The 25 Best Talha Anjum Verses

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There are very few artists with the dynamic ability to hop on another artist’s track and enhance the song above and beyond the original. Talha Anjum is a well-known desi hip hop rapper who is recognised for his writing skills, acrobatic flows, and dynamism. The rapper has developed his own distinct style and many emerging artists now look to him for inspiration.

Talha Anjum has been rapping for quite some time. And he’s refined his pen game over time. Talha Anjum has murdered beats with his outstanding writing skills and delivery, whether it’s diss tracks, storytelling, gangsta rap, or trap.

In addition to engaging listeners with his music, Talha Anjum has displayed great diversity in features, with exceptional lyricism and excellent intensity.

Here are the 25 best Talha Anjum verses. Let us know what you think about the list and if there’s anything we missed.

25 Best Talha Anjum Verses

1. Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus “Gumaan”

Producer: Jokhay

In the era of diss tracks, a stunning composition by Young Stunners captured the public attention. Talha Anjum’s laid-back style and heartfelt lyrics elevated it above the globe, reviving many unspoken stories in many hearts.

Best Lyric: “Hansa rahey zamaane ko khud se pareshaan/Wo parhti thi kitaabein mein parhta hun insaan.”

2. Rap Demon f/ Talha Anjum “Agency”

Producer: Umair

It’s always nothing less than a treat for Anjum’s fans when he comes in his gangsta mood. Talha Anjum wowed the listeners with his “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude and slick flow on this track.

Best Lyric: “They Don’t F**k With You Jese Tujhay STD/Teri Koi Wave Nai Hai Beta You Are An Mp3.”

3. Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus f/ KR$NA “Quarantine”

Producer: Jokhay

Talha Anjum did justice with the beat on this epic collaboration song between Young Stunners and KR$NA, in which all three artists delivered solid verses. Anjum dropped a few disses for his opponents, and his excellent writing encapsulates what he stands for.

Best Lyric: “Dil mein sab rakh ke ye mic pe phatteinge/Syllabus ki tarah syllables ratteinge.”

4. Zas f/ Talha Anjum “Flare Up”

Producer: Superdupersultan

The music and Anjum’s tone in this song are extremely well-matched. Talha Anjum talks about his life, flexes his money, and boasts about his accomplishments in his “Flare Up” verse.

Best Lyric: “Gallon in the gas tank, phone mera airplane/Murder on my mind jaise Melly vs Melvin.”

5. Talha Anjum “Gawah Rehna” (Verse 2)

Producer: Jokhay

A classic Talha Anjum song with an elite level of poetry and delivery that keeps you engrossed throughout. Anjum poured his heart and soul into this verse, making no concessions in terms of skill.

Best Lyric: “If I am not dead by 25 then I swear I’ve made it/And if I am dead by 25 that is legendary.”

6. Savage f/ Talha Anjum “Powertrip” 

Producer: Z4NE 

On “Powertrip”, Talha Anjum went crazy with his rhymes. Anjum managed to match the tone of his verse to the beat and maintained a smooth flow throughout the verse.

Best Lyric: “Jese oxygen mask deta life main is game ko/Double Barrel hatthe chadhi jaise mere aims do.”

7. Talha Anjum “Karachi Mera” (Verse 2)

Producer: Kishore & Jokhay

Anjum speaks about his hometown and his life experiences in this verse. With his great lyricism, the rapper paints a vivid image of his lifestyle and hood.

Best Lyric: “Maqafaat-e-amal, that shit is real son/I’m running laps on this beat like I’m Hamilton.”

8. Talha Anjum “Balli Aur Main” (Last Verse)

Producer: Jokhay

Talha Anjum is one of the greatest storytellers in desi hip hop. The way he strings words together in this verse and tells us a story, makes “Balli Aur Mein” one of the best storytelling rap songs of all time. 

Best Lyric: “Ab Balli tou bacha nahi lekin mera ye gaana hai us he ke naam mein/Waada hai mera ke jis din mein maru ga milein ge us he din shaam mein.”

9. Talha Anjum “Zindagi Se Maut Tak” (Verse 2)

Producer: Umair

On “Zindagi Se Maut Tak”, Talha Anjum expresses his thoughts about his experiences in life while not compromising with bars, metaphors, and wordplays. Overall, this is a fantastic verse with excellent lyricism.

Best Lyric: “Do Uzis hath mai got me feelin’ like Chuck Norris/Game lawless hai but we’d still need the lawyers.”

10. Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus “Jalega” 

Producer: Jokhay

The duo sat easily on the beat and delivered strong verses. Talha Anjum’s verse, which was loaded with insane bars, gave the song a boost.

Best Lyric: “Soch Dynamic, jee mein easy nai/Lekin jo bhi bola maine I mean it.”

11. Jokhay f/ Talha Anjum & Hashim Nawaz “Raabta” 

Producer: Jokhay

Talha Anjum was featured in this song on Jokhay’s 2021 album “Khana Badosh,” where Anjum wove exquisite rhymes and spilled his feelings through his poetry.

Best Lyric: “Tu likhe dard, toh main aage behisaab likhun/Tu likhe sham, main gam, gilley aur sharab likhun.”

12. Abdullah Siddiqui f/ Talha Anjum “Surface” 

Producer: Abdullah Siddiqui

Unlike most of the verses on this list, Talha Anjum’s “Surface” verse was about feelings and poetry rather than technicalities (albeit his rhyming skills were impressive).

Best Lyric: “Tum chao’n mein ho, dhoop mein ho/Dard ke har roop mein ho/Dua tumhein raas nahi, dawa phir kyun dhoondte ho.”

13. Adil Sultan f/ Talha Anjum “Ghaafil” 

Producer: Rap Demon

Talha Anjum raps about damn near everything, but if there’s one topic which seems to be his favorite, It’s relationships. In this verse, he talks about the things that most of us face while we are in a not-so-happy love relationship.

Best Lyric: “Zindagi se toh mein roz hi kuch seekhta hun/Khudse haara hua Duniya se jeet raha hun.”

14. Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus “Laga Reh” 

Producer: Jokhay

Another powerful song in Talha Anjum’s discography, wherein he motivates youth while also talking about his own struggles. Apart from his verse, the song’s hook conveys a powerful message to take some inspiration.

Best Lyric: “Tez Nahi, Jayada Bhag/Bete Ye marathon hai Race nahi, samjha baat?”

15. Talha Anjum “Jokhay Aur Mein” (Verse 1)

Producer: Jokhay

In this song, Anjum tells stories about him and his homie/producer, Umair Khan a.k.a Jokhay. But the entire song is not about him and his friend… It’s more about his personal reflections about his life.

Best Lyric: “Jab tak kahun na tujhay ke ‘bol bachay’ tab tak chup rehna theek hai, bol nai/Jo gaye thay murr ke wo wapas nai aye, mein maanta hu ye dunya gol nai.”

16. Jokhay f/ Talha Anjum & JJ47 “Zarurat”

Producer: Jokhay 

If you look at Talha Anjum’s verse on “Zarurat”, you can clearly see how heavy his pen is when it comes to Shayari and bars. Anjum embraced the vibe of the song while not compromising with his style at all. 

Best Lyric: “Haan mujh mein ego bohot, bolo kis mein nai hai?/Idhar wo bhi chaurhay mein ghoomte jo kuch bhi nai hai.”

17. Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus “Afsanay”

Producer: Jokhay

An incredible song from the 2021 EP by Young Stunners “A Tale Of Two Talhas”… The song is all about vibe and Talha Anjum’s verse perched well on the music. 

Best Lyric: “Dil dube manzil lage door bohat/Urooj se sawal dekhein hain noor bohat/Na tere haath mein zindagi aur na hi maut/Mere haath men hai kalam kala aur shauq.”

18. Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus “Why” (Verse 1)

Producer: Jokhay

On this track, Talha Anjum’s shayar mode got activated once again, and he penned some magnificent rhymes. The entire feel of the song was enhanced by Anjum’s cadence and the groove of the song.

Best Lyric: “Diye dard tune, waise dard hi nahi hai/Cole world, ye duniya mujhse jalti rahi hai.”

19. JJ47 f/ Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus “Baaz”

Producer: Jokhay

Talha Anjum maintained his supremacy on this verse with some surprising flow switches. He  also displayed his ability to modify his vocal tone. Anjum’s poetry was super colorful, yet he did include some idioms and references.

Best Lyric: “Khyali pulaav pe launde failaye raayte/You’re married to the game par wo jaake baithi maike.”

20. Jokhay f/ Talha Anjum, Umar, Boljani, JJ47 & Savage “Gardish”

Producer: Jokhay

All 6 amazing artists who were featured on “Gardish” came with solid verses. Talha Anjum went last and showed his A-game. The mix of his witty bars and raw emotions made this verse standout. 

Best Lyric: “Main Toh Sirf Sell Out Karna Chahta Stadiums/Lekin Log Ho Rahay Salty, Sodium.”

21. Talha Anjum “Mein Aur Mere Idols” (Verse 2)

Producer: Jokhay 

Anjum’s journey from a struggling rapper to one of the most prominent figures in desi hip-hop is well-known. His hard work and dedication have gained him a lot of respect over the years. Talha Anjum paid respect to his idols and also skillfully and succinctly summarised his hustle in this song.

Best Lyric: “Baaz na ayein phir bhi karne se comparison/Fuck fame, let’s talk about heritage/Fame side pe, let’s talk about legacy/10 saal, call me cognac Hennessy.”

22. Jokhay f/ Talha Anjum & Nabeel Akbar “Jazbaat”

Producer: Jokhay

The song is all about emotional breakdowns and struggles. While Nabeel Akbar and Jokhay delivered great verses on “Jazbaat,” Talha Anjum excelled with his storytelling and wordplays.

Best Lyric: “Prophecy, and though I’m not a prophet/Big bills but not bigger than the profit/World play oh my days/Talha bro stop Shoot me dead and there’s a chart I might still top.”

23. Shareh f/ Talha Anjum “Topdown” (Verse 2) 

Producer: Superdupersultan

The song is a bar fest. Both artists came up with some very intelligent metaphors and wordplay. The beat switch was the USP of this song, and both Shareh and Talha Anjum spazzed on it.

Best Lyric: “Tu game ka na game tera/Bitch sit back, ana jab Kaul hoga name tera/Topdown, ye launday lage Kennedy/I’ll take you out, not a date that’s a felony.”

24. Jokhay f/ Talha Anjum, JJ47 & Talha Yunus “Auqaat” 

Producer: Jokhay

When it comes to desi hip-hop collaborations, Talha Anjum is one of the few rappers who has carried almost every song he has been featured in. Anjum wasted no time and stepped straight into the song with fire…  Throughout his verse, he maintained a tremendous flow and brilliant rhymes. 

Best Lyric: “Khauf hai tari ab baatilon par/Sab baitha dekhun mai baadlo par/Mujhse na kar tu zikar ab maqtool ka/Mujhse kalaam kar kaatilo par.”

25. Talha Anjum & Talha Yunus “Why Not Meri Jaan” 

Producer: Umair 

For this banging Pepsi Anthem, Pepsi Pakistan teamed up with Young Stunners. Talha Anjum and Talha Yunus both gave it their all, while Umair came up with a catchy beat. Anjum’s motivational bars landed right on the scale, showing his adaptability.

Best Lyric: “If you wanna see the future, you should come and see us/We can be a lot of things, but we choose to be us.”

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