Raga And Muhfaad Prithvi Song Review

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Hip-hop in India has often been labeled as a genre of music with toxic elements, primarily due to its association with some uncultured incidents. Despite being a way of life for both artists and dedicated listeners who comprehend it well, its portrayal in the mainstream media tends to focus on the negative aspects. This could be attributed, in part, to our tendency to emphasize negative incidents within the community over positive ones. Nonetheless, there are instances of positivity within the Indian hip-hop scene. A notable example is the reconciliation between two prominent Delhi-based rappers, Raga and Muhfaad, who put an end to their long-standing feud and collaborated on a track named ‘Prithvi’. This highlights the potential for positive growth and unity within the genre, emphasizing that it’s not exclusively defined by negativity.

Both Raga and Muhfaad were not only good friends but were also signed to the same music label, ARTISTTAAN. Unfortunately, misunderstandings and ego clashes arose, leading to a feud between them. This feud lasted for years and resulted in the exchange of diss tracks like ‘Jahannum’ and ‘Bitch I’m A Dawg’, which are still regarded highly within the scene.

However, the adage — ‘with age comes wisdom’ — held true in this case. Raga and Muhfaad engaged in constructive conversations, resolving their misunderstandings and choosing to move beyond the negativity of the past. They united to announce a collaborative project, building anticipation as they teased the release. Finally, on August 9, 2023, through Innovura Entertainment’s YouTube channel, they released ‘Prithvi’.

Raga And Muhfaad Prithvi Song Review

The song commences with an Arabian/Egyptian string sample along with Cajón percussion, creating an ambiance that transports listeners to a camp in the heart of the Arabian desert. The setting evokes a sense of tension as if you’re surrounded by individuals brandishing firearms. When you watch the music video, you’ll find visuals that align with this description, further enhancing the immersive experience.

As the beat drops, Muhfaad starts with the hook, weaving words together in a way that sounds incredible with the instrumental backdrop. It’s a mastery we’ve seen before, like a musical déjà vu from his acclaimed track ‘Amin.’ When that part ends, Muhfaad gracefully hands over the microphone to Raga. And here’s where the spotlight shifts, illuminating Raga’s distinct rap style. It’s a blend of internal rhymes, interwoven with a symphony of multi-syllabic chains that dance through his verse like notes in a virtuoso’s performance.

In his verse, Raga becomes a storyteller, unfurling the pages of his life spent navigating the streets of Delhi’s Jamnapaar. His portrait is anything but a fairy tale; it’s an unfiltered snapshot, exposing the gritty reality and painting vivid scenes of his surroundings. A vocal sample in the instrumental adds an intriguing puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit the larger picture.

After the chorus, Muhfaad storms onto the track, catching everyone off guard. Right from his opening line, his purpose is crystal clear: he’s here to make a statement. The words spill from his mouth in a rapid frenzy, his flow like a machine gun firing off. He takes on the negativity that plagues the community head-on, spotlighting a shift towards positivity in his demeanor. Yet, what sets Muhfaad apart is his lyrical craftsmanship, which stands apart from any rapper worldwide. His thought process is his secret sauce, solidifying his place as one of India’s finest lyricists.

The instrumental, meticulously crafted by Candid Nib, acts as the driving force, infusing the performance with a gripping intensity that holds you captive from start to finish. Both Raga and Muhfaad step up to the plate, skillfully aligning their individual strengths with the beat’s nuances. Despite a minor hiccup in the mix and a handful of inconspicuous issues, ‘Prithvi’ stays true to its purpose, delivering precisely what their audience had been eagerly anticipating.

The track deeply resonates with many, encapsulating the emotions of those longing for these two talents to collaborate. Innovura deserves applause for orchestrating this collaboration, given the song’s significance to many. Beyond the music, the entire Deathcure team merits praise for crafting visuals that hold irresistible allure, resulting in an exceptional and cohesive experience that stands out.

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