The 20 Best Underground Indian Trap Rappers You Should Listen To

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Trap music has emerged as a dominant force in the realm of hip-hop, captivating audiences worldwide with its infectious beats, heavy basslines, and gritty lyricism. In Indian hip hop, while the genre has seen its fair share of acclaimed superstars, there exists a group of best underground Indian trap rappers who are pushing the boundaries of the genre and redefining its sound. Long a force within hip-hop, Indian rappers have been dabbling in trap since the aughts, when Lit Happu, DRV, Loka, and Jay Killa were among the musicians experimenting with the genre. Later on, the new-age Indian trap movement fleshed out by the likes of Qaab, MC Stan, and the current G16 wave.

Best Underground Indian Trap Rappers

By 2023, the scene has expanded to encompass a whole new era of Indian trap music. As the native and ALT movements merge, keep your eyes on DHH to find ways to further innovate where the trap can take us. We’re here to help with that surveillance — here’s a list of the best underground Indian trap rappers.

1. Satyum

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 8,265

Representing Delhi Trap House, Satyum is an emerging artist who recently garnered public adoration with his ‘69 Bars’ freestyle, which demonstrated his lyrical skill. The highly dynamic musician dropped his debut full-length project ‘Delhi Trap House (The Experience) in 2021, which is a meticulously produced record that discusses his personal life experiences.

Recommended Song: Gunah

2. The U.D

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 2,094

This Rajasthani emcee started making music when he was quite young. The U.D is currently one of the Underground trap scene’s major breakout talents and may be the most prominent artist in Rajasthan hip-hop. U.D’s breakthrough song “Hold Up,” which features Sinash, showcases his strong writing skills and sonic intelligence.

Recommended Song: Hold Up

3. Sam7000

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 4,542

Sam7000 is from Andheri, Mumbai but is quickly getting his sound heard across the country, thanks to his latest EP, ‘Reckless’, which dropped earlier this year. The production on Sam’s project should be enough to get you interested in his sound.

Recommended Song: Juice wlrd

4. Shuman

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 4,141

Shuman, one of the best Indian trap rappers in the current era of melodic rap, delivers a very impressive sound over soothing modern trap beats. The budding musician is an emerging sensation from Mumbai, who has mastered the new-wave melodies and the art of using auto-tune in perfect doses. Although he has been creating exceptional music for a while, his EP ‘Paani‘ features several songs that are really infectious.

Recommended Song: Pull It Off

5. Boyblanck

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 13,916

Rapper Raghav Bhatia, better known as Boyblanck, hails from Noida, and started rapping in 2018 after being introduced to hip-hop by a classmate. He first started writing English rap songs and experimenting with sound to find his artistic style. Due to his distinctive approach, which combines a triplet flow with real-life experiences and outstanding melodies, Boyblanck has solidified his position as one of the best trap artists and he is an integral part of the Noida-based G16 music label.

Recommended Song: Andar Bahar

6. Willivonka

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 178

In an era plagued by superficiality, this Willivonka may not own a chocolate factory but rises above the noise through his distinct style and captivating flows. With his recent drop ‘3 Saal’, the artist offers thought-provoking verses tackle pressing issues, shedding light on the struggles of his life and his self-confidence for a change.

Recommended Song: 3 Saal

7. Hruday

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 8,326

Rising from the streets of Navi Mumbai, Hruday has released some of the best trap music in the scene. His sound incorporates the classical Indian touch, soothing vocals, and an incredible sense of melodies. Hruday’s most recent song, “Pukaar,” demonstrates his dynamic talent to produce commercial anthems that blend ear-melting vocals with top-notch production and his command over sounds, serving as a core influence on many up-and-coming artists.

Recommended Song: Whatchu Want?

8. YG400

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 8,999

This elusive emcee comes straight out of the inner city of Pune. He started making music with MC Stan. YG400 has stayed dedicated to the underground but came into the limelight due to his so-called beef with Stan. Though it doesn’t matter to his fans, who thrill to his street anthems and unique rapping style. Check ‘Power’ to get into his pitch-perfect trap rasp — not to mention his dope Marathi lyrics and nonchalant attitude.

Recommended Song: Power

9. Kidd Mange

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 53,221

Daniel Sequeira, better known as Kidd Mange, is one of the most promising indian trap artists coming out of Goa. Kidd Mange is one of the most radio-friendly Goan trap luminaries. The young emcee has been reliably delivering smooth trap, pop, and R&B-influenced missives with his fellow artist, Tsumyoki. The rapper is also part of a boy band, Goa Trap Culture (GTC). The crew dropped one of the best Indian trap albums ‘Daboij’ in 2021. One of Kidd Mange’s best-known tracks is ‘Jackets’ with GTC. Kidd Mange has great potential, and he aims to become the best Indian trap rapper.

Recommended Song: Dumb Shit

10. Kritagya

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 1,169

One of the first Delhi artists to experiment with this subgenre is Kritagya Sharma, who released ‘Glowing Mixtape’ — a remarkable trap project. He’s now a well-known face of the scene and is putting out raw, unexpected releases that illustrate the futuristic approach.

Recommended Song: AFFILIATE

11. ArrNik

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 3,233

With his ethereal vocals and dreamlike production, ArrNik’s music transport listeners to otherworldly realms. With his 2019 album ‘7:30’, ArrNik showcases his versatility by offering a mesmerizing blend of hip-hop and distinct sounds. He weaves poetic verses that effortlessly intertwine with ear-melting melodies. ArrNik’s ability to create an intriguing atmosphere sets him apart, leaving a lasting impact on those who encounter his musical magic.

Recommended Song: Okay Okay

12. aardicy

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 1,294

Weaving sonic tapestries with his melodic storytelling, aardicy has a knack for crafting catchy hooks and captivating narratives. His recent EP ‘SHRD LABS!’ captures a new wave sound encapsulating his unorthodox delivery and ability to utilize his voice as an instrument. The rapper paints pictures with his rhymes and evokes emotions — a testament to his artistic brilliance.

Recommended Song: 3 KA TALA!

13. Rocky Glock

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 3,635

One of the OG’s of Indian trap, Rocky Glock’s melodic rap style, is a sonic amalgamation of genres, blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and hyper trap. His dynamic vocal range and versatility make him a force to be reckoned with. Throughout his music career, Rocky has dropped several outstanding projects, where he fearlessly experimented with different sounds, pushing the boundaries of melodic rap and leaving a lasting impression on those who crave innovation.

Recommended Song: LA LA LA

14. $ohunnid

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 728

Transcending time and space with his hyper-trap sonic landscapes, $ohunnid, a young, visionary rapper/producer — delves through uncharted territories, where boundaries crumble and conventions dissolve into thin air. The Gurgaon-native’s new project, ‘TE#RR#OR#ISM^’ feel like a gateway to a world where possibilities are endless.

Recommended Song: bring it bacc

15. Kumo

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 68

Kumo brings a unique twist to Indian trap music with his melodic prowess. Combining infectious hooks with introspective lyrics, he seamlessly blends trap elements with catchy R&B melodies. Kumo’s ability to create earworm choruses and addictive harmonies sets him apart, making him a rising star in the new school trap landscape.

Recommended Song: Samney Toh aa

16. Scoolboypax

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 4,431

An integral part of Noida’s Ghetto Sixteen, Scoolboypax’s approach to trap music sets him apart from the crowd. He fearlessly pushes boundaries, incorporating unconventional sounds and production techniques. The way he blends Hindi and English languages to structure his unique flows and create atmospheric vibes and intricate sonic landscapes makes him a true innovator, redefining the boundaries of the subgenre.

Recommended Song: Battle of Panipat

17. MoneyEz

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 2,219

One of the most talented rappers, pushing hyper trap with his explosive energy and charismatic presence, makes him a force to be reckoned with in the ALT hip hop scene. His dynamic delivery and relentless flows demand attention, leaving listeners in awe of his creative prowess.

Recommended Song: Brand New Beam

18. Yushman

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 612

The frontman of G16, Yushman shines through in his trap compositions, effortlessly blending trap with elements of other subgenres of hip hop. From gangsta vibe bangers to melodic ballads, he showcases his range as a musician. Yushman dropped his latest 2023 project ‘From Outer Circle, With Love’, which cements his position as a versatile virtuoso in the Indian trap scene.

Recommended Song: Village 104

19. Kid Web$ter

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 1,891

Kid Web$ter’s mystical aura and enchanting flow makes him a standout in the realm of alternative hip hop. With his hypnotic melodies and bewitching lyricism, he casts a spell on his listeners. Kid Web$ter seamlessly fuses trap with elements of mysticism and switches compositions, creating a unique sonic experience that stands him apart as a true trap sorcerer.

Recommended Song: at tokyo

20. Dynami8

Monthly Spotify Listeners: 738

Repping the new wave music of Hyderabad, Dynami8 is an emerging trapper. From captivating hooks to intricate rhyme patterns, he creates sonic structures that resonate with listeners. Dynami8 has a lot of potential as an artist and his attention to detail and ability to construct trap bangers that hit hard — make him an architect of the new school sound.

Recommended Song: Ma$Hoo₹

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