Raftaar Sneakers Collection: 20 Best Shoes In The Rapper’s Closet

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One of the biggest and most stylish rappers in India, Raftaar, is a sneakerhead and throughout his style evolution; he took enough time to continuously upgrade his impressively organized the Raftaar sneakers collection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The range of Raftaar’s shoe collection is just extraordinary. The vibrant lineup of special kicks includes everything from Balenciaga to Louis Vuitton and Versace to Dolce Gabbana.

The Ultimate Raftaar Sneakers Collection

Raftaar’s wealth allowed him to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. He’s able to spend any amount on expensive sneakers and he loves embracing high-fashion sneakers from the very beginning.

Raftaar Sneakers Collection

Join us as we explore the sneaker collection of Raftaar.

1. Nike Dunk Premium SB ‘Three Bear’ – $1560 + Taxes

 Raftaar sneaker

Also known as “Papa Bear”, this pair of sneakers features a blue upper made of suede with bear-inspired fur on the toe box, heel, and quarter panel. These high-fashion Raftaar sneakers are super-premium. It sports a reddish-orange color on the swoosh and laces, a white midsole, and a yellow outsole. Raftaar rocked them with a voguish outfit featuring a nice flannel, a black tee, a pair of baggy camel trousers, and a bandana over his head..

2. Off-White x AIR Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘UNC’ – $2220 + Taxes

Raftaar sneakers collection

One of, if not the most expensive, pair of sneakers in the Raftaar sneaker collection. This pair was highly influenced by Michael Jordan’s Alma Mater. Raftaar put them on with a stunning outfit. He wore a red bomber jacket with a long black t-shirt, black jeans, and sneakers that showed off the shine of his feet. The sneaker features an original two-tone design that was analyzed by Virgil Abloh, one of the biggest names in the male streetwear fashion industry.

3. Sacai x Nike Blazer High-Top – $831 + Taxes 

Raftaar music

In this pair, designers doubled up the key details of ‘Blazer-mid’. These Raftaar sneakers feature heel counters and side swoosh motifs. The sets of contrasting hue laces are fastened on this pair. Raftaar wore these shoes a couple of times, and every time, he embraced the pair with his incredible sense of dressing and sky-high confidence.

4. Dolce & Gabbana B&W Super Kings – $880 + Taxes

raftaar shoe collection

Chunky sneakers go well with Raftaar’s style and these Dolce & Gabbana Super Kings look amazing on him. We must, however, appreciate his stylist for the fit as well. These designer high-fashion kicks feature a two-tone contrast that is very classic and remarkable. It also features a lace-up front fastening, a round toe, branding on the heel, a paneled structure, and a split rubber base. 

5. Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings ‘Black’ – $1300 + Taxes 

 Raftaar shoe collection

Famous Jeremy Scott wings came out with a vamp improvement and blew everyone’s mind. These shoes feature the Jeremy Scott iconic winged panels on the heel and developed lacing structure. This is pure luxury and the Raftaar shoe collection is full of impressive pairs. 

6. Nike AIR Max 1/97 ‘Sean Witherspoon’ – $1135 + Taxes

raftaar sneaker shoes

This shoe is the winner of the Vote Forward campaign designed by Sean Witherspoon. The design is very attractive, and the pair offers some glimpses of the retro fashion. Raftaar wore these ridiculously priced sneakers with great confidence, demonstrating his ability to embrace anything with ease. 

7. Nike Air Max 1 Premium Ridgerock – $242 + Taxes

sneaker collection of Raftaar

In this picture, Raftaar is donning an ensemble comprising activewear and stylish designer shoes. He looks fantastic here, with the best blend of shoes and fit, helping him to make a very nice Raftaar outfit. Nothing too crazy, but the combination of his fit and sneakers gives him an incredible street-style look.

8. Nike AIR Max 97 x Undefeated – $1642 + Taxes 

raftaar sneakers

This release from Nike features a white base with blue and golden detailing on the tongue of the shoe, a heel strap, insoles, detailed piping, and an outsole. This pair has great detailing, and the design is just gorgeous. Raftaar wore these shoes back in 2018 when rocked a white tee with ripped jeans and a nice baseball cap with these sneakers. He is looking stylish in this photo, and his shoes add to the charm.

9. Louis Vuitton Trainer High-Top – $1314 + Taxes

 Raftaar sneaker

These extraordinary sneakers were designed by Virgil Abloh, Playboi Carti’s favourite and one of the top streetwear designers of the industry. In all honesty, Raftaar effortlessly embraced these kicks, and he certainly looks very alluring in this picture. Raftaar has one of the best fashion senses out of any Indian rapper. Therefore guys, pay attention when you talk about his outfits.

10. AIR Jordan 8 Retro OVO ‘White & Metallic Gold’ – $450 + Taxes

Raftaar sneakers

This pair is among Drake’s favourite Jordan sneakers, therefore, it is incredibly rare and in high demand. The shoe features a two-tone contrast design that is extremely unique and attractive. It has a very elegant design, featuring attention-grabbing white colour with subtle gold hints. Raftaar is wearing a monochromatic white attire while bringing balance to the contrast with a grey scarf. Unquestionably, this is one of the best style statements Raftaar has ever made.

11. Versace Chain Reaction Sneakers – $961 + Taxes 

 Raftaar’s shoe collection

In India, the most common brands of sneakers worn by rappers are Adidas, Nike, and maybe Louis Vuitton. However, Raftaar’s shoe collection is just as diverse as his fashion sense and music. The superstar paired Versace Chain Reactions with a stylish ensemble. And we can’t move on to the next pair without admiring this amazing Raftaar hairstyle.

12. AIR Jordan 3 Retro OG ‘Black Cement’ – $469 + Taxes

raftaar sneakers

One of the first collaborations that Michael Jordan and Tinker Hatfield worked on together was this renowned pair of shoes – AIR Jordan 3. From elephant print to Jumpman logo, there is so much to mention about this shoe. The ‘Black Cement’ Air Jordan 3 Retro OG comes back in its authentic form. This pair features black tumbled leather uppers and all the unique details we recall years later.

13. ATMO x Nike AIR Max 95 Animal Pack – $200 + Taxes

raftaar jordans

Nike AIR Max 95 Animal Pack, created by Hirofumi Kojima, is a very intriguing and recognisable shoe model. Hirofumi Kojima says that while at a safari park, he was looking at “the most impressive animals,” and that is when the idea for these shoes first struck him. Two swoosh colours can be seen on this pair. Green and red are used to represent herbivorous and carnivorous animals, respectively. We adore this picture of Raftaar holding toys, grinning cheerfully, and donning these sneakers.

14. Moschino High-Top White Sneakers – $760 + Taxes 

raftaar outfit

The Raftaar sneaker collection also includes the extremely rare Moschino High-Top White. This picture is from 2019 and here Raftaar can be seen wearing this amazing pair with a super voguish fit. Although even the top rappers can’t think this broadly, I must admit that I was completely astonished when I first saw this picture of Raftaar. Raftaar donned Moschino, even though rappers’ universe revolves primarily around brands like Adidas, Jordan, Balenciaga, etc. This man can do it all.

15. Nike x Fear of God 1 ‘Light Bone’ – $985 + Taxes

raftaar sneaker collection

This was the very first time when Nike designer Leo Chang worked with the Swoosh and Jerry Lorenzo together. This is one of the best-designed performance basketball shoes. Raftaar wore this high-fashion pair with a nice outfit and he’s looking super stylish here.

16. David Bowie x Vans S8-Hi ‘Diamond Dogs’ – $220 + Taxes

raftaar rap

This special S8-Hi pair is a collaboration between Vans and the legend, David Bowie. The upper portion of this pair is leather and has a checkerboard design. These sneakers, which have Bowie’s signature, are quite elegant and well crafted. The number of colours Raftaar is wearing in this picture is not easy to pull off, but he did it pretty flawlessly. 

17. Yeezy Season 3 Military Boots ‘Rock’ – $1883 + Taxes

raftaar boots

Dropped in 2016, this classic boot is designed by the rapper Kanye West. It comes in three colorways, including this one. This shoe features a quilted collar and leather lining that gives it a nice military look. Raftaar is wearing this calfskin suede and beige Yeezy boot with denim jeans, a plain white tee, and a jacket with his signature logo. He elevated the look with the hat he’s wearing and cool sunglasses. 

18. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Beluga 2.0’ – $735 + Taxes 

raftaar shoe

Boost 350 V2 “Beluga 2.0,” a highly sought-after shoe from Yeezys, was introduced in 2017. Due to the high demand, these shoes are difficult to find online. This sneaker features a muted grey stripe on the side parts and a heel pull tab with orangish stitching and reverses ‘SPLY-350’ lettering.

19. Adidas Y3 Noci 0003 ‘Black’ – $495 + Taxes

raftaar hairstyle

Very comfortable and durable, the Adidas Y3 Noci 0003 is a good shoe. These sneakers have a modern and futuristic high-top appearance and feature an all-black breathable mesh with red hints and a neoprene membrane with leather overlays. Raftaar embraced these sneakers with a custom Raftaar jacket, black tee, and blue jeans. The sneakers and his hairstyle complement each other and uplift the hardcore Delhi rapper aesthetics.

20. Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost OG – $5595 + Taxes 

raftaar footwear collection

The very first collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas, Yeezy 750 Boost OG, was released in 2015. These are also very rare and expensive sneakers and yes, we saved the best for the end. The shoe features rubber tooling in an Off-White shade and a suede upper mounted atop. These Yeezy sneakers are very minimal and versatile to carry off and Raftaar paired them very well. 

Final Words

Raftaar loves wearing and adding high-fashion sneakers to his wide Raftaar sneakers collection. His style sense and interest in fashion make him one of the best-dressed rappers in India. So, we are excited to see some more rare high-fashion sneakers in the Raftaar sneakers collection soon. 

Moreover, thanks for sticking around to the end… So; thank you for reading this article. Make sure you share this with all Raftaar fans and let them know about their favorite artist’s shoe collection. If you have any suggestions or doubts, please ask us in the comments section. 

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