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Dino James rose to fame with his breakout songs like “Loser”, “Yaadein”, “Unstoppable” and “Girlfriend” which took the music industry by storm with relatable and powerful lyrics. His music isn’t about bragging or boasting verses, rather it is more based on realism.

Some people criticise him for his voice tone, while others label him a commercial artist. Dino even responded to the haters with his 2019 single “Tandav,” demonstrating his rapping skills. Dino James got signed to Def Jam India on February 23rd, 2022, which gave his craft much-needed credibility. Soon after joining the record label, he announced his debut album.

On May 24th, 2022, Dino James released his debut album “D” through “Def Jam India.” It is his long-awaited project, with much anticipation surrounding his experiences and emotions. 

Dino James D Album Review

“D N Me,” the opening song on the album, is a perfect lead for this project since Dino James composed it to thank himself for not giving up through his darkest days. It is about standing up for oneself when there is no one else to do so. Dino James talks about his hustle and journey in this song, emphasizing the dedication and hard work that underpins success. “D N Me” is a wonderful song to start with. It features a catchy hook, solid verses, and an incredible beat crafted by AAKASH.

Dino confronts his emotional turmoil in the second track, “Dhundhla,” which was also produced by AAKASH. It dives into the complexities of distinguishing between the genuine and the bogus. He explains how everything is cloudy and unclear, whether it be in love relationships or governance. This record, like most of his tracks, has a brilliant composition with a relaxing beat and a bridge that increases its retention rate.

With “Chosen”, Dino James turns on his sonic mode and maintains a solid flow throughout. He balances his usual slick talk with some clever bars over a perfectly sampled beat. “Chosen” embodies the heavy-hitter characteristic that endeared him to all hardcore hip-hop heads. Dino elevates the song with his brilliant rhyming patterns, rapping:

“Meri melody de therapy, de jealousy aur allergy/Yeh pehle bhi kaha tha, meri legacy toh failegi/Meri Territory mai jagah nahi, meri lehre de energy/Hai Alleppey se beverly, yeh peedhi mujhe he sunegi.” 

He keeps the streak going while changing the flow, presenting flawless art:

“Koi bala se mai gala nahi, saath kadake ki kala thi//Koi jagah nahi jaha salah nahi, sab madari main nacha nahi/Kabhi manali mai mala nahi, par gale mai thi kharashi/Mere Kala ki nahi dalali, hai nakashi yeh darati.”

The next song, “Lost” is a poignant breakup ballad about remembering what it’s like to be in and out of love. The beat, which was composed by Nilesh Patel (who also produced some of Dino’s most popular songs), contributes to the song’s soulful mood and heightens the impact of the lyrics. The problem with the track is that it features a similar rhyme-heavy section in which Dino attempted the same pattern he did in the previous track, but it sounded a little forced here.

Each song on this album is meticulously crafted, and Dino James has given some incredibly catchy hooks. “Pyaar Pyaar” is a fun love song with a beautiful hook held in place by an afrobeat. It depicts Dino’s relationship with a girl, who is unaware of an artist’s lifestyle. This song delights her while also being amusing.

Meanwhile, on “Jealous,” we have Dino James on top of a solid beat, revealing his envious desires to be with the lady he loved with all his heart, but who is now with someone else. Again, a well-structured piece with a distinct but smooth flow. Dino’s poignant lyrics and Kaprila’s honey-toned vocals set this song apart from the rest of the project.

“Arambol” sees Dino James and Nikhita Gandhi send a spiritual message, explaining how to detoxicate yourself from the shallow world. The music, produced by Yash Tiwari, is very different from ordinary hip-hop beats and gives the record a distinct flavour. Dino showed off his versatility with “Arambol,” and it’s a great experiment to broaden his sound palette.

Dino showcases his pen game on “Sabka Rapper Ek,” dropping some bars here and there. He talks about the hip-hop industry and throws some savage lines. AAKASH’s hard drill beat offers him the space to go hard on the track. However, having previously heard Dino James over a drill beat, “Sabka Rapper Ek” appears to be a decent song. The beginning of his second verse, in particular, sounds a little off.

On “Supercop”, Dino James portrays a supercop who bombastically warns all the studio gangsters to keep their mouths quiet while glorifying the police. The record features some hilarious bars and a great beat that will refresh you. The song “Higher” explores the album’s encouraging side with Dino talking about how his thoughts and feelings keep him driven to reach his full potential and climb higher than the level he’s at. It showcases Dino’s ability to create iconic motivational anthems. It also highlights his true art with insane flow switches and brilliant rhyming patterns.

“On The Rocks” keeps it rolling with Dino James sharing his story about going to Versova Beach and sitting on the rocks during his difficult times. He opens up on the track about how depressed and hopeless he was at that time, clueless of all the fame, success, and limelight he has now. However, based on the title, it appears to be a song about liquor, but it has an insightful message that Dino expresses perfectly through his art.

The penultimate track, “D,” is a tribute to Dino James’ mother Rani James, who has been his strongest supporter throughout his journey. The song illustrates a mother’s undying love for her child. It has a soulful melody, and the beat adds to the overall vibe of the track. Rani (outro) eventually closes out the album on a sweet note, with Dino’s mother singing a prayer and him thanking his mother.

As a debut effort, “D” is a great rap record that proves Dino James’ lyrical and compositional prowess. His versatility is evident throughout the project. The production is outstanding on this album, thanks to AAKASH, Bluish Music, and Yash Tiwari. Dino James is great at what he does, but he also experimented a little on this project, which worked out well for him.

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