How To Dress Like A Drill Rapper

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Drill Rap bangs hard… It refuels our energy whenever we are feeling exhausted. The artists who create drill music carry a powerful persona and look very voguish. Some wear masks, some wear heavy jewels or some rock bandanas but their appearances are super stylish and spiffy. 

The streetwear game these MCs play is on another level. And if you want to know how to dress like a drill rapper, head over here!

How To Dress Like A Drill Rapper

Dressing like a rapper could be a bit tricky because they all play differently, but we did our homework and listed down some significant points that one must know to dress like a drill rapper. 

How To Dress Like A Drill Rapper

UK drill rapper mask

Hoodies Are Must 

To achieve that typical drill rapper look, you must wear hoodies. We binged tons of drill rap videos and found that most rappers love hoodies. 

But it’s not only drill rap, hoodies are best-loved hip-hop wear in all subgenres. 

Old-school or New-school, Lyrical or Mumble, Drill or Trap, the sound and style could be different, but a rapper can never stop embracing hoodies because it’s their piece of clothing. 

Besides hip-hop, hoodies are super stylish and it’s a fashion staple for all the fashionistas. 

Hoodies are super comfy, natty, and versatile, so it’s anyway a must-have. 

While selecting a hoodie for a drill rapper look, give priority to neutral tones. Black, grey, olive green, dark red.. are some of the best options.

Also, fit plays an important role in dressing like a rapper because some embrace slim fit while some prefer baggy.. but is it that simple? 

Let’s understand it in the next point!

Pick Your Fit Wisely

The fit of your clothing always matters the most. 

The right fit can uplift your appearance while the bad can make it collapse easily. 

Therefore, we always talk about it and recommend wearing clothes that fit you well. 

But rappers, being rappers, never give a damn about the rules and rock whatever they want. 

However, the majority of drill rappers don’t dress like mumble rappers and they avoid super baggy outfits. 

Well, to dress like a drill rapper, you need to pick your fit and dress accordingly. 

Just think practical and avoid baggy fit, at the same time stay away from super skinny fit. 

Opt for slim fit or regular fit, something slightly baggy is also okay but just don’t go too extreme like the new-school trap rappers. 

If you want that sharp drill rapper look, wear outfits that fit you but are also comfortable for your body. 

Play The Color Game Right

People often ask us about gangster rapper style, drill rapper style, SoundCloud rapper style, etc… But what is the difference? 

The difference is in the selection and combination of colors, prints, and patterns.

However, these are the most basic things in fashion but also the most effective ones. 

And most of the drill rappers always play this game perfectly. 

So, to dress like them, avoid wearing look-at-me tones too often and add neutral or earth tones to your wardrobe. 

In most of the drill rap videos, MCs rocked black color a lot because it is the most versatile color to wear and it also gives a shady vibe. 

So, while styling like a drill rapper, you should not underestimate this significant hue. 

Layering Is The Trick

When we think about a drill rapper, an image that appears in our minds is – A rapper dressed in a head-to-toe black outfit, wearing a zip hoodie or a puffer jacket with multiple monochrome layers. 

That said, layering is your ultimate key if you want to dress like a rapper. 

So, play with your outfits, try different things and embrace layering… And don’t worry, you’ll not look like cotton candy. 

Just understand more about layering and practice it. 

No matter, if you’re fat, skinny, short, or tall, layering is your absolute solution. 

Invest in Accessories & Jewelry 

Now, here is the difference – some drill rappers always wear crossbody bags, baseball caps, beanies, athletic watches, rings, and lockets, while some wear heavy and icy jewelry. 

Well, it’s all up to you… if you’re a rapper and you can afford diamond watches, bracelets, and chains, go for it, more power to you. 

But if you’re not a rapper, stay away from that kind of accessory even if you can afford it. 

Wear minimal watches, lockets, rings, caps, and sunglasses. That’s more than enough to welcome attractiveness. 

Never overdo it, but also don’t underestimate it. 

Play the game safe and opt for versatile accessories that you can walk the streets with. 

Also, masks are a significant part of drill rap, especially in UK drill. 

But it is not only to look cool, but there are also reasons behind wearing masks and we know you are curious now… So, let’s understand the concept of wearing masks in drill rap.

How To Dress Like A UK Drill Rapper

UK Drill Rapper

UK drill fashion is a bit distinct from Chicago and New York drill fashion. 

However, nowadays some UK drill rappers are also trying things that are out of their league. 

The epitome of UK drill style are masks.. and many UK drill rappers wear masks. 

But why do UK drill rappers wear masks? 

Well, there could be various reasons behind this, so let’s dive right in.

Legal Cases –

Not all rappers live a controversial life, but the drill is a hardcore genre and drill rappers show no mercy on the system, politicians, and celebrities. 

They put the reality and delicate topics together and express their feelings through their music because they are the voice of the streets. 

But sometimes, things go too far and end up with legal cases. 

The rebellious artists put masks on their faces, so the authorities can’t use their controversial rap videos against them as evidence. 

In other words, some drill rappers wear masks to hide their identity and rap with an unknown mysterious personality. 

Gang Culture –

Gang Culture is a big thing in hip-hop and there are thousands of gangs in the UK hip-hop scene as well. 

To represent their gangs, the members do several things.

They throw their gang signs, wear a particular color, rock a particular type of jewelry, wear bandanas and masks. 

To Save Life –

Harsh… But reality! 

Rappers suffer a lot from hate. 

They receive death threats; they get banned and get assaulted by their haters or opposite gang members. 

Therefore, showing their faces publicly could be their last mistake in life, so they put on a mask.

Fashion –

Yes… It’s not necessary that every drill rapper is into some kind of court case, dealing with psychological issues or hiding his identity to protect his life from gangs. 

The reason could be straightforward, like FASHION SENSE… Because when you wear a cool mask on your face, it looks amazing, right?

So, now you know why drill rappers cover their faces. It’s time to know some of the types of drill rapper masks.

Types Of Drill Rapper Masks 

  1. The Bally’ (Helmet Balaclava)
  2. Ninja Balaclava
  3. Snoods
  4. Ski Goggles
  5. Solid Face Mask

Alright, so now we would like to recommend you the best masks in the UK drill, so if you’re an upcoming drill rapper, you can take some inspiration from the OGs.

The Best UK Drill Masks

Best UK Drill Masks

The rappers who wear some of the best masks in UK drill are:

  1. Lucii
  2. Offica
  3. Mayhem
  4. V9
  5. Buni
  6. LD

Okay, that was all about rappers’ masks, but wearing a mask is not enough to get a UK drill rapper to look. There is more into it:

To get the UK drill rapper style, you need to wear dark neutral colors (mostly black) because they embrace the overall look. 

Invest in a good pair of high-fashion sneakers. 

Choose your accessories snappily. Don’t opt for too much shiny jewelry, just keep it minimal. 

Balance the contrast of your outfits by wearing in layers with hoodies and jackets. 

Alright, with that being said, let’s move to the USA and learn how to do you dress like a New York rapper. 

How To Dress Like A New York Drill Rapper

pop smoke

Pop Smoke (RIP) was that enigmatic rapper who changed the whole rap scene all over the world and made drill rap this huge. 

He was also from Brooklyn (New York) and his dressing sense was just amazing. 

Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, Sleepy Hallow, Sheff G – these the best Brooklyn drill rappers or call them best New York drill rappers, never dressed like UK drill artists because their style sense is a bit different. 

So, to dress like a New York drill rapper, you need to implement the basic steps first that we have mentioned earlier, like wear hoodies, jackets, activewear, etc. 

And If you can afford it, then buy some good quality sneakers.

And finally, your accessories – If you want to look like a New York rapper, invest some money in your jewelry.. but if you can’t afford it, you don’t need to sell your PS5, just buy a nice watch and wear it with some rings and chains. That’s it! 

Go explore more excellent artists from the New York drill scene and take inspiration from them because fashion changes every day, especially when we are talking about rappers. 

How To Dress Like A Chicago Drill Rapper

chief keef

There is not a big difference between New York drill rappers and Chicago drill rappers when it comes to fashion. 

Chicago drill rappers are also big on high fashion. They also don’t wear masks, they also rock heavy golds and diamonds. 

The only difference we found levitates around their hairstyles, and that’s all because of Chief Keef and now because of Lil Durk

From Chicago drill rap, we admire G Herbo, KTS Von (RIP), Chief Keef, and Fredo Santana and you can also learn a lot from these eminent artists. 


Fashion is deeply affiliated with hip-hop and therefore, it’s a big trait of rappers. 

Their style influences many people, and that’s why we all want to know about our favorite rapper’s outfits and styles.

Drill rappers are super classy in fashion and anyone can opt for their look. 

Besides fashion, drill rap is our favorite and we know you are also in the same boat as us. 

So we are curious to know your favorite drill rappers. 

Share your top drill rappers with our community in the comments and let us know what we are missing out on! 

Thanks for reading! 

How To Dress Like A Drill Rapper FAQ

Q.1 Why most UK drill rappers wear masks? 

Many rappers wear masks to hide their identity, while some put it as a style statement. Some UK drill rappers wear masks because of legal cases, rival gangs, death threats, media, physiological reasons, etc. If they come unmasked publicly, they might end up facing the things that they never wanted. So, they prefer wearing masks in their music videos and concerts. 

Q.2 Who is the most stylish drill rapper? 

Pop Smoke was one of the most stylish and best-dressed rappers (RIP Pop Smoke). Apart from him, there are many rappers who got spiffy style like Dutchaveli, Lucii, Lil Durk, Chief Keef, Fivio Foreign, etc. 

Q.3 Which rapper wears a mask?

The mask culture was started with the legendary rapper MF Doom (RIP) and now many rappers wear masks. Mostly UK drill rappers wear masks and some of them are Lucii, V9, Offica, LD, Buni, etc.

Q.4 What are the best masks in UK drill? 

Offica, LD, Lucii, V9, Buni, Mayhem are some rappers who wear some of the best UK drill masks. 

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