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With a heart born in a middle-class family and a soul nurtured by the rhythm of poetry, Yash Chandra aka Yungsta’s journey began in the humble origins of Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur. As a young dreamer, he roamed the city’s alleyways, absorbing the pulse of life that echoed through the walls. Inspired by the tales of the winners and the triumphs of those who dared to rise above their circumstances, Yungsta knew that his voice was destined to soar above the skyline. After leaving a mark on the Delhi trap scene with his 2021 album ‘Mehfil’, the lyrical maestro is back to conquer the new age of hip hop with full conviction and incredibly enhanced sonics, delivering the project that takes his status from top MC to generational talent.

Released on May 11th, 2023, ‘Meen’ is a tightly structured and well-sequenced 11-song album that clocks in just below the 38-minute mark, leaving no room for any filler. Dropped under Sez On The Beat’ The MVMNT and Mass Appeal India, ‘Meen’, captures a captivating three-act thematic framework. Each act — Head, Heart, and Hand — eloquently represents the mind (thoughts), soul (emotions), and body (actions), forming a harmonious journey through the profound essence of the artist’s spirit. The enthralling album art designed by Vibhav Singh, magnifies the contrasting duality of Yungsta’s life — drawing inspiration from the rapper’s zodiac sign — Meen aka Pisces — enhancing the concept’s depth. With top-to-bottom production handled by none other than the visionary, Sez On The Beat, accompanied by Eyepatch and dilliboy — solid features from lyrical masters like Ikka, Raga, Encore ABJ, Calm, Yashraj, and his day-one, Frappe Ash, ‘Meen’ pushes the envelope and solidifies Yungsta’s status in the scene as one of the best MCs breathing. 

Yungsta Meen Album Review 

Like a ship setting sail on a boundless musical odyssey, the album commences Yungsta’s journey with a mesmerizing and enchanting tale woven into the very fabric of ‘Ruhbaru,’ a truly cinematic opening cut that ignites the senses. Sez, the virtuoso of hard-hitting percussion, conjures a tempestuous storm of rhythmic brilliance, setting the entire stage ablaze with its thunderous beats. In this fiery ambiance, Yungsta emerges like a lion unleashed, his pent-up hunger finding its release through lyrics that resonate deep within the soul. Each word he utters is laden with the weight of his experiences, passion, and dreams, as he bares his heart and soul, revealing the rawest essence of his being. He rises to another level with a performance that is nothing less than a sonic explosion, a crescendo of magnificence that stands tall as the absolute zenith of his career.

In an exhilarating twist, ‘Dilli,’ the second track of the project, embarks on a thrilling journey into a realm of trap, a path less trodden, yet brimming with enigmatic surprises. As the song unfurls its wings, Aman Sagar’s electrifying guitar solo sets the very air ablaze with electric fervor, kindling the stage for an explosive collaboration among Yungsta, Calm, and Frappe Ash. Their chemistry intertwines harmoniously, a symphony of talents that casts a mesmerizing spell upon the listener. Frappe Ash effortlessly ascends to the center stage, delivering a verse that towers tall among the album’s grandeur, perhaps even claiming the mantle of its finest. In a riveting display of political dissent, ‘Sansani,’ the third track, emerges as an electrifying force, sending shockwaves through the political landscape. Enveloped in intriguing production elements like haunting vocal bellows and the rhythmic tabla, Yungsta positions himself as the vigilant observer, unwavering ally, and empathetic confidant. In his verses, he echoes familiar sentiments, the collective voice demanding justice and change. Despite the familiarity, the message retains its potency. Nonetheless, the song remains a well-composed testament to the power of artistry, an anthem for voices yearning to be heard. 

Next comes ‘Sukoon,’ a track that springs a delightful surprise in terms of its distinct sound. It emerges, metamorphosing the project into something more remarkable, charting the course for fresh and uncharted territory. Over a funky, groove-laden soundscape, Yungsta ventures into the depths of inner peace, unearthing the true essence of the title. His melodic verses seamlessly blend with his soulful rap, crafting an irresistible refrain that elevates this track to unparalleled heights within the album. The vibe is refreshing, the atmosphere serene, and it grants us an exclusive glimpse of Yungsta, a side that has been hidden from our sight until now. As an instant standout track, ‘Nascar/Needs’ emerges, meticulously crafted by the masterful hands of the Yungsta and Sez. Yungsta eloquently spills his agony onto the song’s canvas, forging a deep, empathetic connection with the listener, revealing his profound struggle with anxiety disorder. Guided by the poignant metaphor of a Nascar driver, we embark on a visceral ride, journeying through the peaks and valleys of his emotions. While ‘Nascar’ races with unbridled pace and angsty fervor, ‘Needs’ unfurls as an oasis of clarity, offering the rapper solace and invaluable insights to confront and cope with his inner demons.

At a serendipitous moment, the interlude named ‘Homecoming’ emerges gracefully, starting with a heartfelt voice note from Yungsta’s girlfriend and genuine expressions of gratitude from the rapper to all his listeners, supporters & fellow artists. Within the enchanting embrace of ‘Homecoming’, the album’s tense character seamlessly transforms into a laid-back, tranquil realm. As the voyage continues, the song, crafted under the skilled hands of Sez, aptly titled ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam,’ impeccably merges the rapper Yungsta and producer Sez’s distinctive styles, resulting in a harmonious symphony that narrates the rapper’s incredible journey thus far. This agreeable track takes us on a captivating ride through the labyrinth of his experiences. 

Unveiling a dynamic duet, ‘Savera’ opens as a radiant gem, showcasing the masterful collaboration of Yungsta and fellow rapper Yashraj. In this splendid metamorphosis, Yungsta and Yashraj, esteemed wordsmiths by every yardstick, reveal their inner optimists, casting a spell through the captivating soundscape of ‘Savera’. The journey they embark upon finds its crescendo, graced by the soulful serenade of a saxophone outro, adding an enchanting final flourish to the poetic tapestry they deftly weave together. As their verses intertwine and melodies harmonize, they paint an exquisite portrait of optimism, leaving an indelible mark upon the hearts of listeners. Next, ‘NLITI’ or ‘No Love In This Industry’ takes us on a gripping journey beyond conventional norms. The very essence of this track encapsulates a poignant narrative, delving into the depths of Yungsta’s artistic legacy. In an unapologetic outpouring of emotions, he fearlessly calls out the very labels that betrayed their trust, exposing the turbulence within his relationships with them. In this lyrical battleground, Yungsta becomes a fierce warrior, armed with the power of his words to challenge the status quo. As his verses intertwine with the heartbeat of the music, they paint a vivid portrait of his resilience and determination to carve his own path amidst a heartless industry. With each verse, he becomes a beacon of authenticity, a symbol of the artist’s undying spirit, ready to confront the shadows and conquer the loveless terrain he once treads.

‘Totka’ comes as a bespoke masterpiece, where Ikka takes the stage with a lyrical inferno, igniting the verses and setting ablaze the bars with unparalleled intensity. As the lyrics unfold, Yungsta deftly explores yet another avenue to articulate his principles and the extraordinary path he has forged, cleverly eluding any hint of repetition. On this song, Yungsta’s undeniable artistry radiates brightly as he effortlessly surfs the beat, unleashing a deluge of multi-syllabic rhymes and rapid-fire flow, leaving the audience awestruck by his lyrical brilliance. The grand outro track, ‘Hona Hi Tha, sees the genius of Raga, Encore ABJ, and dilliboy — and fearlessly lays bare the industry’s duplicity and deception, establishing the rappers’ lofty standards as the ultimate measure. It intricately weaves a masterpiece, chronicling Yungsta’s meteoric rise to celestial stardom and the grueling ordeals that fortified their dominance on the grand stage. Especially, Encore’s verse spares no captives, delivered with an aura of grandiose jubilation, while Raga unveils a tantalizing glimpse into the transformative odyssey that shaped his artistic soul. 

Among unfiltered narratives of Yungsta’s life, MEEN unfurls like an intimate masterpiece, an artistic odyssey portrayed where Yungsta showcases his hungriest, most potent craftsmanship, with the chip on his shoulder consistently making an appearance across the 11-track album. However, there are moments where the album’s theme feel somewhat stagnant, lacking the necessary nuance and depth to enrich the Yungsta saga. Despite Yungsta’s improved compositions, ‘Meen’ gracefully offer profound insights into the man behind the microphone, even as we journey back to where it all began.

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