Gravity SUPERVILLAIN Album Review

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One thing about Mumbai rapper Gravity; He can’t be topped when it comes to weaving intellectual and profoundly touching narratives. Akshay Jagdish Poojary, aka Gravity – a name that bears the weight of a whole movement, defying gravity and rising to new heights – with each project, he pushes the boundaries of his creativity, breaking barriers and challenging norms. After mesmerizing the nation with his powerful acts on the grand stage of MTV Hustle 2.0 and proving the brilliance of his penmanship with exceptional works like ‘Prashna Chinha,’ ‘Putrapaksh,’ ‘Walls of Jericho,’ and ‘3:16,’ the Bombay Lokal flag-bearer decided to continue his creative streak with his latest body of work, ‘SUPERVILLAIN.’

Following the release of a few singles from the album and months of tease, Gravity finally released his hotly anticipated, on-the-edge-of-chaos album ‘SUPERVILLAIN’ on May 25, 2023. The 10-track project has a compelling thematic structure that is dark and surreal. Gravity, who’s inspired by the enchantment of movies, transports you on an action-packed trip with a slow and frantic buildup that will have your heart racing and head in amazement. It would all culminate in an absolutely magnificent collapse that would leave you dumbfounded.

Within its mystical soundscapes, Grav featured fellow talented rappers Raga, Harjas, and Muhfaad. Their combined genius produced a sound that’s novel, potent, and unforgettable. The album cover, designed by Vyshakh Prince, holds mysteries of its own. It sets the scene for a narrative of metamorphosis and rebellion, as the artist throws off the constraints of social expectations and embraces his true self, with a smile reminiscent of the notorious Joker. With a hanging noose and blood splatter, the artist behind the mask has witnessed crimes, and little do we know that the crime itself is the world’s disbelief in his dreams. But that’s not all; behind the scenes, a mastermind known as Outfly took the helm of production for every single track. With magic at his fingertips, he spun a different web of sound this time, blending various sounds and samples into the beats. The outcome? A hard-hitting, heart-pounding symphony that more effectively displayed Gravity’s passionate and wild side. Like a skull-busting tag team, Gravity joined forces with enigmatic talents to create an experience that the audience would cherish.

Gravity SUPERVILLAIN Album Review

The album kicks off with the title track ‘SUPERVILLAIN,’ which establishes the tone for an exceptional musical experience, grabbing your attention with its burst of energy and nonchalant attitude. Crafted under the expert hands of Outfly, this song is nothing short of an experimental banger, where Grav unleashes his artistry with fierce intensity. The 808-heavy instrumental creates a foreboding backdrop, like a storm brewing on the horizon. And when Gravity merges with these beats, magic happens — He spazzes out, deftly embracing his inner supervillain. As the next song ‘GET IT ON’ hits, haunting piano notes draw you in with an eerie allure. And then, the adventure begins. With a burst of energy, the track launches into a braggadocios journey, where the supervillain himself takes center stage. Outfly’s masterful production creates a thrilling backdrop, similar to the score of an action-packed movie. The beats pulse with intensity, propelling you into a world of larger-than-life ambitions. Grav glides through the verses with a variety of cadences and voices in a relentless, constantly-changing flow that is full of surprises, leaving you in awe of his skill. Each word is a brushstroke, illuminating the supervillain’s colossal ego and unshakable confidence.

‘ROBBERY,’ the third cut off the project, features the lyrical maestro of Delhi hip-hop, Muhfaad. As both Gravity and Muhfaad embrace the metaphor of robbing the game, they seize the spotlight and claim their dominance, leaving no doubt that they are here to conquer. What makes the song truly exceptional is the seamless synergy between both artists. The blazing percussion and other expertly crafted elements add fuel to the fire, intensifying the raw rage of the song. As you dive deeper into the track, you’ll feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins, pushing you to the edge with every beat.

Grav leads us on a voyage of paradoxes while the haunting, dark beat that Outfly meticulously created serves as a backdrop. ‘KOI NAHI’ is an exploration of the human mind and the nature that resides within each of us. He extends an invitation for you to enter his universe, where the distinction between good and evil is blurred by the dance of darkness and light. The rapper spins a diabolical narrative that captures the listener’s imagination with mind-bending flows and compelling internal rhymes. Gravity embraces his violent side as the song draws to a close, setting the stage for ‘PS2,’ an exhilarating sequel to Gravity’s popular song ‘Pop Smoke,’ which he performed on Hustle 2.0. You know you’re in for a crazy trip as soon as the distorted and loud instrumental commences. Grungy and angsty vocals combined with the music’s raw intensity provide a strong blend that hits you like a gut-punch of thunder. As the song progresses, Grav unleashes his exceptional Hindi vocabulary and cray metaphors with a rapid-fire flow. His words dance and weave with astounding dexterity throughout the song’s second half, a linguistic performance that will have you in awe of his ingeniousness.

Meanwhile, ‘BROWN BASTARDS,’ a track that starts off with a bang as Harjas delivers an explosive verse, adding his remarkable flavor to the album and showing his exceptional lyrical prowess. The baton is then passed to Gravity, who takes the reins and unleashes a razor-sharp flow on a drill instrumental, amplifying the energy and elevating this track to one of the project’s hardest-hitting cuts. Following an incredibly smooth transition, ‘CONCERT MONSTER’ sees a mosh pit-inducing performance by the artist. Through a captivating fusion of different beats and masterfully penned lyrics, the track becomes a true sonic marvel, spotlighting the immense talent of both the musicians involved. With each beat and flow switch striking with an undeniable force, drawing you deeper into the immersive narratives, ‘CONCERT MONSTER’ is more than a mere cut; it’s a visceral, mind-blowing experience that leaves an indelible mark on every soul fortunate enough to witness it.

‘ZABARDAST’ features the renowned Delhi rapper, Raga. The track captures a haunting and spine-chilling instrumental, on which Gravity skillfully utilizes his voice to complement Raga’s hard-hitting vocals while peeling back the layers to showcase their insatiable thoughts and the elements that set them apart on their paths. The penultimate track ‘EZ’ serves a captivating odyssey, seamlessly switching beats to transport you to another world. With the soul-stirring electric guitar instrumental, the depth of Gravity’s narrative envelopes you, evoking a myriad of feelings that range from sorrow to introspection. ‘EZ’ is more than just a song; it completely embraces you and makes you feel every note and word as if they were etched onto your heart.

This album is akin to a mesmerizing cinematic expedition, where each track serves as a stepping stone leading inexorably towards the climactic pinnacle — ‘AAINA.’ The final opus, the lengthiest on the album, delves fearlessly into Gravity’s haunting past, unraveling the tragic tapestry of his life and the heart-wrenching stories. The idea of ‘SUPERVILLAIN’ is framed by immersive narrative, which takes center stage in ‘AAINA.’ As the last echoes of ‘AAINA’ fade into the ether, a haunting emptiness pervades, leaving a profound impact on your soul — that connects with a more genuine energy. The expanse of the universe itself seems to mirror the depths of introspection and contemplation the record evokes.

‘SUPERVILLAIN’ tells the tale of a young artist’s metamorphosis as he embraces his inner supervillain — not in a malevolent way, but rather as a symbol of empowerment. He embraced the journey of chasing his passions, regardless of the opinions that echoed around him. Through each song and every lyric, Gravity bares his soul, sharing personal experiences that shaped his path. He speaks of the trials he faced as an individual and an artist, the doubters who questioned his every move. But in the face of adversity, he found strength, and this album is a testament to his resilience.

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