Boyblanck And Scoolboypax Remedial Classes EP Review

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When it comes to India’s new-age trap artists, none have made a more profound impact on the scene in the past year than G16’s revolutionary talents — Scoolboypax and Boyblanck. While Indian trap’s prominent figures were either absent or releasing relatively outdated music, these two artists emerged as highly relevant and sensational through their respective projects: Boyblanck’s ‘It’s Good To Be Back’ and Scoolboypax’s ‘Trials And Tribulations’. Pax impressed audiences with exceptional consistency, continuously delivering incredibly creative projects throughout the year. On the other hand, Boyblanck garnered immense attention as one of the most sensational up-and-coming artists with the release of his debut album. With their growing popularity and earned respect in the scene, these two Ghetto Sixteen flag-bearers decided to join forces for a collaborative EP titled ‘Remedial Classes.’

Released on July 21, 2023, ‘Remedial Classes’ becomes a sonic adventure through the DHH scene, setting the bar higher for trap music with each song. The explosive synergy between Scoolboypax and Boyblanck, as they feed off each other’s high-octane energy, electrifies the airwaves. Within the subgenre’s realm, a fresh wave of trap-centric sound washes over the listener, offering a delightful array of flavors. Both Scoolboypax and Boyblanck demonstrate their prowess as musical alchemists, skillfully weaving together trending sounds that range from raging beats to serene Lo-Fi melodies, as if conjuring spells from an eclectic cauldron. Their mastery of the craft becomes evident in the EP’s succinct runtime, clocking in at a mere 10 minutes and 45 seconds, condensed into four exquisite cuts. Within this compact space, they explore the finest facets of the genre, drawing from a palette of banger beats, vocal twists that defy convention, and an endless kaleidoscope of flow switches. Each verse delivers an unparalleled punch, leaving an indelible mark on the auditory senses. ‘Remedial Classes’ truly offers a remarkable and innovative experience in the world of Indian hip hop.

Boyblanck and Scoolboypax Remedial Classes EP Review

‘Remedial Classes’ commences with a captivating arrangement, featuring a high-pitched violin sample, booming 808s, and Pax’s minimalist yet gripping chorus on the opener, ‘A Ghetto Symphony.’ As the beat drops, a sudden change in tempo sets the stage for Scoolboypax to make his entrance. With the hook and his verse, the artist skillfully takes the listener on a temporal voyage through the dark annals of his life in Noida. Throughout the record, it becomes evident that Boyblanck and Scoolboypax share more stylistic similarities than differences. This becomes especially apparent when Boyblanck starts his verse, and both artists effortlessly deliver long-winded, uninterrupted verses that cover a significant portion of the song. Set against a well-structured instrumental layout, Boyblanck demonstrates his elite vocal presence, with each rhyme meticulously crafted, making it a standout verse.

When the pair brings a lot of energy to their verses, as they do on the second track ‘BRRR’, the outcome is a fun, adrenaline-infused banger. The 808s blast through your speakers, transporting you to a realm where reality and futuristic dreams intertwine. The distorted synths create an atmosphere of anticipation, while Scoolboypax takes the lead, delivering razor-sharp bars that skillfully ride the energetic pulse of the hyper trap beat. His gritty vocals sound precise, effortlessly painting vivid imagery of a cityscape bathed in neon red lights and bustling with rage. Boyblanck joins in with equal intensity, his distinctively utilized voice and trippy cadence elevate the vibes, seamlessly weaving into the sonic landscape. His flawless delivery and multi-syllabic rhymes add a new dimension to the song, exploring themes of breaking free from societal constraints and embracing the outcomes of hustle and sacrifice for the game. Boyblanck drops some clever lines like — ‘Teri fantasy ka jo climax hai, voh meri picture ka pehla scene.’ The chemistry between the labelmates is undeniable, further enhancing the song’s overall impact. Production-wise, ‘BRRR’ expertly layers each element — from the pulsating bassline that hits you right in the chest to the cascading percussion that provides an infectious groove.

Next comes ‘Bollywood Ties,’ which effortlessly combines calming astral samples with pounding drums, creating an otherworldly sonic experience. Following the formula of the previous two songs, Scoolboypax sets the tone with an infectious hook that weaves its way into your consciousness from the first listen. The hook’s enchanting quality is akin to being wrapped in a celestial embrace, making it impossible to resist humming along by the song’s end. In his verse, Pax opens up about his life, delving into triumphs and sharing his big dreams. The cleverly dropped bars add an extra layer of depth, providing a glimpse into the Noida native’s insightful worldview. As the song progresses, Boyblanck enters the scene with a hauntingly captivating whispering vocal intro, setting the stage for what’s to come. And then, like a meteor shower streaking across the night sky, Boyblanck unleashes a rapid-fire flow that rivals the energy of a supernova. His delivery, reminiscent of Lil Baby’s style, is electrifying, pulling you into the vortex of his words. However, what truly sets him apart is the brilliance of his lyricism. His rhymes are like constellations aligning in the cosmic expanse, intricately woven and masterfully executed. He effortlessly navigates complex wordplay and metaphors, painting pictures that resonate deeply with the listener’s soul. Each line is a treasure waiting to be unraveled, inviting multiple listens to fully grasp the poetic genius.

As the final chapter of the ‘Remedial Classes,’ ‘Lazy Rhymes’ sees the artistic brilliance and boundless creativity of the duo – opening with jazz-influenced vocals and instrumentals, the song immediately sets a soul-soothing tone, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its enchanting soundscape. From the very first note, it becomes evident that ‘Lazy Rhymes’ is unlike anything else on the project. It boldly transcends genres, effortlessly fusing elements of jazz, trap, and soul, creating a harmonious blend that captivates the senses. The seamless combination of ear-melting melodies with a trap beat is a testament to the rappers’ musical vision and their willingness to experiment. The real magic lies in the way Scoolboypax and Boyblanck complement each other, not only with their intriguing vocal deliveries but also with their masterful rhymes. Their chemistry is palpable, and their verses intertwine like pieces of a puzzle, forming a cohesive and poetic narrative. It’s evident that the two poured their hearts into this track, allowing their true selves to be reflected in the music. The song becomes a canvas on which they paint their emotions, fears, and hopes, leaving listeners moved and connected to their experiences.

‘Remedial Classes’ is a brilliant showcase of the power of collaboration and innovation within the hip-hop genre. With its four distinct tracks, each offering a unique flavor, this EP takes listeners on a dynamic and immersive journey through the futuristic soundscapes. It also provokes appreciation for both artists’ consistent ability to create quality music, regardless of the setting. Their impressive flows and cleverly crafted lyrics effortlessly complement each other, elevating the impact of every verse and hook. It’s evident that they share a strong musical connection, and their chemistry shines through, creating an engaging and cohesive listening experience. One of the EP’s strongest aspects is the excellent production quality. The beats are produced with precision, weaving together trap elements with hints of other genres to create a refreshing and innovative sound. Each song stands out in its own right, offering something new and exciting for the audience. Overall, this collaborative project is a testament to the power of unity and creative synergy. It proves that when artists come together and push their boundaries, they can produce something truly exceptional. ‘Remedial Classes’ sets a high standard for future collaborative efforts and leaves us eagerly anticipating what these talented rappers will deliver next.

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