The 20 Top Diss Tracks In Desi Hip Hop

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Hip-hop has always been the epitome of a battleground, where no rapper is allowed to rest on his laurels.

Backing down or being overshadowed by another rapper gives you the label of a loser in hip hop culture, where feuds and beefs are common.

We’ve all heard some terrific and vicious diss tracks in desi hip hop, tracks that catapulted some MCs to fame while others suffered severe consequences.

Raptrill has compiled the 20 top diss tracks in desi hip hop. So, let’s have a look.

Top Diss Tracks In Desi Hip Hop

20. Lil Ak 100 – K.O (Final Round) 

Aimed At: Young Stunners 

Producer: Lil Ak 100

After LUG’s ‘Rap Hai Saara’ in Coke Studio, Rap Demon and Talha Anjum fired some shots at LUG. The back-and-forth later evolved as a full-fledged beef as both Young Stunners and LUG dissed each other. K.O (Final Round) was the last diss record from LUG where Lil Ak 100 went all in. The song itself is a high-octane rollercoaster with slick production, great lyrics, and kick-ass flows.

Best Lyric: “Murdering mic like I’m from assassins creed/I’m ruthless like E, armed and dangerous like biggie.”

19. Chen K – Chambers of Secrets 

Aimed At: Young Stunners, KR$NA

Producer: Chen K 

When KR$NA and Young Stunners attacked together at Chen K on a track called “Quarantine”, Chen K brutally fired back at Talha Anjum, Talha Yunus, and KR$NA. He also took some shots at Raftaar, Karma, and Rap Demon. From music to lyrics to cover art, Chen K worked single-handedly on this project and did a phenomenal job.

Best Lyric: “8x scope nahi, ghuske phatun jang mein/Tu don tou phir main John Wick qasam se.”

18. Rob C – Jwala

Aimed At: Fotty Seven

Producer: Trappy 808

This beef between two Delhi-based rappers Rob C and Fotty Seven is one of the oldest beefs in DHH. Rob C dropped ‘Jwala’ as a response track to Fotty Seven’s ‘Swaha’… Because according to him, Fotty Seven was repeatedly dissing him. 

As a result, Rob C retaliated with this track. Throughout the song, he kept a tight flow, and the music production embraced it further.

Best Lyric: “Tu hoga kamina, par nahi tu Shahid/Main 18th Letter, keh mujhe RAKIM.”

17. MC Stan – Khuja Mat 

Aimed At: Emiway Bantai

Producer: MC Stan

Following Emiway Bantai’s brutal diss track ‘Samajh Mein Aaya Kya’, MC Stan fired back at Emiway Bantai with one of the unique diss tracks of desi hip hop. Everything about this record, from the production to the flow, was so distinct from other diss tracks that it gave MC Stan a lot of opportunities.

Best Lyric: “Tujhe bohot chyat paay/Tujhe samjhat kanai/Meri maa mereko khaane mein hip hop khilaye.”

16. Raftaar – Sheikh Chilli

Aimed At: Emiway Bantai

Producer: Raftaar & Instine

This diss track was a response to Emiway Bantai’s ‘Samajh Mein Aaya Kya’… Because there were so many allegations against him, Raftaar stepped forth in this track to show the truth of his side. After ‘Sheikh Chilli’, this beef drew a lot of attention and finally became the most popular beef in the DHH. 

Best Lyric: “Tu bhai nahi yaani ki tu bantai nahi hai/Tu bantai chhod tu to banda hi nahi hai/Chup rehna mera banta hi nahi/Mujhe sab dikhta hai meri band eye nahi hai.”

15. Sikandar Kahlon – Rann 

Aimed At: Sunny Malton 

Producer: Morfius UK

Sikandar Kahlon is the one and only rapper in DHH who came up with a 5-track EP of diss tracks for his opponent. Sikandar comes out swinging with his savage lyrics, leaving no room for Sunny Malton to backfire. 

Best Lyric: “Aaji tu mohali kahlon baitha daanav/E nahi manav, famous achanak/E show lamba challu jiwen Chashma-e-taarak/Bas KKG ae shark/Clown boys bannge kahani Noah’s Arc/Eastside commitee jiwen ehe SAARC.”

14. Muhfaad – Bitch I’m A Dawgg 

Aimed At: Raga

Producer: Kartavya & Muhfaad

Muhfaad had a squabble with Raga and his label Artisttaan… As a result, he repeatedly dissed Raga and his label. Muhfaad maintained his dominance by releasing this banger diss track with both catchiness and technicality.

Best Lyric: “Tere bas ki na kar mera rap try/Kal bas rap tha jo ban gaya rhepta hai.”

13. Emiway Bantai – Giraftaar 

Aimed At: Raftaar

Producer: Bass Mutants

After Raftaar’s ‘Sheikh Chilli’, Emiway responded with ‘Giraftaar’, which leveled up the game. Emiway Bantai’s USP is brutality, flows, and slangs, and his aggression throughout this diss track gave listeners chills.

Best Lyric: “Video mein Helicopter, Chhote main vimaan hoon/Chakkar aa jayega, Khimaam waala paan hoon.”

12. Divine – Sach Bol Patta 

Aimed At: Emiway Bantai

Producer: Stunnah Beatz

Vivian Divine and Emiway Bantai’s animosity became a serious beef when Divine released two diss tracks back to back directed towards Emiway Bantai. This diss track had such an influence that Emiway Bantai created one of the best diss tracks ever.

Best Lyric: “Saath (7) figure saaf jigar/Tu Arthur road mein aur bars idhar/Yeh post mortem, tu hai laash idhar.”

11. Talha Yunus – Black Panther 

Aimed At: Lil Ak 100

Producer: Umair Khan

When Lil Ak 100 dissed Rap Demon and Talha Anjum, he also took shots at Talha Yunus so he responded with this diss song. Talha Yunus is known for his crazy flows, great lyrics, and brutal punchlines… ‘Black Panther’ is one of Yunus’s best diss tracks so far. 

Best Lyric: “My homie, I’m savage, you average/Tere jese bohat bharay hain in St Patricks/I’m maverick, you terrorist/Come with a better diss.”

10. Emiway Bantai – Gully Ka Kutta 

Aimed At: Divine 

Producer: Flamboy

After Divine’s ‘Chaabi Wala Bandar’ and ‘Sach Bol Patta’, Emiway responded with ‘Gully Ka Kutta’… In this track, he set the brutality level higher than his previous disses. His rage was shown through his savage rhymes and flows. Later, both rappers worked out their differences with one another, and the legendary fight came to an end on a nice note.

Best Lyric: “Tu fan mere gaane ka, ghum be pankhe/Chabi wala Bandar Hanuman banke/Main monkey, beta main kakkarot/Yeh Gully Ke Kutte Ko Kaya Du Shot.”

9. Raftaar – Awein Hai 

Aimed At: Emiway Bantai

Producer: Frisk

Because there were so many claims against Raftaar when ‘Giraftaar’ was out, it was important for him to come back with his facts. As a result, the rapper chose to answer to ‘Giraftaar’ with ‘Awein Hai.’ He both refuted and made claims at the same time. Everything about the song was excellent, from the lyrics to the flow. ‘Awein Hai’ is one of the best diss tracks in desi hip hop thanks to Raftaar’s voice texture and skills.

Best Lyric: Best Lyric: “Jhaad fuk, humpe mantar nhi chalte/Tum wo gadhe, jinko hunter nhi lagte/Chopper-vimaan jyada antar nhi rakhte/Main rocket hu beta humpe puncture nhi lagte.”

8. Muhfaad – Aelaan

Aimed At: Kalamkaar

Producer: Kartavya

After KR$NA’s ‘Maharani’, things went wrong for Muhfaad, so he pulled up on the whole Kalamkaar label and made it clear that he will not let his opponents win in this battle. Kartavya’s music embraced the diss track and Muhfaad jacked the impact with his heavy pen game and cold flows. 

Best Lyric: “Main tera papa ka sudama aake per dho/Khoon karu saaf main hijama you are fair bro.”

7. KR$NA – Seedha Makeover

Aimed At: Emiway Bantai

Producer: Call Me G

Emiway Bantai’s beef-rapper image was tarnished by KR$NA’s Freeverse Feast (Langar), and fans urged him to return to the battlefield to reclaim his crown, so Emiway Bantai dropped ‘Seedha Takeover’ and fired shots at KR$NA. It was a fantastic chance for KR$NA to show his abilities and shine. With ‘Seedha Makeover,’ KR$NA was able to seize that opportunity… The diss track was so amazing that it attracted a lot of attention and helped KR$NA build a loyal fanbase.

Best Lyric: “Now he tryna reply with that typical crap/Smack his ass back, got his Umbilical wrapped around a chainsaw.”

6. Muhfaad – Instagram Live 

Aimed At: Raftaar 

Producer: Kartavya

When the lyrical war between KR$NA and Muhfaad was on, Muhfaad also fired shots at Raftaar, Artisttaan, and Kalamkaar… So to clear out their differences openly, Raftaar and Muhfaad did an Instagram live session. After this, Muhfaad faced a lot of hate. Muhfaad was enraged by all of this, so he decided to express himself with this epic diss song, in which he went all out and brutally dissed Raftaar.

Best Lyric: “Linay cool ban’ne wali aisi (AC) 1.5 ton hai/Fame dega mujhe tu satan hai??”

5. KR$NA – Maharani

Aimed At: Muhfaad

Producer: Dansonn

After Muhfaad’s ‘Bitch I Am A God’, KR$NA accepted the challenge and came up with this solid diss track within 24 hours, which eventually made this beef reach its boiling point. KR$NA displayed his skills and dropped many intelligent and brutal bars. 

Best Lyric: “I’ll slit that, jaise kholun Kitkat/Laata main bars jab aata hai crunch time.”

4. Rap Demon – Gauntlet 2.0

Aimed At: Chen K & Sunny Khan Durani

Producer: Farasat Anees & Umair

This was one of the biggest and most popular beefs of desi hip hop. Rappers were divided into teams and were constantly dropping diss tracks against their opponents. Rap Demon’s ‘Gauntlet 2.0’ blew people’s minds when it was released. The rapper used three different beats throughout his performance, which lasted 6:24 minutes.

Best Lyric: “Lyrical methamphetamine se tu nassin bhar/Talha jaise (Jesse) Pinkman bhai tera Heisenberg.”

3. Talha Anjum – 100 Bars 

Aimed At: Chen K & Sunny Khan Durani

Producer: Talha Yunus 

After Chen K and Sunny Khan Durani dissed Talha Anjum, he viciously responded with “100 Bars”… The best thing about this song is that the rapper showed no aggression or rage throughout the track but adopted a laid-back flow with insane lyrics. 

Best Lyric: “Fake retirement jaise tu bara Mayweather/Bars mein aag November mein bhi de du May weather.”

2. Muhfaad – Bhoot Banega 

Aimed At: KR$NA & Kalamkaar

Producer: Kartavya

After ‘Maharani’ by KR$NA, Muhfaad showed no mercy towards his opponents and dropped multiple diss tracks back to back. In ‘Bhoot Banega’, Muhfaad reached an unbelievable level of lyricism with crazy flow switches and vocab. 

Best Lyric: “Hari ke Nagar God jila (Godzilla) se main aya Monster/Go green 3 scars on the can, not sponsored.”

1. KR$NA – Maakasam 

Aimed At: Muhfaad

Producer: Deep Kalsi & KR$NA

When Muhfaad continued to release diss tracks against KR$NA and his label, KR$NA retaliated with one of the best diss tracks in desi hip hop. The artist elevated DHH’s diss culture and showcased incredible skills with this song. KR$NA checked all the boxes on this track, from references to punchlines to flow shifts to brutality.

Best Lyric: “Tu soft jaise Silk rooth (route) ke ganga mein kood/Bhagirath mein dooba dooba lagta hai tu.”

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