The 20 Best MC Stan Verses

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Born Altaf Tadavi, MC Stan has risen to prominence as the youth icon of Desi Hip-hop. With his unique persona and innovative music, MC Stan carved out a lane for himself as the leader of the new-school rappers in India. Stan is one of the rappers who made it cool to be raw and different.

The Pune rapper has dropped 2 superhit albums, as well as appeared on selected features. Stan has gained a cult following since the release of his debut album “Tadipaar,” which debuted in 2020.

On February 18, 2022, MC Stan dropped his second major project “Insaan”. The album gained huge success and topped the charts.

The 20 Best MC Stan Verses

Over the years, MC Stan’s popularity has been unstoppable. And now, he has become one of the most famous Indian celebrities because of his appearance in one of the biggest Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss 16. Apart from music, MC Stan is a fashion icon and has influenced a whole generation.

From MC Stan’s feature for Seedhe Maut, to his sophomore album “Insaan,” here are the 20 best MC Stan verses of all time (so far).

1. MC Stan “Amin” (Verse 3)

On “Amin,” Stan conveys an exquisite message and spills his feelings through his poetic approach. Unlike most of the MC Stan verses on the list, this track sees Stan pouring his heart and soul out while maintaining an excellent delivery that keeps you engrossed throughout.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Shaitan namaz padh rahe, Farishte rote rehnge upar/Insaan yeh kya kar rahe, Apni hadd paar kar rahe.”

2. MC Stan “Astaghfirullah” (Verse 2)

In the initial days of MC Stan’s music career, a lot of people used to hate him because of the beef he had with Emiway Bantai. He was badly misunderstood by the audience. Around the same time, this stunning composition by Stan captured public attention. On this track, MC Stan’s laid-back style and heartfelt lyrics worked wonders for him.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Majboori me cool bana, dude bana/Tabhi jaake mere ghar pe do time ka food bana.”

3. MC Stan F/ Ikka “Maa Baap”

Like we said earlier, MC Stan is super selective when it comes to collaborations and when you see Ikka as a feature, you know it’s going to be special. As the title of the song suggests, the song is dedicated to the parents and sees incredible lyricism by both artists.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Quran mein likhela kar mat tu gibat, Budhape mein lakdi ban kar unki khidmat/Sach bolte Aakhir tak isliye tu chid mat, Isliye sab puchhrele karega kya feature.”

4. MC Stan “Kahan Par Hai” (Verse 1)

Rappers frequently write songs about ladies, but MC Stan was ahead of his time with “Kahan Par Hai” because of the way he approached the topic. With a distinct flow and an infectious beat, “Kahan Par Hai” is one of the catchiest songs in his discography.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “U.S nahi jaaneka, India mein rehkar India ko change karna chahta main/Sapna tha mera, tere saath rеhkar insaan ko samajhna chahta main.”

5. MC Stan “Snake” (Verse 1)

Dynamism is one of the most required qualities a rapper can have, and MC Stan surely has it. “Snake” is one of the greatest examples of how Stan can switch his style. The song was dropped after his debut album’s release and surprised his fans. On this track, MC Stan completely switched things up and showcased a unique style. MC Stan’s rapping on “Snake” is calming and smooth as he opens up about some issues he has been struggling with.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Sabko idhar chhod gayela dekh ke meko ghaam, Stan aayela mehfil mein shanti se baith/Jalneki saath mein rehkar teri maan, Jal mat saath mere baaju mein baith.”

6. MC Stan “Insaaniyat” (Verse 1)

This song sees Stan’s free-flowing creativity with his insightful writing and laid-back delivery. It enhances the character complexity of an entire track and how MC Stan unpacks so much from this one verse.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Crack kara maine insaan kya sochta, Yeh words kisne banaya aur pehela insaan kaun tha/Adam aur Eve ki tarah main bhi sochta, Bharosa nahi kis cheez ka bharosa sirf maut ka.”

7. MC Stan “Basti Ka Hasti” (Verse 1)

MC Stan has an extensive discography filled with a variety of flavors. Whether you are looking for hardcore rap, melodic songs, or party anthems, there is going to be a little something for everyone. “Basti Ka Hasti” is a great example of his range and talent. The track sees a catchy beat with iconic MC Stan lyrics that give us a newfound energy. As usual, Stan shows his epic production skills and gives us such an uplifting composition that we can bop to all day.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Main rapper nahi gangster hai, Tu rapper nahi dancer hai/Acting tu karela rawas hai par, Tu shayad se actor hai.”

8. MC Stan “Regret” (Verse 1)

This is one of those MC Stan verses I believe would gradually grow on you, even if you are not familiar with his sound and cadence. With soulful production and heartfelt lyrics, “Regret” is an incredible composition from MC Stan’s second studio album “Insaan.”

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Yeh rape karne wale sab chhoot gaye, Yeh rap karne wale sab, ruk gaye/Ladki ke liye ghar toot gaye, Mazil ka rasta nahi puchhte.”

9. MC Stan “Bitch” (Verse 1)

“Insaan” may have been a disappointment for many as it has been trolled for its monotonous sound, but it’s evident MC Stan has given a visceral experience with timeless hits like “Bitch.” The song is quite catchy and eventually grows on you.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Baller tha main lekin karra bating, Mehfil ke rhyming tu karra abhi/Pyaara meko kon nahi sirf pyare nabi, Fir bhi rakha tumko maine dil ke kareeb.”

10. MC Stan “Broke Is A Joke” (Verse 2)

MC Stan’s overwhelming authenticity and innate rawness make him a solid presence when it comes to rap. On “Broke Is A Joke,” he demonstrates exceptional talent and talks about the wisdom and real-life experience of an artist.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Saath mere 10 Lakh log, Teko bola that’s ‘ma bruh/Shot bajaye 10 March ko, Bhagne ko rasta do.”

11. MC Stan “Numberkari” (Verse 2)

This is perfect, and it’s how it’s supposed to be. The track is a chapter from MC Stan’s album “Tadipaar.” And It features the same lyrical denseness and impressive musicality as typical MC Stan songs.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Bachkani shot khari bachkani maut mari, Police ne caught kari hathkadi aat sadi/Teko lagra baat bani lekin idhar baat badi, Ain’t funny no money cash money bole toh khandani ambani.”

12. MC Stan “Ek Din Pyaar” (Verse 1)

The standout track from MC Stan’s career, “Ek Din Pyaar” remains a commercial success for him. It’s incredibly groovy and easily one of the best songs in his catalog. Not to mention the fact, the track is well layered and the rap throughout the song is super smooth.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Trend bana yaha pe mc stan ko hate karte, Public ne jhada meko ek ladki ko date karte/Wo ladki puchi meko kaise tum yeh sab face karte, Main bola mere peeche ek time zara baith kar dekh.”

13. MC Stan “I’m Done” (Verse 2)

Despite being only a teenager, MC Stan has had to deal with a lot of things. And his real-life experiences are something that mostly comes through in his art. As the track’s title suggests, “I’m Done” is about the issues he had to endure with and about his true feelings. The song is so catchy that you won’t be able to get the music out of your brain after listening to it only once.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Cap bip ghar pe rakh idhar no cap, Dost log jalneke bithaneke trap/Message unsend karke leak karre chats, Yaad aa rhi kiski toh bhara maine pack.”

14. MC Stan “Tadipaar” (Verse 3)

Storytelling rap at its finest, “Tadipaar” is the title track of MC Stan’s debut studio effort. The song is almost 8 minutes long and features multiple beat switches. It sees MC Stan sharing his real-life story of a tragic incident on which the entire album is based.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Dekh nahi sakta aur maa baap ko rote time, Meri rap book ghum gayeli mere paas bahut hai rhyme/Ghar se nikalte time ghar wale darte bhalte ke jhagde, Pucchi ke lafde mein kabhi nahi latkele.”

15. MC Stan “Rehmani Keeda” (Verse 1)

Unquestionably, MC Stan is one of the most creative emcees to ever pick up a mic. This song examines a flawless body of work with a powerful beat and decently nice lyrics, thanks to Stan’s distinctive cadence and exceptional music production skills.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Dusre pe baad mei likh likh pahila khud pe, Likhne ko aata nahi aur rap karte chhoot te/Kya milta tumko idhar bihari ko lootke, Suit wala jaa raha gharpe leke uska suitcase.”

16. Seedhe Maut F/ MC Stan “Nanchaku”

This is the collaboration we never knew we needed. Seedhe Maut and MC Stan join forces on this uplifting rap track. MC Stan is characterized by the unfiltered lyrics. And on “Nanchaku,” we see him exhibit his raw talent, solidifying his personality and spot in Desi Hip-hop.

Producer: Calm

Best Lyric: “Nanchaku ghumata banda main khuda ka, Har ek jagah ka mandal mein pakata/Wait karra subah ka tere liye rukhata, Kabhi nahi jhukata, Kya bolta Maam.”

17. MC Stan “MH12” (Verse 2)

MC Stan is known for his brave experiments and his ability to make things appear simple. He is skilled at smoothly sliding on beats, whether it is for a drill track or a melodic mix. On “MH12,” Stan sampled a popular Bollywood song and produced a banger drill track with an authentic drill sound.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Jhagade laga ke tu khush hora apne me, Tera shot humlog ne red hand pakde the/Mere jaise jo ider baithrele katte pe, Inko bolna chahuga hu mein chalte reh.”

18. MC Stan “Inn Log Ne Maare” (Verse 1)

One of the hottest musicians of the decade, MC Stan has long been the subject of purported controversy. On August 30, 2021, Stan dropped the single “Inn Log Ne Maare,” as a warning to anybody attempting to cash on his fame.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Jisne yеh bola usko gayab kardale, Aaj tak maam dhudrele uske ghar wale/Call gaya upar se pair padne aare, Attention mangta tha tension de dale.”

19. MC Stan “Shana Bann” (Verse 1)

“Shana Bann” can be considered the most unfiltered record of MC Stan’s career, it focuses on fierce verses and a hardcore beat. The song is unforgivingly aimed at various detractors of MC Stan.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Pahile-pahile gaaliya dera fir bolra dost hai mera, Mere fans tere se sharp hain isliye kuch nahi bolra/Tu 10 time insta pe live jaake naam lera, Isliye reply me gaaliya khara aur gaaliya dera.”

20. MC Stan “307”

This is the track that incorporates a more contemporary sampling and harder beats. It demonstrates how skillfully MC Stan portrays his pain and emotions while maintaining the plot.

Producer: MC Stan

Best Lyric: “Teri soch aur tujhpe, Bharosa nahi kispe/Isliye banata nahi mixtape, Tu dekh mereko theek se.“

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