC Stan double ponytails or pigtails require an adventurous approach. The way he rocked his blonde and curly hair, we can say — he is the only one. I mean, did you ever come across such a cool and remarkable pony look? To recreate this, you need to grow your hair, make them curly, and then blonde.

That’s a lot of work, right? That said, not everyone can pull off this MC Stan long hair style. 

9. Simply Straight & Long Hair

MC Stan Long Hairstyle

While we are already aware of MC Stan hairstyles 2021, this simple yet attractive hairstyle can’t be overlooked. Amin was MC Stan’s one of the best track that showed us his soft and emotional side. But to make a big impact with this song, MC Stan’s long hair played a significant role. 

This blonde straight & long hair look showed us that MC Stan can nail any hairstyle with a firm note of perfection. Although, long hair is not easy to manage and style, he did the job quite effortlessly. 

10. Slick Back + Ponytail

MC Stan Ponytail

Another long hair statement features a slick back with buzzed sides and a ponytail. This is a pretty popular hairstyle, but MC Stan embraced it with his spiffy outfits and accessories. And his blonde hair won the contrast game. 

This MC Stan ponytail look is perfect for those guys who are seeking an easy long hairstyle. To recreate it, grow your hair and get them trimmed from the sides and back, so you can push your hair back and make a nice ponytail from the front towards the back. And It looks impressive. 

11. Twisted Dreads Into Pony

MC Stan Big Boss Hairstyle

It goes without saying that MC Stan can make even the most distinctive hairstyle look cool. A great example is his Twisted Dreads with Pony, which became one of the best MC Stan Big Boss 16 hairstyle statements. With this hair look, really Stan shook the entire nation. And without a doubt, this was the best MC Stan hairstyle in Big Boss.

Stan frequently switches up his hairdo, which makes him a well-liked fashion idol among Indian-Pakistani guys who are looking for new hairstyle inspirations. In general, you might not opt for this type of hair, but given how quickly desi hip-hop is developing, it will become trendy in a few years.

12. Pulled-Up Dreadlocks Ponytail + Undercut 

MC Stan Hairstyle In Big Boss 16

For MC Stan dreadlock hairstyle was never an issue, not even when he was in the biggest TV reality show. MC Stan in Big Boss 16 managed to keep his dreads on while still looking stylish and trendy. From the king of new-school rap to the king of a huge TV reality show, MC Stan hairstyle has gone through dramatic changes over the course of time, kicking off with the simple undercut to making dreads famous in India with this stylish look. 

You can recreate this MC Stan new hairstyle by pulling up your dreads and making a ponytail with the help of a band with nicely trimmed sides. As simple as that. 

If you made it to this point of the article, you deserve a bonus:

MC Stan Hair Care Tips

With these striking and unique MC Stan hairstyles, it is necessary to take care of your hair. Here are a couple of tips that one must know: 

1. If you want to style your hair like MC Stan, do not depend on synthetic hair styling products and hair colors. Always prefer good quality products and hair dyes. 

2. To pull off braids, Bantu knots, and dreadlocks, a strong hair base is always required. So, make sure your basics are on point and you follow a good hair care routine.

3. To look good, consume healthy food. Take a balanced diet and add iron, zinc, healthy fats, and enough protein to your diet for strong and good-looking hair.

Final Words

Revolution takes a lot of hard work, bravery, and creative efforts, and MC Stan is a revolutionary artist. Appreciate and admire him for all the good he is doing, regardless of what makes him stand out in terms of rapping, dressing, and talking. He differs from other emcees because he has the skills and charisma to influence young people and convert his detractors into supporters.

So let’s wish MC Stan a successful career and a long and healthy life. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your favourite MC Stan song and hairdo in the comment box. You can also ask us there if you have any questions or recommendations.

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