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The rivalry between Emiway Bantai and KR$NA began two years ago when Emiway Bantai claimed in one of his songs:, “I’m representing India, no one else doing it right now.” KR$NA took offence to Emiway’s statement and responded with the Emiway Bantai diss track “Freeverse Feast (Langar)”. Both artists have been firing shots at each other since then, but Emiway Bantai did not release a proper diss track against KR$NA.

Surprisingly, on 2 April 2022, Emiway Bantai released “Chusamba,” a full-fledged diss record aimed at KR$NA and Raftaar. The diss track ignited intense debates among desi hip hop listeners, and everyone was looking forward to KR$NA’s response track (as he has a beef-rapper image in the industry). But KR$NA did not respond, and the discussions died down.

Emiway Bantai just released his highly anticipated sophomore studio album “8 Saal (Side A)” on Monday (May 9). The album received good reactions from both audiences and critics. And as expected, Emiway Bantai’s fans were talking about the project all over social media. 

On Friday (May 13), KR$NA hopped on his Instagram story to let people know he is going to release a commercial song with Deep Kalsi on May 14 at 11:00 AM. And the Instagram story caused casual discussions among his fans. 

KR$NA shocked everyone when he released “Lil Bunty,” his response diss track against Emiway Bantai, which was produced by Emiway’s ex-producer Flamboy.

KR$NA Lil Bunty Review

The song begins with KR$NA mocking Emiway Bantai and calling him “Lil Bunty,” undermining the seriousness of the situation. As the music kicks off, Flamboy embraces the song with his banger beat and KR$NA starts dropping bars after bars.

KR$NA replies Emiway Bantai as he raps, “Kr$na tha chup, magar haar ni maane/Inhone bohat try kara, maar ni paa rahe/Tu hai sugar karle shukar, Tum to maar ni kha rahe/Bane yeh kaise Pablo jab Isko-bar (Pablo Escobar) ni aa rahe”, in reference to Emiway’s lines, “Dollar jala dega, bhai tera Pablo.”

KR$NA did not hop with any solid facts on “Lil Bunty” because it was the first round, but he did show off his writing skills while murdering the beat with his tight flow.

For years, Flamboy was one of the most crucial members of Emiway’s team. And now as he handled the production of KR$NA’s diss track at Emiway Bantai, KR$NA teases Emiway while giving a reference to Emiway Bantai and Flamboy’s popular song “Jump Kar”:

“Main mere pantar maarte hain hunter/Subah shaam lete teri jam kar/Beat par hai Flambo, khade ni rehne ka/Chal chhote jump kar.”

“Chusamba” by Emiway Bantai was very brutal, aggressive, and full of energy. Though “Lil Bunty” includes some clever and vicious bars, it lacks the same amount of aggressiveness as a diss track. The song, on the other hand, is quite groovy and power-packed with remarkable metaphors and bars, as most would expect from a lyrical rapper like KR$NA.

KR$NA adds a catchy section to most of his diss tracks to increase the song’s retention rate and make it more engaging. He uses the same tactic in “Lil Bunty,” when he says:

“Femiway pu**y whipped that’s a fact done/Your bi*ch prolly like to f**k you with a strap on/All I need is one verse to put you in a hearse/And I don’t even have to put my cap on.”

The song is nothing less than a treat for KR$NA’s fans. He did not disappoint and went all-in with his incredible lyricism. What makes this song particularly devastating is that it’s incredibly hilarious and catchy, with one of Flamboy’s best beats.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing battle? We’re looking forward to your insightful observations and predictions. 

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