Shah Rule Call You Right Back, I’m In Therapy Album Review

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They say, ‘patience pays off’, and Shah Rule’s music validates the idiom. If judged by artistic merit, you could absolutely call his records worthy achievements. And as the scene is growing with the pace of light, people have started exploring different sonic spectrums. As a result, Shah Rule’s 2021 EP ‘Hooked’ was so warmly received by the listeners. 

Following the success of his previous projects, Shah Rule finally decided to drop his debut album. Released on July 12, 2023, ‘Call You Right Back, I’m In Therapy’ is an audacious dive into the uncharted waters of the human heart and a healthy balance of hip hop/R&B, folk music, and candid pop melodies. In this experimental masterpiece, the enigmatic artist invites us on a deeply introspective journey, exploring both the bright and dark sides of love, relationships, heartbreaks and the profound depths of solitude. The 9-track album marks Shah Rule’s first full-length effort and features some of the scene’s best music producers — Stunnah Beatz, AAKASH, Katto, and Zero Chill — lyrical maestros like Raga, Sammohit, Bharg, and many more talented musicians. So prepare to be captivated by the intricate sonic landscapes and emotionally charged narratives that Shah Rule weaves along with these superstars into this mesmerizing musical tapestry.

Shah Rule Call You Right Back, I’m In Therapy Album Review

‘Two Sides’, the captivating album opener, lays bare his vulnerability through an honest self-declaration, a confession of a heart at odds with itself. A poetic dance of paradoxes ensues, choreographed to the soul-soothing melodies and harmonies of Abhijay Sharma, the ‘Obsessed’ hit-maker, whose voice weaves like gossamer threads into the very fabric of delicate piano instrumental. ‘Two Sides’, is a sonic canvas painted with layers of vibrant hues and enigmatic shades, masterfully crafted by the producer virtuoso, Zero Chill. As the opening notes kiss your spirit, they embrace your emotions, luring them into a dreamscape where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. The soundscape becomes a portal to the innermost sanctum of Shah Rule’s heart, where his two halves dance a delicate tango. Shrouded in misty introspection, Shah Rule’s verses unravel like ancient scrolls, carrying weighty truths that echo in the chambers of the soul.

Following the story, ‘Bad For Me’ sees poetic yet achingly honest lyrical frameworks, revealing the vulnerability of a soul caught in the tumultuous tempest of a toxic relationship. While Shah Rule’s verse paints vivid imagery of the struggle between desires and self-preservation, mirroring the listener’s own internal conflicts, Mickey brings his Punjabi Pop flair, infusing the song with a unique and captivating energy. His perspective adds a new layer to the narrative, giving voice to the other side of the heartbreak, where the lines between right and wrong blur into a heartrending symphony of confusion. With the captivating chorus, Chitralekha Sen’s poignant vocals carry the weight of generations of heartache. Her Rajasthani heritage adds an enchanting dimension to the song, like a statement echo from a distant time. With her contribution, the emotional journey reaches a crescendo, culminating in an immersive climax that leaves the listener spellbound. Overall, ‘Bad For Me’ serves as a mirror, reflecting the often harrowing experiences we endure in the name of love and passion.

The next cut, ‘Lonely’, is a touching glimpse into the downward spiral of love, a fragile connection dangling on the precipice of dissolution. Shah Rule, with soul-baring vulnerability, finds a shared understanding with his partner, both acknowledging their roles in steering this sinking boat towards inevitable ruin. The poignant verses of singer/songwriter, Shai, intertwine like twin threads, offering conclusive insights from both sides as they navigate the treacherous waters of regret. Produced by Stunnah Beatz, the song’s beguiling arrangement conjures a sense of emotional disarray, with ethereal melodies entangled in an intimate statement of pain and longing. 

An enchanting ode to the unspoken adoration of a lover or muse, ‘Confident’ is a song where Shah Rule weaves a web of hidden messages within his verses. In this musical masterpiece, he is joined by Delhi’s hip-hop titans, RAGA and Bharg, whose lyrical prowess adds depth to the emotional tapestry. The mesmerizing soundscape, skillfully crafted by Mumbai-based producer Zero Chill, is an amalgamation of genres that transcends boundaries. With unpredictable beat switches, the fusion of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and Drill drums creates a hypnotic cadence, setting the stage for the allure that awaits. As subtle as the moon’s gentle glow, the melodies are enriched by Jazz saxophone samples, embracing the listener with an ethereal hug. Shah Rule’s verses are a symphony of emotions, each line a carefully chosen brushstroke on the canvas of his feelings. His words unravel the secrets of admiration hidden between the lines, evoking an intimacy that resonates with every listener. The unspoken affection becomes palpable, weaving a spell of enchantment that ensnares hearts far and wide. Raga’s lyrical finesse and rapid-fire flows elevate the song and satisfy the soul of hardcore hip-hop heads. 

On ‘Saari Raatein’, Shah Rule’s introspective lyrics unfurl like constellations in the night sky, each word a star illuminating the darkest corners of his soul. Through evocative imagery and raw emotions, he captures the essence of his arduous journey to reclaim his spirit. Sammohit’s voice becomes a celestial echo, resonating with Shah Rule’s verses. Their back-and-forth exchange creates an enlightening conversation, revealing the unwavering bond of their artistic camaraderie. Sammohit’s contributions add depth to the narrative, reflecting the shared experiences that bind them together. 

Next comes ‘Call You Right Back, I’m In Therapy (Interlude),’ where Shah Rule delves into his emotions, addressing the haunting feelings of loneliness. This interlude features two beat switches, incorporating elements of drill and trap-inspired instrumentals, effectively conveying a multitude of emotions. It serves as a personal depiction of how cherished memories can become irritating. Shah Rule also showcases his lyrical and musical prowess as he effortlessly flows through the beat, delivering remarkable bars.

Another standout track on the album, ‘Three Words’ delves into the profound human longing to be cherished and adored, epitomized by the three simple yet potent words — ‘I Love You’. The chorus feels like a gentle breeze caressing the soul, setting the tone for a poignant journey into the language of love. Dorwin John’s voice becomes the perfect counterpoint, like an enchanting echo responding to the call of love. His emotive performance adds a new layer of depth to the narrative. While the ink of Shah Rule’s miraculous pen smells like a lyrical scent of vulnerability and hope, offering the depths of the human heart’s yearning for affection, Katto & Kod E’s production becomes the heartstrings that bind this melodic cut.

Shah Rule takes the next stride on his path of healing with the penultimate track, ‘The Cure’ — discovering that love is the ultimate panacea for his wounded heart. This soulful ballad features the enchanting vocals of Lisa Mishra, whose beautiful voice graces the chorus. Lisa Mishra’s celestial chorus becomes the heartbeat of the song, like a gentle pulse guiding Shah Rule toward his romanticized understanding of love’s transformative power. The creative soundscape, produced by the Emmy Award-winning maestro AAKASH, becomes an alchemy of mellow R&B vocals intertwined with Afro Beats and the soulful allure of Jazz saxophone elements. 

As the final curtain falls on ‘CYRBIIT’, Shah Rule presents us with a climactic crescendo that encapsulates his journey of self-reflection, guiding him back into the radiant light. From the opening notes, ‘Lights Camera Action’ emerges as an awe-inspiring outro, a magnificent culmination of his soul-searching voyage. The closing track features the captivating vocals of Anik Khan, whose enchanting voice intertwines with Shah Rule’s vocals, creating a harmonious, melodic tapestry. The production, masterfully crafted by Stunnah Beatz, serves as the orchestral anthem, elevating the song to new heights.

In a genre often focused on bravado and surface-level themes, Shah Rule’s ‘Call You Right Back, I’m In Therapy’ stands out as a rare gem. It is an immersive and introspective album that challenges the listener to confront their own emotions, fears, and desires. With its evocative storytelling and innovative production, this experimental hip-hop opus leaves an indelible mark on the Indian rap scene, firmly establishing Shah Rule as an artist unafraid to explore the depths of the human experience.

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