The Style Evolution of MC Stan (2018-2023)

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MC Stan is hands down one of the best-dressed heartthrobs in the game and by the end of the style evolution of MC Stan, hopefully, you’ll see why that’s the case.

Nobody can deny that he is a brilliant rapper, songwriter, and music producer. And, with his new-wave music and whimsical fashion sense, he bridges the generational divide. From Wata to Tadipaar to Insaan, Stan has experimented a lot with his looks.

The Style Evolution of MC Stan

Big Boss 16 winner MC Stan is a creative soul, not only in art but also in fashion. He is known to make bold style statements with dressing and hairstyles. Stan is capable of carrying out things that most people couldn’t possibly imagine with ease. Comparing him to other Indian artists, we can see that his choice of clothing, hairstyles, and accessories is highly distinctive.

MC Stan stated in one of his YouTube interviews that he is currently all about new school hip-hop and that Young Thug is the source of his fashion inspiration.

MC Stan and Young Thug

Having stated that, let’s travel back in time to try to understand MC Stan’s journey and decipher how his fashion evolved through time.

Phase 1 (2018) –

This was the time when MC Stan released his banger single “Wata” which became his breakout track and most of us discovered him because of that. Even though he wasn’t popping off yet and he had no luxury to flex. Despite that, we can see his productivity and his remarkable style sense with low or no resources.

A simple checked shirt, sunglasses, and a bandana on his head – one of the craziest MC Stan looks that we will never forget. However, this was the beginning of MC Stan’s career, he completely ruled the streets in that music video and we can see his phenomenal camera presence and golden shoulders to carry off the edgy look.

The Style Evolution of MC Stan

There is always something different with MC Stan’s hairstyles and accessories. Here, we can see his favorite glasses, a wristwatch, and a beanie on his head with an alien face emblem that demonstrates how MC Stan prioritised styling right first.

Phase 2 (2019) –

During this phase, MC Stan was growing at the pace of light. Khuja Mat, Lowkey, Khajwe Vichaar, Yede Ki Chadar, and Astaghfirullah are just a few of the excellent songs he released in 2019.

In various music videos, he experimented with various looks. For instance, in Khuja Mat, he donned colorful boxers, a golden chain, and a bandana over his forehead. And he rocked a natty black hoodie and a baseball cap in Khajwe Vichaar (kept it basic).

At this point, Stan began to step up his kicks and hair game. He experimented with several hairstyles, including blonde hair and dreadlocks. With his accessories and unique glasses, he was also creating voguish fashion statements.

With each music video, he improved in both fashion and music. Additionally, he began displaying his admiration for the blood gang in some of his music videos. In short, we can say that this was one of the most crucial stages of MC Stan’s musical and aesthetic evolution.

Phase 3 (2020) –

In 2020, MC Stan dropped his debut album “Tadipaar”, which is by far one of the best albums in the Indian rap scene. After the release of this project, MC Stan gained a tonne of devoted followers thanks to how incredible it is.

Mc stan style

With this album, MC Stan demonstrated his exceptional production skills, smooth flows, and songwriting. The camera presence and styling were flawless, in addition to the art. He experimented with a bunch of different looks, outfits, and hairstyles and rocked each one with ease. He looked great in everything, including hoodies, turtlenecks, and outerwear with floral patterns. And took his style game to the next level with his branded sneakers.

MC Stan’s unconventional styling has the potential to spark trends and create fresh waves. He is a super talented, creative, and confident guy and one of the best examples of his confidence is when he pulled off dad socks with sky-high swag in the music video of Hosh Mai Aa. And apart from this, MC Stan’s chest tattoo shows his admiration for the legends of hip-hop.

Phase 4 (2021) –

In 2021, he released some ground-breaking tracks like Snake, Kahan Par Hai, Rehmani Keeda, Broke Is A Joke, I’m Done, Nanchaku, etc. With these songs, he explored new ideas, and his style evolved along with the music.

Mc stan hairstyle

Simply said, MC Stan is unpredictable. For instance, we first saw him with colourful dreadlocks in the music video of Snake. He was seen sporting jewellery, Jordans, eccentric eyewear, and loose attire. In Broke Is A Joke, he afterwards adopted a completely different hairstyle and wore a plain black sweatshirt, sunglasses, and white low-top sneakers with them.

Mc stan nanchaku hairstyle

We saw that he was trying to enhance his jewellery and footwear game in 2021. Additionally, he mastered layering bomber jackets, flannel shirts, and hoodies.

Phase 5 (2022-2023) –

After his sophomore album dropped in 2022, MC Stan’s style got a noticeable upgrade and the aggressively flashy style he started out with his appearance in Big Boss 16. Core followers of MC Stan know that the year 2022 marks the beginning of his Peak Era and is therefore of utmost significance for his career.

MC Stan in Big Boss 16

Now a household name in desi hip hop, MC Stan with his music and fashion is decades ahead of his time. This phase also marks MC Stan winning Big Boss 16 trophy and making his style prominent across the nation, featuring a rotation of branded t-shirts, jackets, heavy chains, skinny jeans, and glittery shoes. It’s the era during which MC Stan’s fashion evolved drastically.

Nevertheless, he is among the fastest-growing artists in India, and he will represent Indian hip-hop internationally in the upcoming years. However, he is still playing with his style. He is still extremely young and holds a lot of potential.

Final Words

Rapper and Big Boss 16 winner MC Stan is a really gifted artist. We are still not aware of his all capabilities. In the song Broke Is A Joke, MC Stan stated he makes or alters most of his own apparel. That would seem to be the case given how innovative his sense of style is.

Yes, MC Stan’s style is not for everyone, but we can all take a lot of inspiration from him. For his music and sense of style, we can be appreciative for his journey, his creativity, and hard work. A massive wave is being created by him in the industry that he also mentioned in one of his songs – “Main fashion idhar laane wala matlab Kanye West.” So, let’s wish MC Stan a dazzling future and pass him a lot of wishes with good energy.

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The Style Evolution of MC Stan FAQ

What is the name of MC Stan’s hairstyle?

MC Stan plays a lot with his hair and tries different hairstyles. He had tried Dreadlocks, French Crop, Long hair, etc. Apart from the haircuts, he had also rocked colored-hair with Blonde, Blue, Maroon & Pink colors. And, MC Stan in Big Boss 16, managed to keep Pulled-Up Dreadlocks Ponytail with Undercut.

How to dress like MC Stan? 

MC Stan is a phenomenal artist and along with that, he is also very experimental with his dressing. His style sense is just unpredictable. Sometimes he pulls off some bold style statements and sometimes he keeps it minimal. So, to dress like MC Stan, you should have a great sense of high-fashion and a lot of confidence. 

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