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Embracing Uttarakhand’s authenticity and richness of Garhwali culture, a young maestro, known as ReVo LEKHAK, emerges, leaving ripples of impact with his consistently powerful creations. Through his contributions to writing the viral sensation ‘Obsessed’ and his breathtaking singles, this artist is showcasing his versatility and polished artistry that belies his tender age, setting him on a trajectory to become a rising storm, ready to overshadow the industry. Having made a captivating debut with his EP ‘A-TEEN’ in 2022, ReVo now returns with his latest project, ‘Puzzle.’

A tightly crafted 4-track EP, clocking in at a mere 10 minutes, unfolds as a delicately woven tapestry. Each track offers a distinct flavor that blends seamlessly, connected by a thread of creativity and passion. With a feature from the enigmatic singer/producer, Abhijay Sharma, and production talents from the gifted Eyepatch and Apeksh, two tracks self-produced by ReVo himself, ‘Puzzle’ marks a significant milestone in the Dehradun native’s burgeoning discography.

ReVo LEKHAK Puzzle EP Review

‘Kainchi,’ the solid EP opener sees ReVo’s fierce determination as he takes center stage, wielding his lyrical finesse like a master wordsmith. It serves as a testament to his nonchalant attitude and straightforward nature, unafraid to challenge the status quo. With a balanced amalgamation of rapper and poet within him, he effortlessly weaves complex rhyme chains and unleashes a torrent of excellent bars, each word a piercing truth that strikes at the heart of the matter. The intoxicating instrumental, produced by the talented Apeksh, forms the perfect backdrop for this audacious undertaking. Hypnotizing flutes and pulsating percussion set the stage, drawing the listener into a world where ReVo’s words reign supreme. Through his unyielding verses, he urges his peers to rediscover the true purpose of their art, shedding the shackles of materialism. The track serves as a rallying cry for artists on the come-up, a clarion call to embrace their inner voices and use their craft to challenge the norms and create a meaningful impact.

The second song ‘Aadat’ from ‘Puzzle’ serves up an entirely different flavor, taking us on a journey through the depths of obsession with a love interest. Under the skilled hands of the enigmatic producer, Eyepatch, this track blends the essence of R&B with a soothing beat, creating an ethereal ground for ReVo’s heartfelt confessions. From the very first note, ‘Aadat’ pulls you into its world of love, desire, and longing. ReVo’s voice gracefully glides over the music as she delves into the addictive nature of his feelings. The lyrics demonstrate how his love has become more than just an affection — it’s now an obsession that he can’t escape. As the composition progresses, a soul-capturing moment emerges with the entrance of Abhijay Sharma’s hauntingly beautiful vocals. His unique writing style, adorned with poetic Hindi words, amplifies the emotional impact of the track, making it an even more heart-touching experience. The synergy between ReVo and Abhijay Sharma creates a seamless fusion of emotions, leaving listeners utterly captivated. The song’s ability to tug at heartstrings lies not only in its musical brilliance but also in its raw and honest portrayal of human emotions.

Next comes ‘Daud’, a powerful testament to the artist’s unshakable belief in himself and his unwavering dedication to his goals. In a world where chasing dreams can often be met with skepticism and doubt, this song becomes an anthem for hustlers, reminding them to persevere through the obstacles and run towards success with fearless determination. A magnetic hook that immediately draws you in. The simplicity of the lyrics makes it easy to sing along with the artist. But beneath the catchy surface lies a profound message and brilliantly written rhymes, that resonate deeply with anyone who has faced the pressure of achieving their aspirations. ‘Daud’ delves into the struggle of pursuing dreams, a phase where the world incessantly asks about the results, and the fine line between dreams and reality blurs. ReVo beautifully captures the vulnerability that can arise during this journey, when doubts threaten to weaken one’s resolve. Yet, rather than succumbing to the weight of external expectations, he transforms this moment of weakness into a wellspring of motivation. The track serves as a reminder that taking a break is not an option for those who are committed to their goals.

On the final track, ‘Do You Know?’, the artist amplifies the inspirational values laid out in the penultimate song. This track provides a glimpse into the very essence of ReVo’s journey — his determination, dreams, hustle, and unwavering confidence in the power of hard work. Through his compelling lyrics, ReVo takes us on a personal voyage, reflecting on his path to where he stands today, and in doing so, indirectly motivates us to pursue our own dreams with the same fervor. ‘Do You Know?’ becomes a powerful reminder that greatness is achieved through focused dedication and unwavering commitment to one’s goals. ReVo’s own life story serves as a testament to this ethos, starting his writing journey at the young age of 13. The track showcases his lyrical prowess and the maturity of his penmanship. His use of refined words, clever rhymes, and thoughtful expressions demonstrates the depth of his talent. While there may be echoes of influences, such as Talha Anjum, ReVo has masterfully developed his own unique style, one that resounds with authenticity and originality.

‘Puzzle’ stands as a brilliant showcase of ReVo LEKHAK’s versatility and dynamic range as an artist, offering everything one could ever expect from a project within a concise time frame of just 10 minutes. In a music landscape where some artists tend to bloat their projects with unnecessarily lengthy tracks, ReVo’s approach is refreshing and commendable. The brevity of ‘Puzzle’ doesn’t diminish its impact; instead, it enhances the overall experience by ensuring every second count. This efficient storytelling allows the audience to stay fully engaged throughout the journey, leaving no room for distractions or unnecessary filler. In a world where attention spans are constantly shrinking, ReVo’s ability to say more with less is a valuable lesson for fellow artists.

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