$ohunnid TE#RR#OR#ISM^ EP Review

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The elusive underground producer turned rapper, $ohunnid is a young mystifying emcee who garnered recognition in the Indian underground trap scene with his 2022 debut album ‘venlux’. Encapsulating, unorthodox delivery, eccentric vocals, and a sound that blended the hyper pop, trap, and electronic genres, $ohunnid’s music focuses more on melody, aesthetics, and vibes than actual lyrics or narratives — meant to be played in nightclubs, with friends, or to rage on his beats and flows. 

On May 20th, 2023, the Gurgaon-native released his second studio effort ‘TE#RR#OR#ISM^’. Featuring 5 tracks, the extended play takes more risks and leans more into the unconventional world of blown-out hyper trap, the cloud-punk blend of trap and $ohunnid’s unique but captivating artistry. This sonic voyage transcends boundaries, leaving the listener suspended between imagination and actuality. 

$ohunnid TE#RR#OR#ISM^ EP Review

The EP’s opening track, ‘gong’ is a masterful composition, incorporating dark, surreal, and exciting sounds. As the first notes reverberate through the atmosphere, one is instantly transported to a mystical tapestry of ALT hip hop. What really stands out in this song is the opening sample and the way $ohunnid’s vocals fit into the beat like an instrument. The distortion in his voice and the heavy beat seem to suspend time, coaxing us to surrender to its head-bopping force. With each note, the concept of time dissolves, and we drift into an outer dimension where past and present converge, creating a harmonious enigma.

‘racc dreams^’ takes us deeper into this otherworldly journey, where reality and fantasy intertwine seamlessly. The hauntingly enchanting vocals act as our guiding stars in this vast cosmos, where we glide weightlessly through the ebb and flow of sound. Like a mirage in the desert, the song conjures mirroring visions, shimmering with euphoria, $ohunnid’s auto-tuned crooning cascades, and outlandish ad-libs.

The third track, ‘pharma’, transcends genres, for it transports us right to a dance floor on an alien planet. An entertaining blend of electronic beats and timeless violin samples that awakens an ineffable connection to the universe’s cosmic rhythm. $ohunnid’s enigmatic vocals resonate within us, unearthing the wildness we didn’t know we harbored. He glides over the beat seamlessly, and his spontaneous energy and constant flow make the cut fresh and fun. Just as we think we have grasped the EP’s essence, ‘blow^’ unfurls like a breathtaking meteor shower across the auditory canvas. The blazing 808s, vocal sample, and $ohunnid’s triplet flow mimic the universe’s celestial dance, while the amalgamation of digital glitches and symphonic euphony features the unpredictability of $ohunnid’s creativity. One cannot help but marvel at the skillful craftsmanship that transforms chaos into a melody of interconnectedness.

$ohunnid concludes the journey with ‘bring it bacc’, a sonic ode to the exciting energy found in the dawn of a new beginning. The catchy hook cocoons the listener, wrapping them in a sonic embrace of quirky, narcotic vocals or ad-libs that get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. As the song fades, we are left with an indescribable craving — a strong desire to discover more of such sounds.

In the end, ‘TE#RR#OR#ISM^’ is not just an auditory experience but an eye-opening exploration that sparks unconventional creativity and embraces experiments. Although it’s not the best body of work coming from an Indian underground rapper, this EP is a testament to the power of music to transcend time, space, and pre-set industry rules, inviting us to venture beyond the familiar boundaries of Indian hip hop. So, close your eyes, open your heart, and let $ohunnid’s music whisk you away on a futuristic symphony, where dreams and reality interlace in musical perfection.

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