The 10 Most Stylish Pakistani Rappers

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Hip-hop influences generations, and fashion has always been a significant part of the culture. Rap and fashion are two different worlds, but they go hand-in-hand. Rappers don’t always just rap to convey their messages, but they use various ways to spread it out and fashion is one of them.

Pakistan has some enigmatic artists who are big on fashion. They are disseminating their fashion over the world and creating new waves with it.

For every rap and fashion lover, here are some of the top 10 Stylish Pakistani Rappers you should know.

The 10 Most Stylish Pakistani Rappers

1. Bohemia

Bohemia, one of the first rappers in Desi hip-hop, has a keen sense of style. He looks equally stunning in streetwear and high fashion. He often prefers loose-fitting t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, and suits.

The veteran was introduced to hip-hop fashion from the very beginning because he resides in America. That is why he has a knack for styling. 

Under the name Kali Denali, Bohemia operates a record label and business. As a result, the majority of the time you can see him embracing a Kali Denali chain. But along with that, he likes pairing short and lengthy chains. In his music videos, he’s often got a beanie on and some dark shades. He also frequently wears fancy sneakers.

On his physique, Bohemia has some stunning tattoos. Having said that, he has ticked all the boxes and is aware of the influence of fashion in hip-hop.

2. Rap Demon

One of the hottest rappers from Pakistan is Abdullah Malik, also known as Rap Demon. He is not only a very versatile artist but also a charismatic personality.

Rap Demon has a better sense of grooming. He keeps a finely groomed beard that complements his angular characteristics on the face.

Besides that, Rap Demon also has good fashion sense. He is among the best dressed rappers because of his choice of hues, fit, and accessories. He enjoys donning earth tones and skillfully incorporates them into his outfits.

3. Imran Khan

If we think about style, we cannot forget Imran Khan, who’s been an inspiration for many. 

Not technically a rapper, more a pop musician, but I just can’t not include Imran Khan in a best dressed Pakistani musicians list. One word describes Imran Khan’s dressing sense: Luxurious. Imran knows how to put together an outfit and he keeps it clean. 

Look at his bracelet. The chain, the printed shirt, the glasses. IK is one of the originators of flashy style in DHH. 

4. OCL

OCL places a high value on appearance. He is has a potent presence and a muscular, athletic build. He occasionally dons sophisticated suits and other times rocks bold attire.

His hairdo suits him well because of his curly hair. He maintains a well-groomed beard that constantly enhances his attractiveness. OCL had long hair at one point, but he cut it off and got this new look. This man is a master of perfection, and the picture up top clearly shows that OCL has a solid grasp of fashion trends.

5. Chen K

When it comes to fashion, you cannot undervalue this artist. One of the best rappers from Pakistan is without a doubt, Chen K. He is a fantastic designer in addition to being a terrific musician. His own clothing line is named Mizaaj Clothing.

Chen K loves black and has a strong preference for dark aesthetics. He is really good at carrying the same mood wherever he goes, whether it is with his music or clothing business. No other Desi rapper even comes close to matching his selection and design of accessories.

The artist is a good businessperson because he comprehends the importance of fashion.

6. Starshah

Starshah, a dynamic personality, is a well-known rapper in Pakistan. He has an impressive and commanding presence thanks to his neat and well-kept bearded look.

Starshah has a fine sense of style in dressing. In this photo, we can see how dapper and well-groomed he is. So far, this is one of his better looks, and this style of fit absolutely complements his nonchalant, confident personality.

7. Hashim Nawaz

Hashim Nawaz, a very gifted rapper, is undeniably a very well-dressed man. Make no mistake, Hashim’s attire and wardrobe choices are quite classy.

His ability to embrace hoodies and plain t-shirts, which are what he prefers to wear most often, is pretty remarkable. Hashim Nawaz has a full-grown beard and his skin-care game is absolutely on point. He can be seen wearing the most basic pieces with a great sense of fit and colour combinations, which ultimately saves his spot on this list.

8. Young Stunners

Two poetic gems: Talha Anjum and Talha Yunus found Pakistan’s most well-known rap group, Young Stunners. They are both extremely fashionable and voguish artists. They have a clothing line called Stunner Vision because they are aware of what the actual deal is.

While Talha Anjum keeps things very understated, Talha Yunus maintains a nice beard, wears glasses, and embraces bold style statements. Both artists are incredibly versatile, and their respective styles blend well.

They have a large following, which is why they are also running some significant fashion campaigns.

9. Mirza Nani

Mirza Nani is a rapper, singer, producer, and actor. He is well-known in the industry for his rapping skills, attractive personality, and dapper style. 

Mirza Nani is not an easy man to put your hand on when it comes to fashion, also he is a brilliant musician. He’s looking fantastic in the picture above, where he’s donning a sharply tailored suit.

Furthermore, he shines in casual attire as well. He’s been around the scene for a while now. You are missing out on some great music if you haven’t heard any of his songs.

10. Xpolymer Dar

Xpolymer Dar is a stylish rapper who was one of the scene’s first and most well-known artists from Pakistan. He enjoys wearing nice kicks, sunglasses, and biker jackets.

Throughout his journey, his fashion has evolved considerably, and at the moment, he rocks some edgy looks. Dar maintains a tidy beard, and his fits constantly add a drip to his appearance.

Final Words

Hip-hop is growing in popularity in Pakistan day by day, and many artists are working hard to help it grow. These amazing rappers are putting in extra effort and introducing new trends with their style and music.

We hold them all in high regard and wish them all a prosperous future.

Become a member of our community by letting us know which Pakistani rappers are your favourites in the comments section. Please leave a remark if you have any ideas or questions.

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