HashtagPreeti Interview: On New Track ‘Kaya,’ Forming ‘Wild Wild Women,’ And Much More

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Preeti Sutar aka HashtagPreeti is one of those rare artists who seemingly had it from a young age — a creative soul with an innate attraction to art and music. This inherent magnetism has manifested as a remarkable talent, one she has been nurturing and refining since her childhood, whether she was aware of it at the time or not. Her journey began with the simple act of putting her thoughts into words, and these very bits of her soul, fueled Preeti’s early passion for songwriting.

The Mumbai-raised songwriter-slash-rapper entered the hip-hop industry through a time-tested avenue: the cypher. In doing so, she eloquently showcased her dual talents, solidifying the notion that we could expect not only vibrant poetry from Preeti but also hard-hitting quotables. This multifaceted approach has become a defining feature of HashtagPreeti’s music, offering fans a glimpse of her diverse persona. Moreover, Preeti is revered by her fans as a genuine and authentic individual who fearlessly speaks her truth, all while avoiding unnecessary drama.

Recently, as she released one of her best works, we had the opportunity to sit down with HashtagPreeti to discover what’s on her horizon. While her latest song exudes refreshing vibes, Preeti delves into her musical journey, her affiliation with the ‘Wild Wild Women’ crew, the potential for female-centric collaborations, and more. Dive into our exclusive interview below and don’t forget to stream ‘Kaya’ here.

This conversation was edited and condensed for clarity.

HashtagPreeti Interview

1. Could you please tell us about yourself, your journey, your hometown, and how you got into music?

“My journey as a rapper began in 2019. I’m from Vasai, a small town in the north of Mumbai. I am the only rapper in my entire town who’s trying to make it through, and that’s kind of a motivation. My little town is beautiful but very underdeveloped. I spend most of my time in nature, and that reflects significantly in my music and lyrics. As a kid, I was always curious about art and music. Unaware of my purpose, I started writing songs with a habit of journaling all my emotions from a young age, making songwriting come naturally to me.”

2. Talk about what you have going on and what you’ve been working on currently. Give us a rundown.

“I’ve been working on solo tracks and have been crafting an EP of my own. It’s almost ready, but I’m not sure about releasing it yet. I also have several very special songs lined up with my crew, Wild Wild Women, as well as a few collaborations with some great rappers and producers.”

3. Talking about Wild Wild Women, could you share how it all began and any noteworthy details about the collective you’d like to mention?

Wild Wild Women began in 2020. It all started with an all-female cypher that myself and Kranti Nari organized at the Marol Art Village in Andheri. Initially, 8-9 girls showed up for the cypher, and now 5 of those girls are Wild Wild Women.

Wild Wild Women

I’ve come a long way with these girls; WWW is my dream team, and there’s nothing better that hip-hop could offer me.”

4. Hip-hop is all about keeping it raw and real. We’d like to know what it’s like to be a female rapper in India. Do you think women in rap need to have tough skin because they encounter a lot of issues that their male peers don’t? Can you speak about that?

“Honestly, most of the time goes into explaining this profession to people, especially as a female, and what I’m actually doing. Rap is not something everyone knows. Hip hop is a small community; moreover, girls in hip hop is a smaller community. I started my career in music by seeing that as an advantage for my identity. 

I will always aim to keep it raw and real to connect with my true fans. I haven’t faced any major troubles so far. Hip hop is definitely male-dominated, but that also brings some attention our way. And I think with WWW, things have been easier to handle and being a part of a collective with strong women is a big support entirely.”

5. Who are some artists that you would want to collaborate with — not just in the studio, but anybody?

“I would love to collaborate on a track with Team Evolution boys, Tsumiyoki, and explore different sounds with multiple DJs like Rusha & Blizza, and much more. Additionally, I dream of creating an album with all the amazing femcees in the country.”

6. You recently released ‘Kaya,’ which is an incredibly vibrant and poetic track. Tell us more about the song?

“Well, ‘Kaya’ has been one of my best tracks, in my opinion. It describes a lot about me and who I am as Preeti and HashtagPreeti. I’ve infused an essence that defines a significant part of my feminine side, and it carries a positive aura around the sound produced by the Amazing producer Vedang.”

7. For anyone reading this conversation or listening to your music, what can they expect from HashtagPreeti in the future?

“Expect a wide range of music and sounds, including hip-hop, rap, Afro, electronic, tech, and experimental genres. You can also look forward to a lot of fashion-related content, brand collaborations, and much more from my wild side, which is with the girls of WWW.”

8. If there’s one piece of advice you’d like to give your listeners, what would it be?

“One piece of advice: Don’t support me or hype me just because I’d look good in your stories and shares. Instead, listen to what I’m trying to say. There’s a message I want to convey, so focus on the message.”

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