Saaya And Vneeeet Mollad EP Review

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For many up-and-coming artists, the idea of crafting their debut project is often a sweet-and-sour experience. It serves as a turning point in their journey, where they create their rawest and most groundbreaking music. Looking back on it later, hints that everything you release afterward might feel like trying to replicate the magic — akin to chasing a mirage. Capturing the essence of his rustic roots, Rahul Saini, aka Saaya, is an artist riding the hip-hop/R&B wave from Haryana. He’s been singing and penning songs since he was just 8 years old. What makes his music lauded is how effectively it connects with your feelings and experiences. Saaya joined forces with Vneeeet, a native beat magician from Ahmedabad. Vneeeet has been cooking up fantastic beats since 2017 and has spun his magic for big-shot Indian rappers like DRV, Harjas Harjaayi, Dhanji, Boyblanck, and a bunch of other super-talented artists.

Released on July 28, 2023, ‘Mollad’ stands as a poignant panorama of three tracks, each brushstroke capturing Saaya’s rural landscapes. With heartwarming lyrics written in his mother tongue, Haryanvi, the EP reflects on a deeply rooted connection to his origins. Steering the sonic ship, Vneeeet enhances the emotionally resonant soundscapes with his magical touch on the keyboard. Unlike forced collaborations, ‘Mollad’ is a genuine outpouring of their shared passion, resulting in a profoundly desi experience that leaves you utterly captivated. The EP’s title is a window into Saaya’s Haryanvi heritage, representing the quintessential desi man. The music is a faithful reflection of his style, delving into pain, dreams, and yearning — narratives that echo the struggle to grasp one’s true self — unmasked and with an open heart, resonating in a way that is both profound and relatable.

Saaya And Vneeeet Mollad EP Review

Opening with mellow piano notes, ‘Dumb,’ the first track of the EP enters with the grace of Saaya’s velvety vocals. It’s a song that whispers about the pain of being genuine in a world where masks are worn by all. Amidst the noise, you choose authenticity, though it comes with its own toll. You stand your ground; some say you’re naive, while others applaud your audacity. Aware of the harm, yet you hold onto your truth. The lyrics strike like lightning, while the melody infects your senses, and the piano’s soft keystrokes set the scene just right. The artist captures society’s seesawing ways. It’s as though the song is plucked straight from the core of the artist’s heart, finding a home in its arrangement. It supports the heavy theme, giving voice to the tug-of-war within — the bad habits and the guilty pleasures of it all.

‘Mollad’ is a one-of-a-kind project from the Haryanavi industry that portrays an artist stuck in a world that doesn’t quite fit. It depicts the harsh truth of being a kind-hearted soul in a situation that won’t let go; which is what the whole thing is about. Saaya’s control over his vocals is fantastic and sets a strong mood that carries through the rest of the EP.

Sending a big embrace to all the negativity that city folks throw at small towns, the title song ‘Mollad’ kicks off with a blend of chilled-out vibes and smooth R&B. The laid-back tune might seem simple, but it hits like a punch to the gut, capturing the monotony, the cold shoulders, the ‘who cares?’ attitude, the blues, and that numbing feeling when life doesn’t treat you right. This uncomplicated track showcases Saaya’s musical prowess, with his incredible voice and playful scatting, etching poetic lines right into our hearts. One thing that stands out in ‘Mollad’ is how all the songs in the EP are like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Each one is so well-crafted that you’ll need more than a few listens to decide which one you like the most. Both Saaya and Vneeeet have ensured everything’s in harmony — the music, the production — they’ve made it sound like a unified project that feels cohesive yet avoids any dullness.

‘Sapne,’ might just be the EP’s finest creation, showcasing the artist’s singing and lyrical skills. You can feel the pain in his voice, making ‘Sapne’ a real standout. The song stirs a sense of sorrow and disappointment, as many gifted artists quit music due to our messed-up priorities. With guitar strums and drum beats, this track captures the heavy emotions tied to shattered dreams. It hits home for all of us and is so relatable that you’ll want to play it on repeat. You can’t help but get caught in the spell of it all.

In his first-ever project, Saaya gifts us with a powerful trio of tracks that tell tales echoing the lives of many, especially those rooted in rural areas. It’s a narrative that even people from bustling cities can connect with, highlighting the artist’s brilliant sense of inclusivity. The EP is best played in the middle of the night or during moments when feelings of hopelessness and anxiety strike you. It has the power to make you feel strangely liberated for a while.

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