Cheerfaad Angry Monster EP Review 

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Undoubtedly, Cheefaad is one of the scene’s most creative artists. He has been the face of a new wave in Indian hip hop for the past few years, merging the blown-out trap sound with the unrestrained wrath of heavy metal. With his music, Cheerfaad is working to redefine the desi hip-hop sound for an entire generation of up-and-coming rappers. His music features bass-heavy hyper trap and glitchy electro beats, caustic screams with a tangible sense of rage oozing out of the air, and hyper-aggressive delivery, as suggested by his artist name. 

In a quest for undiscovered talent, Cheerfaad’s ‘Angry Monster’ EP emerges as an extremely underrated discovery that seems more like a short film than an average EP. Released in 2022, this sonic Juggernaut will take you back to the peak of metalcore thanks to rapper Cheerfaad and producer BAD Junkie. With a well-executed framework, ‘Angry Monster’ solidifies a spot among the top theme-based projects in desi hip hop. The cover art designed by Akshay Gulani does an incredible job by reflecting its concept in a captivating way. It’s an 8-track project with a running time of 27 minutes, smashing the energy as much as possible. 

Cheerfaad Angry Monster EP Review 

The prolific opening section, ‘Conversation’ sees Kanhaiya (Cheerfaad’s real name) having a back-and-forth debate with his alter-ego, Cheerfaad, who seems like a mysterious, aggressive hyperreal character. The entire piece is excellently written and executed, yet after a while it starts to seem tedious and drawn out due to its too long duration. The title track ‘Angry Monster Returns’ marks an incredible comeback of the monster, who’s disturbingly creative, rebellious, and badass. The song is a hardcore depiction of Cheerfaad’s past, present, and future with a crunching instrumental and blazing percussion. This is music for a mosh pit only when people are caffeinated enough to throw their bodies at each other with abandon. Masterfully composed by BAD Junkie, the song transcends genres in its authentic heavy-metal instrumental coda.

The next song is ‘Swaha’, a bone-crushing anthem that features Cheerfaad’s signature rap-scream style. The song is one of this EP’s highlight tracks and offers a forceful response to society, incorporates Cheerfaad viciously attacking his detractors and envious folks. The intense lyrics, delivered with an unwavering conviction, make this song a gut-wrenching experience. The production, characterized by heavy guitar riffs and booming percussion, adds an extra layer of rage and intensity, making ‘Swaha’ a hauntingly captivating masterpiece. 

Another noteworthy track is ‘Rapdon’, in which Cheerfaad merely reminds his detractors that he is invincible, while he also sheds light on the growth of Indian hip hop. With blistering flows and scathing lyrics, Cheerfaad showcases his rapping prowess. Track’s production is brilliantly handled by Karta Music. The distorted guitars and relentless drums give the track a transgressive quality, inviting listeners to rise and rewire their brains.

In ‘I Was I Am I Will’, the monster peels back the layers of his psyche, delving into his inner self and struggles. The motivational lyrics, delivered with distinct flow switches, provide a striking contrast to the aggressive nature of the genre. This track serves as a reminder that trap metal can be a platform for self-reflection and introspection, allowing artists like Cheerfaad to reveal their flaws and show vulnerability amidst the chaos. 

As the project progresses, tracks like ‘Paisa Moti Faram’ and ‘Mamamia’ showcase the artist’s mastery of utilizing his voice tone and noticeable lyrical prowess. The fusion of trap beats, distorted guitars, and haunting synths creates an atmosphere of malevolence and chaos. ‘Mamamia’ is a song that is more meticulously written, with multi-syllabic rhymes and metaphors serving to elevate the technical aspects of rap. The relentless energy and crumbling intensity of the track leave you breathless for a minute, as if caught in the eye of a storm.

Despite the genres, the best projects often adhere to an unsettled pattern of adding an impactful outro song to make the project memorable for listeners. The certified trapper pursues the same approach and reflects on the masks we put on to shield ourselves from society’s jabs. The introspective lyrics are accompanied by ethereal sonic contrasts, highlighting the versatility of Cheerfaad’s artistry. With an uplifting message and an outstanding story twist, ‘AATMA HA-T-YA’ is one of the moments that demonstrates the true depth of his songwriting and creativity. 

Throughout the EP, Cheerfaad’s vocal delivery remains unmatched. His ability to seamlessly transition between aggressive screams and rapid-fire rapping showcases his impressive range and control. Whether he’s snarling with fury or spitting introspective verses, Cheerfaad’s energy and passion are palpable, drawing you into his chaotic world. From excellent videography to brilliantly produced music, the EP is an achievement even for the people who worked behind the scenes. With many good aspects and a few bad ones, ‘Angry Monster’ is a testament to Cheerfaad’s artistry and his ability to push the boundaries of trap metal in India. The album’s intricate production, raw lyricism, and unfiltered emotion combine to create a deeply immersive listening experience. Holding his aesthetics, Cheerfaad’s willingness to explore his inner demons and tackle social issues sets him apart from his peers in the genre.

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