Raftaar & Prabh Deep PRAA EP Review 

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Surprise! A supremely special project for fans of desi hip hop and the Punjabi scene that is definitely worthy of your time has graciously embraced us with its sonic presence. Whether you want to admit it or not, Raftaar and Prabh Deep, both artists have become veterans of the game and have contributed to the advancement of fresh sounds in Indian rap. After releasing their respective solo projects – Hard Drive Vol. 1 and Bhram in 2022, Iconic rappers and producers Raftaar and Prabh Deep have joined forces under the name PRAA to create a self-titled collaborative EP, released on February 22nd, 2023. With Raftaar’s versatile pen game and Prabh Deep’s smooth sonic switches and ear-catching melodies, PRAA encapsulates expansive fresh soundscapes, redefining what it means to be an experienced artist and further proving that the experimentation is just as important to a flavorful project.

Both superstar rappers are sonically pushing boundaries of Indian rap music with their brand new EP. The project is the result of a long-term friendship between the two artists and features 4 outstanding songs produced by 4 different music producers. The project’s cover art depicts a wonderland of apes with fascinating details. Released as a surprise drop, the Raftaar & Prabh Deep PRAA EP is a delight to their fans.

Raftaar & Prabh Deep PRAA EP Review 

Dillin Nair aka Raftaar and Prabhdeep Singh aka Prabh Deep, draw inspiration from two distinct cultures, developing a complex, varied, and incredibly diverse sound style in their creative output. Originally from Punjab, Prabh Deep has a diverse array of musical talent under his belt, knowing how to combine genres, create fusions, compose and produce heartfelt music, while experimenting with his sound and infiltrating into more contemporary sonic landscapes over time. Furthermore, Raftaar is renowned for his strong pen game, acrobatic flows, versatility, and exceptional ability to hop on any type of song.

This talent and understanding of music is instantly recognized as the EP begins with its first track “Abbu,” which sees the duo take their rightful victory lap boasting about their hard work and success. From hook to verses to bridge, the two demonstrate their composing skills and plant visuals of fulfilling their parents’ dreams. It’s an inspirational anthem that captures the instrumental and lyrical punch and a well-structured beat produced by Tonybasu. Apart from the rhymes and flawless flows, I really liked the vocal layering of Raftaar’s voice (especially in the chorus) and Prabh Deep’s vocal modulation. While both rappers had proved their dynamic skills to switch styles, their chemistry is palpable on this EP. 

Their natural chemistry continues on “Badnaam,” where Raftaar enters the track with his unstoppable rapid-fire delivery and mind-blowing rhymes. The joint stands out because of its catchy hook, remarkable production by Lambo Drive, and moments where both artists blended perfectly. Most notably, Prabh Deep’s unique cadence and Raftaar’s Haryanavi rhymes grabbed my attention on this track. With respect to their long-standing careers as rappers, the duo sound excellent on this project, and that’s the most crucial thing – allowing both artists to dabble with a more vivid palette and inspiring them to take more risks in the future. As a result, new rappers and producers will be able to explore completely undiscovered elements of hip hop, and the scene will expand more rapidly.

“Hello” sounds exciting at the first listen, but after a few plays through, It proves that Raftaar X Prabh Deep should be the Indian duo to break the streak of mediocre collaborations. The song sees both artists locked in; Prabh Deep’s rich sound lab with Raftaar’s bubble gum-inducing dynamic range to fit in every composition effortlessly. With psychedelic instrumentals, gaming sound effects, arrangements, and pounding percussion, Anywaywell’s stellar production really uplifts the song. As the title suggests, this track revolves around a phone call, where Prabh Deep’s futuristic cadence and unpredictable flows solidify him as one of the best musicians in DHH history. While Raftaar’s verse reminds me of his song with KR$NA “No China,” though, Prabh Deep steals the show with his closing verse. 

The EP concludes with a trap banger “Trap Praa,” produced by Umair, who’s regarded as one of the best desi hip hop producers working at the moment. The beauty of the song is its authentic trap sound and both rappers’ ability to flow seamlessly on the beat, showing an interesting aspect of their artistry. Also, both artists have demonstrated their A-game with multisyllabic rhymes and brilliant lyricism. As the song progresses, everything starts crackling with paranoid energy, even until the song ends. This song was released along with an official music video that sends you on a journey and amplifies the feel of the song significantly through appealing visuals.

Bringing together a distinct fun project of bangers and contemporary sounds, Raftaar and Prabh Deep are owning their own virtuosity — unrestricted and undefined by any rules. ​The range of sounds this EP is able to achieve is truly masterful. It opens up the mind to so many different worlds. Simply close your eyes, relax, and allow the music to carry you to the parallel universe of apes (as Raftaar mentioned); you’ll enjoy the ride. Above all else, this project will top playlists and will be remembered for featuring the two hottest Indian rappers, in an era where desi hip hop witnessed some of the brightest rap superstars. Raftaar and Prabh Deep, both are genius composers and when paired together, they feel like the right match.

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