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After winning India’s first rap reality show, Bella embarked on a self-discovery quest in order to discover something out of the ordinary. He believed in his abilities and proved them with his 2021 project, “Home The Album,” which converted his detractors into admirers, proving that if you respect the power of art, it has the capability to change your life. With this album, he introduced people to a new sound that was more dynamic and refreshing than his prior sound.

He kept the best coming and followed up with his debut mixtape, “That’s The God I Know” in March 2022. Some controversies knocked on Bella’s door as soon as the mixtape was released, but nothing could stop his pen. The greatest form of expression for a true artist is always his art, thus he announced his second mixtape, “God Made Me The Greatest.” He meticulously planned everything and was prepared for the release day. Unfortunately, a track from his mixtape got leaked so he published his mixtape earlier than planned on Wednesday (May 18).

With this project, the silver-tongued rising star of desi hip hop takes his listeners back to his hardcore era. While “Home The Album” and “That’s The God I Know” were more on the commercial side of new-school rap, this mixtape reintroduces Bella’s fiery essence. The project has seven tracks and is well-balanced, with tracks that are radically different from one another. On this mixtape, he talks about his current phase of life using exceptional syllabic rhyme schemes while experimenting with the various sounds of new-wave music.

Bella God Made Me The Greatest Mixtape Review

The mixtape opens with “Like A Movie,” in which Bella flexes his pen game while dropping many cinema references here and there. The beat has an electric synth sample and a sharp kick that will send you hopping in a new direction. Bella’s delivery and flow were outstanding on this song. The way he slows down, catches the tempo, and then slows down again sounds incredible. On “Like A Movie,” Bella goes wild with his boastful lyrics while not compromising the vibe. It was a balanced track, but it didn’t have much of an impact on this project. The hook was catchy, the production was good, and the visuals were quite funky, but after listening to the entire mixtape several times, this song didn’t really stand out to me.

The next song, “God Complex” is a solid drill track with Bella’s paranoia-pumping verses. The track is totally power-packed with insane rhyme patterns and tight flows. Though it was not his first time spitting on a drill beat, he embraced the song beyond his previous record with his hard-hitting rhymes and kick-ass sonic experimentation.

“Bella tu banna nhi Emiway, Bella tu banna nhi Naezy/ Bella tu Rob C nhi hai, fir Bella ko itni kyu hate di,” he addresses the recent Ikka controversy. Bella also talks about his forthcoming album as well as his position in desi hip hop. I liked how he used his vocals on the hook and in the ad-libs section. You can also hear the rawness of his voice in the second verse. With this track, he once again proved his aptitude of creating new sound and leaving a legacy via his music.

One of the best-produced songs on “God Made Me The Greatest” mixtape, “Gang Gang” is a groovy record that features Bella’s versatility. He composed a very catchy hook with brilliant verses in which he talks about diss songs, his hip hop discovery, and many other topics. The song is really well crafted, and Bella’s new-wave vibe adds to the musicality. He raps on being experimental in a really innovative way:

“Push it, Bella teri umar tujhe rok nahi payegi, main rap nahi karta toh 100 taka scientist.”

When it comes to his aggressive voice tone, Bella is unrivalled, and he shows it with “Undercontrol.” The track is a power trip with a solid beat. The vocal layering amplifies the rage even further. His bars and slick talk work nicely together and sound really good. Bella’s ability to merge seamlessly into several styles of music is what distinguishes him as a phenomenal artist. The mixtape is diverse, and each track has a distinct flavour, yet Bella’s delivery, flow, lyrics, and cadence make you feel as though he belongs to each beat. And that’s what makes him one of the most skilled contemporary rappers in India.

With “Mentally Retarded,” Bella enhanced the level of his blunt lyricism. On this song, he explains how people judge him for his statements despite knowing the full facts. He also shoots jabs at mumble rappers, musicians that buy views, and toxic desi hip hop listeners. 

“Fantazia” features excellent bars and a smooth flow, however the hook is quite commercial. Bella has a knack for hooks, and the hook in this song is super catchy. Aside from that, the music sounded adequate, but his delivery was outstanding once again. I especially liked his flow where he raps about death:

“Main kaafi zimmedaar insaan, par bhot gunaho mein mera naam/Ye nashe meri jaan lene lage, voh khel khele roj meri baksh deta jaan/Ki jaa tera jeena zaruri hai, seedha bol na ki teri majboori hai/Mujhe vaha laa ke khud hi pachhtayega, Bella ghar tujhe raas hi nhi aayega, mera ghar tujhe raas hi nhi aayega.”

As Much like his previous projects, Bella closes this mixtape by putting his true emotions into a therapeutic song. The song reveals his vulnerable side while also conveying an insightful message about life. The hook on “Musical Satan” is possibly the finest on the mixtape. Bella’s vocal texture is soothing on this track, and the hard-hitting lyrics make “Musical Satan” stand out.

Overall, the album highlights Bella’s versatility as all the tracks differ from one another. His lyrical skills are more than proven, but his greatest asset on this project was his ability to seamlessly blend in different types of tracks. The variety in production was just astounding. Aside from the music tracks, the videos were also well-edited, with mysterious graphics and hilarious memes that maintained my curiosity throughout. Bella’s experimental approach and phenomenal performances on this mixtape once again proved his position as one of the most consistent and talented artists in the Indian hip-hop industry.

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