8 Times KR$NA Proved His Sneaker Game is As Strong As His Lyrics

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If you think KR$NA’s forte is just writing incredible lyrics and spitting phenomenal bars, then probably you are not aware of his style game. KR$NA’s dressing sense is just as good as his references and internal rhymes. 

Indian rapper, singer, and songwriter Krishna Kaul is also known by the stage name KR$NA or Krsna. He is one of India’s best and most established rappers. Most of us are familiar with him for his exceptional rapping talent and intricate lyricism. Furthermore, KR$NA is a fashion junkie who loves designer sneakers. He doesn’t wear heavy jewellery, gaudy prints, or clothing with flamboyant designs; instead, he maintains a clean, classic appearance. However, he is aware of his own sense of style and doesn’t want to overdo it by attempting pointless fashion experiments. (While he does so occasionally).

8 Times KR$NA Proved His Sneaker Game is As Strong As His Lyrics

We made an effort to understand KR$NA’s style, and we landed on the conclusion that he enjoys donning neutral tones, casual outfits, and sneakers. Yes, he can pull off high-fashion sneakers pretty well.

You don’t believe us? Alright, so here are 8 times KR$NA proved his sneaker game is as strong as his lyrics. 

1. Nike Dunk Low Retro Black/White

KR$NA style

Look at those natty shoes; they are the Nike Dunk Low Retro B/W, one of the classiest sneakers of the twenty-first century.

Well, KR$NA has a separate space for Nike shoes in his heart (that you will understand by the end of this article). This Nike pair features black & white color blocking, an ankle collar, and a white base with a heel. And as we all know, KR$NA loves wearing black, so he rocked a nicely designed black hoodie with athleisure joggers and a cool pair of sunglasses is the finishing touch for the rap star’s ensemble.

He didn’t keep it monochromatic; instead, the white design on his hoodie complemented his sneakers and provided contrast to his attire.

2. AIR Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Royal Toe”

Rapper KR$NA Shoes

Of course, the heat in the picture above is something we can all feel. The Royal Toes, one of the best-designed Jordans, were significantly influenced by the original Jordan 1 Royal Colorway (1985). KR$NA made a fashion statement and carried off the pair with ease.

Though wearing more than two or three colours at once can be challenging, KR$NA succeeded because he knows how to play the game. KR$NA wore a white tee layered with a dark gray shirt. Take note of the clever way he mixed the light and dark tones and reduced the contrast to draw attention to his shoes. Added a white background to the image to accentuate his impressive kicks. (Though the real flex is yet to come). 

3. AIR Jordan 1 Retro High (Grey Suede)

KR$NA shoe collection

Here, KR$NA rocked another hot Jordan pair – Air Jordan 1 Retro High Gray Suede (one of the best-designed shoes by Peter Moore). With impeccable fit, layering, and colour coordination, the hip-hop icon nailed the look in this picture.

His black slacks, crew neck tee, and olive jacket look perfect with these timeless shoes.

4. AIR Jordan 4 Neon AIR Max 95

KR$NA Maakasam

Another pair of Jordans with another stunning style statement. The front of this pair is grey with neon details, while the base is matte black. KR$NA donned a nice white t-shirt, black pants, and a minimal bomber jacket with these sneakers, but this time he took it a step further by carrying a stylish cross-body bag.

He chose a plain black bag without wandering too far. Despite this, he knows how to experiment with new trends without losing his sense of elegance.

5. Nike AIR Max 95 Sneakerboots (Black/Black)

KR$NA Proved His Sneaker Game

Full black AIR Max 95 Sneakerboots give a powerful combat look when worn appropriately. KR$NA paired these sneakerboots with a monochromatic outfit in his favorite black colour. He rocked a leather jacket over a hoodie paired with slim-fit pants and a baseball cap. 

Being a lover of neutral tones, KR$NA was able to rock these high-ankle sneakers with ease despite how challenging they are to pair.

6. Nike AIR Force 1 Low GS “White Obsidian”

KR$NA Gully Boy

Very prominent in hip hop, AIR Force 1 Low (White Obsidian) are incredibly impressive shoes that KR$NA is wearing in this picture. Now, simply pay attention to his outfit. He wore a full sleeve white t-shirt and a pair of black-coloured pants. And the same two colours are noticeable on his shoes as well.

Got it, did you? Well, that’s the game of contrast that rapper KR$NA always plays accurately because of his impeccable sense of dressing.

7. Nike AIR Max 90 Iron Grey/White

KR$NA Beef Rapper

KR$NA looks best when dressed in versatile black clothing. He so pulled off a monochromatic black attire yet again and was greeted by tens of thousands of cheers from his followers. He is embracing this fashionable look by donning AIR Max 90 sneakers, black knee-cut denim, and a leather sweatshirt.

Though his fashion statements are not as loud as those of MC Stan, Emiway Bantai, and Raftaar, he nevertheless manages to appear very spectacular in his understated outfits (that’s the charm of simplicity).

8. Nike AIR Max 90 Essential Medium Olive 

KR$NA Diss Track

KR$NA is riding the trend well in this picture. He is dressed in black denim pants and a red and black flannel shirt over a white tee.

He appears too good in AIR Max 90 Medium Olive in this picture (one of the most popular sneakers). This KR$NA style is flawless and incredibly fashionable, down to the wristwatch and the shoes. He appears more like a fashion model in this photo, making it difficult to recognize him as a contemporary rapper.

Final Words

Having strong fashion sense is necessary when wearing these trendy and edgy sneakers. Because of his solid command of the fundamentals, KR$NA’s approach is distinct and far superior to those of other rappers in his league. Despite the fact that the world of fashion is a place for experimentation and innovation, without knowledge, nothing extraordinary can be developed.

We certainly don’t stand alone in our admiration for KR$NA. In the comments section below, please share which KR$NA song is your favourite, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

8 Times KR$NA Proved His Sneaker Game is As Strong As His Lyrics FAQ

How can to dress like KR$NA?

To dress like KR$NA, you should have a good grip on the basics of fashion. Consider wearing neutral tones more often and avoid too bright colors. Wear clothes that fit you well and stay away from sloppy outfits. KR$NA is big on high-fashion sneakers, so make sure that you’re rocking a nice pair of Jordans and minimal accessories. To improve your appearance, pay attention to your grooming as well.

What is the name of KR$NA’s shoes? 

Rapper KR$NA owns a wide collection of Nike shoes. From Dunk Low Retro B/W to Jordan 1 Retro High OG Royal Toe to AIR Max 95 Sneakerboots, KR$NA has got all the heat in his wardrobe. 

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