Shubh Still Rollin Album Review

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Urban Punjabi music constantly evolves, with young artists redefining the beats and soundscapes, injecting new life into the scene. One such rising star is Shubh, also known as Shubhneet Singh, a Canada-based Indian rapper, who burst onto the scene like a skyrocket, leaving everyone in awe. His chart-topping singles like ‘No Love,’ ‘We Rollin,’ and ‘Baller’ have captured the hearts of listeners worldwide, with his music being a breath of fresh air, invigorating and exhilarating. However, some skeptics suggested he might be an industry plant, engineered for fame. Nonetheless, Shubh remained elusive, ignoring the gossip, and focused on creating music that resonated with his fans. Undeterred, he continued his explosive journey, dropping hit after hit, leaving his listeners hungry for more. His viral singles were just the beginning, and he further proved his talent with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Still Rollin.’

The album’s title, ‘Still Rollin,’ takes us back to his debut song, ‘We Rollin,’ which went viral in 2021. The album comprises 7 tracks that expertly blend the new-wave sound with the essence of old-school west-coast vibes, perfectly portrayed in its album cover. It exudes a vintage allure, aligning with the artist’s vision. Shubh has cleverly delivered exactly what his fans expect without taking unnecessary risks or compromising his artistic integrity. The record benefits from a league of stellar producers, from OG Karan Kanchan to Beast Inside Beats, Lavish Dhiman, and Tatay Produciendo, each contributing their unique touch, creating an electrifying mix of bangers that will have you grooving and vibing like never before!

Shubh Still Rollin Album Review

Imagine yourself cruising in a car with your buddies, playing the album opener ‘Still Rollin,’ an explosive banger that sets the perfect vibe for the ride. The beat is so infectious that it makes you tap your feet, and Shubh’s rhymes are nothing short of brilliant, perfectly synced with an incredibly catchy hook that stays with you. While the themes of cars, love, and guns are common in Punjabi flex raps, Shubh weaves his lyrics and delivers them over the backdrop in a refreshingly unique way, elevating ‘Still Rollin’ to a whole new level of sensational greatness. With each line, you can feel the energy coursing through your veins, as the song encapsulates everything you love about Punjabi music, with an extra dose of finesse and charisma that only Shubh can deliver.

The second track of the album, ‘Ice,’ starts with a mellow piano that sets the stage before a gritty baseline enters the scene, making it an absolute hit when Shubh jumps in with the hook. ‘Ice’ takes us on a journey similar to the previous song, but this time, the lyrics carry a hint of a grind mindset, all while flexing and boasting. The wavy element in the background adds a touch of magic to the track, making it a vibing trap ride from start to finish. Shubh’s composing prowess shines as he cleverly incorporates a catchy melodic part right after the chorus, leaving you humming along even after the song ends.

‘Cheques’ follows a familiar formula, revolving around flexing, and while it may feel a bit repetitive in the context of the whole project, it stands as a club banger when heard as a single. From the moment the beat drops and Shubh starts singing the hook, you can envision yourself cruising in a lowrider, vibing with the tempo in your own hood. The energy is infectious, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the groove. What sets Shubh’s music apart is the perfect balance he strikes between old-school and new-school vibes. He manages to blend the best of both worlds with such finesse that it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. His music carries a nostalgic charm while keeping it fresh and relevant for the modern audience. As we move on to the next track, ‘OG,’ the pace slows down, immersing you in a mellow atmosphere that still exudes those gangsta rap vibes. It’s like you’re draped in swag from head to toe, cruising in a flashy car through the streets, feeling like a true OG. The song has a unique charm that transports you to a world of luxury and street cred, all rolled into one. With every beat, you can feel the swagger and confidence oozing from every note. It’s a different kind of flex, and ‘OG’ captures that essence perfectly.

Now, hold on tight, because the next track is an absolute standout that has garnered praise from every corner of the music world. ‘Ruthless’ is a masterpiece that caters to every hip-hop head’s wildest dreams and even captivates the regular listener. It’s a complete package with tight delivery, unforgettable bars, stellar production, and a jaw-dropping beat switch that takes you by surprise. The genius behind the production is none other than the Indian hip-hop maestro, Karan Kanchan. From the very start, the instrumental grabs your attention with a haunting strings sample that sets the tone for what’s to come. And when the drop hits, you instantly know that this is something special, something extraordinary. Shubh’s talent shines brightly in ‘Ruthless,’ as he demonstrates his lyrical prowess and expertly structures the composition to fit his unique style like a glove. The synergy between his words and the music is so seamless that it feels like the beat was tailor-made for him.

On ‘Dior,’ Shubh once again takes a familiar song structure and turns it into something extraordinary. At first glance, it may seem like an ordinary track, with lyrics and beat that don’t scream uniqueness. But here’s the magic — it’s all about the vibe! The laid-back delivery has a way of sneaking into your mind after just a few listens, and before you know it, you’re hooked. ‘Dior’ has that special charm that grows on you with time, becoming an unforgettable experience that you can’t get enough of. It’s a feel-good anthem that resonates with anyone looking to embrace their true self and live life to the fullest. As you immerse yourself in the vibe of this standout track, you’ll find yourself hitting that replay button again and again, making ‘Dior’ an underrated gem that shines brighter with every listen.

As we come to the closing cut of the album, ‘The Flow,’ it’s important to be honest about the experience. Unfortunately, this track stands out as the weakest link on the project. Shubh attempted to infuse it with more rap elements, but something just didn’t click. The song lacks the uniqueness, charm, and vibe that we’ve come to expect from his music. It feels somewhat tasteless and fails to leave a lasting impression. It’s an underwhelming experience that falls short of the standards set by the rest of the tracks. But fear not, because even with this slight misstep, the overall journey through the album has been nothing short of fun and exciting. Sometimes, even the best artists can have a track that doesn’t quite hit the mark. ‘Still Rollin’ is an album that may not satisfy your deepest artistic cravings, but that was never the intention. This project was crafted with a clear purpose — to reach more ears, gain numbers, and draw in new audiences as Shubh continues to grow as an artist. And in that aspect, he has hit the bullseye! ‘Still Rollin’ serves its purpose, showcasing Shubh’s ability to create music that resonates with a wider audience without compromising his essence.

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